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  1. build is nearly finished now, a few minor things left to sort(mainly all wiring at the back). Some pics I took last night, these are final shots before filling the loop up.
  2. First tube in.I am using Alphacool Eisrohr 13mm acrylic, quality of satin effect is quite good, the only thing is the tube can't be placed too close to heatgun nozzle as it gets glossy and transparent. When heated from at least 1 inch no problems whatsoever. Very good product, packed securely and individually boxed. changed cpu block mount to white version too, not sure which one i liked more stock black version: custom fan extension cables and a bit of reversed lens macro play
  3. First 480 Monsta on board. Not without unplanned issues; because of multiport, the rad wouldn't sit flush on top/bottom panel - blanking plug sticks out so the only way to mount the rad is to drill holes for them plugs. If mounted on fans there's no problem but direct case/ panel mount is somehow complicated.
  4. After long debate and extensive reading i decided to go for NB eLoops B12-2. I didn't want PWM versions as many ppl report unpleasant pwm ticking noise when slowed down to low rpm. I am going to voltage regulate these, possibly 6-8V. Still not sure if Aquaero 6 can handle 8 of these without overheating( ca split them into two channels, 4 fans per channel, but does it change anything?). One thing I'm sure about; these are definitely the best looking fans available! So i got this beauty!!
  5. painted GPU block( if anyone wants to do the same and disassemble core block- don't!! The oring gasket thing under the cooling plate is level 25[1-10 scale]), looks very good, sorry for poor light pics, I will shot some more soon in daylight . I did some sleeving for EPS cable, I must say new Alphacool Alphacord sleeving is very nice and soft in touch, I think i'd prefer it to be matt but let's wait and see how it looks in the case with all lighting. again, pics don't really show much, very bad light (
  6. received a huge parcel from Alphacool , some very sexy blocks and parts there, I love the fact that every single piece is nicely and securely packed, very excited to start building! nest step: painting!
  7. I did consider getting a Matx board :D Build should start getting serious next week, Alphacool gear should arrive in next couple of days so there will be much more interesting things to photograph and show.
  8. received coolant from Mayhems, thx Mick:
  9. test fit of led strips. 2x 50cm 8W each, the whole room got lit up, they generate quite a lot of heat and are too bright. Gotta find something dimmer and narrower beam of light as these spread too wide
  10. case painted and put back together quite happy with the result, looks very clean and exposed.stay tuned for more
  11. Got hold on an amazing deal today and picked a new lens for my camera. Messed with it a bit and took a few shots of hardware
  12. another small update after checking and considering many options for front 360 grill i decided to go with aluminium Aquacomputer grill as it will compose nicely with other aluminium accents in the case. Has got very simple and clean look too. Tried it on with the fans:
  13. all three holes done now looking for some interesting but simple 360 grill, any ideas highly appreciated
  14. update. time for front panel fans(3x120mm), going through 4mm aluminium takes a LOT of time(and WD-40)