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  1. Telegraph

    OnShape as an alternative to Sketchup

    There is a commercial version that I think runs a pretty 1.5k a year (ouch) you can get around this if you are 1. not doing commercial 2. have access to a .edu address as an educator/student. As for outputs they have a cloud based "app store" which has connections to everything from CAM to Renderers.
  2. Hey all, I have been seeing a lot of really crazy/awesome concept mods here and it looks like many of them are in SkechUp which is great... to a point. While prepping for my latest diy project last year back I ran across this: OnShape.com which is an in browser CAD tool created by the original creators of SolidWorks (one of the more popular CAD/CAM software's in industry). Best of all? It's free as long as you are okay with your files being public. Even more insane they have Mobile/Tablet apps which would let you carry your concepts into the garage to view, reference, and yes even tweak. If you teach or have a .edu address you can also get an education version to store files privately. I bring it up because in general I find SketchUp to be incredibly frustrating, unintuitive (and I am a Mechanical Engineer), and limiting when I am trying to design something. Anyway, not sure if this is the right board for this but food for thought!
  3. Telegraph

    Valuing a destroyed CaseMod

    Hey all, I reached out to a couple of those folks hopefully I get some responses. Thanks for the advice, I think my backup plan will be to estimate the number of hours + parts and hope thats enough justification.
  4. Telegraph

    Valuing a destroyed CaseMod

    I think that might be being lost in translation trying to explain this situation is often hard in generic email forms! Yes I did this mod myself back in 2010/2011
  5. Telegraph

    Valuing a destroyed CaseMod

    Here is the best picture I have of what was destroyed: I will look into those places although I already reached out to MPCTech, who isn't staffed for it anymore perhaps the other still do. My company fortunately bought "Replacement Insurance" meaning they are required to pay for what it would cost today to buy that thing new or fix it. Ive been able to track down an expert to tell me what equivalent parts would be today (this was built in 2010). Since they can't fix custom work... I just need to figure out how much the case is worth. Sucks to hear about the bed, they broke our table (not as valuable) in the same way trying to remove the legs which we told them aren't removable
  6. I have been a lurker around mod zoo for around two years and much longer around bittech and have always been inspired by the work going on around here. I have done a few mods myself, my favorite being an Thermaltake HTPC case I modified into a bunker complete with nine digit key pad for start/reset. This computer was my pride and joy for many years. I say "was", because during my recent move from Dallas to Denver I foolishly let it get shipped by the moving company who in the course of moving it crushed its box causing irreparable damage to the case and internals I now face the daunting task of valuing my work for insurance purposes. My new job had insurance but I am unsure how to price a complete replacement for something like this. Have any of you had to value a Mod? Does anyone who has done commissioned jobs in the past mind privately (or publicly) sharing what you've charged and how? So far I've had to meet a pretty low bar for all the furniture they broke (they even broke our dining room table!) but a broken gaming rig this is a big ticket item and they are pushing back. After that comes trying to replace the machine now that I am a father with a 1yo!