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  1. Beautiful work! Another legacy case saved!
  2. I am really enjoying this! You explain your process and reasoning in a very entertaining manner. When I run into a blocker, I just have to let the project 'cook' in my brain for awhile. Eventually, a solution appears. Looks like you do the same thing. Very much looking forward to seeing the finished build.
  3. Cheers on the youtube video interview! Great content! **edit to add** So much history and art has been lost to time. It is encouraging to see it recorded here. Thanks to all, who document their efforts in this field.
  4. That camo paint job looks great! May I suggest a puke green paint for the inside of the case? Like military vehicles the outside is cool camo, but pop the door open and it's all flat puke green on the inside. US Army paints EVERYTHING. Bare metal is not allowed, evidently.
  5. Triplex GeForce4 Ti 4200? Very nice! Love the old AGP cards. Just found an old Radeon HD 3850 on ebay that I snatched up for a retro build.
  6. Looks like moddin' to me. I can't believe I never thought to turn a case upside down. Keep 'em coming!
  7. Your presentation is very methodical and professional. Very impressive! The build is looking beautiful.
  8. The practical use of the u-channel and the momentary switch solution are the kind of mods that really tickle my brain. Thanks for sharing!
  9. The sacrificial wood block is genius. Well played.
  10. Mmmmmm. Love the old case mod projects. Looking good!
  11. Love the old stuff! Great use of an old super tower,
  12. Love the 'frosty' acrylic look. Perfect for this build. Very impressive, overall.
  13. Wow, the detailed work on that lighted piece is amazing. Very clean!
  14. Brilliant solution for the case feet. And that rear GPU mount is inspired! Beautiful work.
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