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  1. Nevermind on the shared radiator. A video at their site explained that they both can run without issue or be reduced in speed to lower pump noise; but both do run. Still looking for an EVGA SC2 Eiswolf, but I may send my card in to them for the making new version. We'll see. They do provide that as a possible option.
  2. Just picked up an Eisbaer 420, and was hoping to pair with a 1080ti Eiswolf (version without a separate radiator) to cool a 1080Ti and link both coldpates to the common 420 radiator. 1) Is that possible to share one radiator between both products? I know that both have pumps, and somehow I think that won't work correctly. Can both coldplates/pumps work together? They're obvious keyed to be connected. 2) Is there a Eiswolf to cover an EVGA 1080Ti SC2? On the Alphacool site, I see SC black and FE suport, but not SC2. Does any one know if any Eiswolfs support the SC2 card? Does the SC black support the SC2? Thanks in advance for any info!