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  1. Big Shak? Mans not hot? Rams not hot, or won't be when we watercool it! Why do you need to watercool ram I hear you say. You dont, you dont need a full custom loop in a lot of systems however seeing as its there lets add it. Also lets add it with some RGB lights for good measure. Starting with 2x8 sticks of DDR4 Corsair Vengeance 3000MHz, these already have a nice sleek black heatsinks attached which for this build would of looked good without any tinkering. So adding to the mix a Barrow waterblock with twin sinks for the corsair ram. The pack from Barrow comes with a nice foam mat which i'm assuming is for protection in transit but we found it unfolds nicely as a little work station too. Now for the job I dislike the most, I've always had a real fear of stripping sinks off ram that im going to kill it in the process. I use a tried and tested method of applying a little heat from a heatgun to the sink while holding the ram with bare fingers, this way I know how hot the stick is getting as it could be very easy to overheat. A small amount of heat eases the adhesive to the stick giving a more gentle release. Some nudes! Once stripped we added the the new thermal pads supplied in the Barrow pack. The build quality on the ram sticks is solid and all screws are countersunk with mini allen keys supplied. The block simply screws onto the top of the heatsinks when the ram is attached to the board. The Block has wide slots to make sure any slight variance in fitting or board a can be accommodated. Good to go! This build is not an RGB rainbow fest however the beauty of all these products being RGB these days, is the range of lighting that can be achieved with more subtle settings. Yes you could go bonkers and make a rainbow, but for this build we can achieve a gentle light blue white effect. Couple of pics below of the lights in action.
  2. Hey again guys, Set off to build a pc for a friend was originally going to be done in a Corsair 750D airflow. Cougar got in touch and asked if we would like to have a go with their case, Why not! Client is a huge F1 racing fan and Dylan and I both thought that the Conquer case looks like an engine. The winning Mercedes W08 car was the obvious choice a simple design, silver that the top fading to black with electric blue swirls and stripes. Got a bunch of stuff to throw in it which is a bit better parts than we usually put in our budget builds. Going with PETG as will work well with the open case and engine feel. Case itself was easy to put together and very light weight, once you get the glass on though it toughens out and becomes a much more solid animal. The glass stabilizes the whole of one side of the case prior to it going on it can feel a little flimsy but once on its very reassuring.
  3. Well finally got the mod finished, hopefully get to editing up a vid of the build before the weekends out but already have another case to start with the hope of getting out of the way before the christmas season falls upon us! Few pictures of the build with some more when ive got around to cleaning them up in photoshop as im not a great photographer! Will attempt some better dark pics as the lighting and LCD show up much better.
  4. Just using a pastel white coolant, ive stuck with white plastic rings on the Corsair 120's so should match up well.
  5. Leak test and system check before last details and some dye to the loop. Still quite a bit of rusting effects to add to the raining "too new" looking sections.
  6. Testing the LCD backplate for the GPU waterblock one last time before she goes in. Cool little toy, added some risers to keep the screen away from the backplate, there is a fan which will be blowing air in across that gap so should not have any issues with heat affecting the screen.
  7. Adding some Corsair toys to the build today at last, not use the lighting node pro before so keen to see what the link software is like.
  8. Armour added still a lot more rusting and degrading to do but heading there at last, son is free tomorrow for the afternoon after football so hoping to get the soft tubes added and a test fill.
  9. Love this if it sits down when off that would be amazing
  10. Another little painting update, most of the body is now complete so its nearly time to put it all together hopefully me and the boy should be able to escape and get it done. The paint job is not the chromiest of Chrome but not bad out of a rattle can. We have decided to swap out the PETG hard tube and go back retro with some soft, it seams to match in better with the arcing curves of the cable sleeve. Time will tell, off to watch the movie in an hour so hopefully come back happy and inspired! Dylan started work working on the Blade Runner case fans. The Corsair air240 has space for two small 80mm fans. We noticed a lot of people working with the case don't bother using them. Found a couple of silent fans (as you can be at 80mm) and thought we would use them as a feature. Just a case of taking the fans apart painting up and masking off. Of course the Tyrell Corp logo had to feature somewhere:) Treated ourselves to some model rust effect paints to age them giving that industrial feel. We have been watching a few model tank video's to look at how they do the rust effects this paint set seem to be recommended so really looking forward to doing something new at the same time as Dylan. A test fit of the PCIE cable just to check lengths, finishing the motherboard armour today and we are nearly ready to add water. Felt all wrong demolishing the corsair badge on a sponsored build! All masked up for some paint, then some more weathering. Had some time between pumpkins and kids football this weekend to get some modding done. I set off doing the last of the cables 24 pin.. saving the most tedious for last! Dylan got to work rusting up the case, he did two shades of rusting to give it a weathered look. Now its dry I think it perhaps needs some chipping and some more shadow with some washed out black. He loved the rusting up watching him I think you could spend literally hours lost doing that.
  11. A busy weekend didnt leave much time for modding with kids football but we did find time to finish prepping the chassis and give its primer coat. Dylans spray technique is coming on well, no more runs! Letting the primer harden over night before starting the chrome coats tomorrow. (excuse the images they are stills from video footage)
  12. Dylan set to work masking off the window sections of the case and cutting the side panels of the corsair air240. He then started rubbing down and sanding the chassis ready for its primer coat. Friday night mod for the boy after his first week back at school. Did the LCD backplate for the GPU on the current mod, should look quite slick when running. Did a chrome finish on the existing Saphire Backplate then set in the LCD its a 800x480 so displays a nice image for its small 5" size. This should display the "in film adverts in Blade Runner well for the mod, as well as CAM etc when the pc is actually in use.
  13. Change of plan since the image bellow too! We decided to change out the red rings for white as the red was too strong and we wanted to stay a bit further away from the first films set black and red scheme and try something new to honour the change with new film which at the time was not out so a bit of a guess. c
  14. Since doing these fans mid way through the build Corsair got in touch and took pity on our junk yard workshop odds and ends biuld and supplied us with some new SP's and lighting so these AF ones above where a good practice run
  15. Dylan stripped down the Corsair fans down and prepped them for painting. I made him watch Bill Owens tutorial vid on the 120's on youtube first, what a great vid simple and accurate so good a 10 year old could do it! Dylan then gave the fans 3 coats of primer.
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