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  1. Defyant

    ©º°¨¨°ºDisco Scorpion º°¨¨°º©

    it's all good Cheap i was just taking the piss out of him for trying to make fun of my mod..... all good i'll stop posting.
  2. Defyant

    ©º°¨¨°ºDisco Scorpion º°¨¨°º©

    Cheers Yerrrrr that's the idea :D i'll smooth and slow the up and down, looking into arduino as a controller LOL if it's disco bass why not! There's definitely a a tie in with disco and low riders. (cholo) i'm not too up with yank slang i'm assuming your talking about those really cool looking amazing rides that bounce up and down. They actually use a different system to Disco Scorp. Unfortunately SERVO's arnt quiet up to that task, i'd have to implement a full gas lift system and the damage that would do to the internals would be crazy. The chassis would need some extra bracing too and i would have to work out a better way to secure the 25KG's of plex panels. Fans would also need some attention i'd imagine that could quickly go "off balance" and fly out of the case causing damage to external things like furniture, floors , children's fingers and toes There's also a good chance the excessive shaking could introduce unwanted air bubbles into the water loop and turn the pc into a smoothie maker...... Maybe the next mod! what better way to take the piss out of to completely similar scenes.
  3. Defyant

    ©º°¨¨°ºDisco Scorpion º°¨¨°º©

    yup power on lift/ power down drop, Same for front door and tail stinger :D
  4. Defyant

    ©º°¨¨°ºDisco Scorpion º°¨¨°º©

    I also did a small up date for the front door.... adding a larger servo unit and simple spring return. Again simple but a good smooth action.
  5. Defyant

    ©º°¨¨°ºDisco Scorpion º°¨¨°º©

    Ive been trying a few new ideas i wanna use on this mod, really time consuming and have spent the last few days just getting my head around what way i want to go about all this new feces. Amyways here's where im at...... this again is all really concept... and may be subject to change :D POWER LIFT LEGS/FEET I want DS to have "Stance" when you look @ a scorp irl they always have that hot rod stance look to them.... I could just have the feet @ the back of the case make it sit higher but i thought it would be cooler to have the case when powered on "LIFT" a little in the rear end..... giving some stance! Trying to keep things as simple as poss and use stuff i already had in the workshop ei servo's and plex. ruff cut and over to the router..... ooooooh!~ i made a new twin router bench to keep up with all this bloody routing for this mod...... Yup! you gotta see 3 pics of the same thing from 3 different angles...... Back to some actual modding! The clear middle layer get taken out and cut to shape. A new inner section is cut... "lip stick" style..... and not the type of lippy your dog rover pops out for a lick ...... The outer will be glued to the back layer Before that happens the mechanism is added. Return spring and pin are added The pin is trimmed Next is to perma glue the middle section to the back layer and add the servo unit. A small channel is added to keep the inner piston from twisting The inner piston is a bit ruff but will work. The spring is connected When the servo rotates it moves the inner section down Like i said it's all a bit crude but works pretty darn good.... i think to change the swing arm for a off centre circle would work even smoother. And as you can see with servo upgrades they will create enuf lift. Ive added some plastic gear grease routed the edges up and popped in some RGB Add this to the front trap usb door and the .......Tail stinger mod and i think that's 3 pretty cool features for disco scorp! Some Vids @ the end :D The initial test vid Weight lift test Testing with lighting
  6. Defyant

    elysium 1074 scratch build

    WoW what a amazing ride! i enjoyed every pic good old fashioned case modding !
  7. Defyant

    (In Win 901) Asteria II: Rearmoured

    That was a fantastic fun read! right back to aug 2016 I'm glad you got back into the mod it deserves our attention, You shoulda seen the drama's i had with white plex and RGB..... that's why i ended up adding clear and going sandwich style. But in all honesty you did really well the MB light panel is a great idea and looks pretty darn sexy! If the inner and outer edge from LED strip to outer edge was shorter could that carry light better? The only other thing i could think to do would be to use a clear insert routed into the white and have it stop maybe 1-1.5mm off the outer edge ( hang on i'm not sayin this right ) i'll get out into the shed and have play , pics always say it better The HDD's are spot on man! i havent seen them done like that better anywhere. Your inspiring me now! This is what modding is folks!
  8. Defyant

    ©º°¨¨°ºDisco Scorpion º°¨¨°º©

    Shiz..... better give yas some thing to look at!! Been working on different ways to "implement" this idea..... I think after 3 attemps i got it almost sorted... thank god i have a complete spare front panel to keep trying this on..... Anyways lemme know if it's a hit or miss :D Micro servo + Delay relay! ='s This ='s Pop out usb hub .....pretty disco ay! Heres a qik vid with power on / power off
  9. Defyant

    ©º°¨¨°ºDisco Scorpion º°¨¨°º©

    LOL it's dripping :P i actually looked at that pic while posting and went outside turned it back on and gave it a wipe.... My thought was ack it's got syphilos..... Those con's are a nightmare... i can strip off the outer covers which i might still do and just heat shrink the ends. Cheers mate tyvm im thinking it needs a little jazzing up ALA Jeffrey Mays Style! (jmmods)
  10. Defyant

    Project - IBM - X - Finished

    Keep the updates coming im loving what i see
  11. Defyant

    ©º°¨¨°ºDisco Scorpion º°¨¨°º©

    Cheers mate tyvm :D Man some of the best builds ive seen lately are done from a lounge room on a bed on a dining room table ..... even in a kitchen!!! I'm always jealous of seeing builds done like this , With out all the fancy tools and shed i could never do mods as good as you guys Quiccy update Another small/ish update...... i wanted to get back to work on the front panel and finalise the lighting.... but connecting 5 RGB headers into 2 of these (below) made no sense... And after a pretty long search... there's not much out there that i can just buy... unless it's in a full RGB kit...... So i decided to break out the old etching kit and make up a my own. As you can see ive done a bit of this in the past for car head light mods. Just one is cut out and the copper pcb is sanded clean The transfer paper is layed on the pcb The wifeys old iron is pinched and some heat applied With the pattern stuck the pcb is dipped into solution then drilled and some headers added. As you can see it functions as needed...... but looks unfinished for this mod. So it's off to the router with a small chunk of white plex and with some deft finger work a housing is made. Hot glue! Some D'sided tape Taaa daaa ..... not the sexiest but still better than the feces in the first pic... And finally placed in its new home. i may counter sink it a little for a more pro look.