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  1. We're on the home stretch now ! ..... well until i change my mind again Yesterday was all the boring stuff..... more sanding and spot putty work... but today was a bit more fun as i finally get to throw down some colour First the boring! Kinda like running around putting out all the little spot fires.Some final prep work to the PSU cover, Filling in all the plex joins and fixing a few small dimples. It's a lotta extra work, but the end result will be worth it.Not sure if any one noticed this before but i changed the front. Decided to carry the lines thru to the bottom of the panel for a cleaner sharper look.This added a couple of extra days work... but i think it's worth the time. Then finish off the bracket for the Galaxy II Stats screen It's a simple spring type clip mod, that just holds the phone snug in place. A hell of a lot more wet rubbing and more spot fires and all the parts under base coat (silver)A day later....just when you thought all the wet rubbing was over ..... It's more wet rubbing again.... Why sand every coat? To get the paint as flat as poss.... that is what gives the mirror finish @ the very end. Fun Time First a few coats of the gun metal and then on goes the 2K clear coat. Lets do a few more Just for giggles! what could have been!!!!!
  2. Thanks Mos👍 Almost done with this panel.. Fill a few ruff spots with spot putty a rub and final primer.First off was to get some primer down. Not sure what to call these things, but hopefully they look cool! i'll show the inspiration for adding these soon. A lot more sanding some more primer and a few coats of spray putty. The inspiration DEEPCOOL'S ASSASSIN III COOLER FANS
  3. Time to give the Rear end some loving
  4. Then it's time for another assemble for some more measurements... and a few glamour shots I feel the monochrome shots better represent the end game better than the undercoat blue and grey....There's something about BW pics And again some colour shots for context
  5. With all the main players on the field it was time to get some work done, All the parts undergo extensive primer and prep work and will sit for a few weeks until paint time.
  6. Next to start on the front panel. Add some front vents Put em all together!
  7. Next to start work on is the Fan duct Time to sand Then add some accents Some extra work done to the base section
  8. Custom GPU bracket and card support.
  9. Last edited: Jun 1, 2020 Defyant's Mods
  10. I have been following the wrong link..... https://themodzoo.com/ and thought this forum was down... Anyways thank god for google searches 😄 The work log is getting pretty messy so the delay gets me a chance to clean it up a little Most of you guys have seen this posted elsewhere but i really wanted to have it posted here 😄 A big Thanks to my mates over at MWave for supporting me on this one with some really cool hardware. MWAVEGIGABYTE Z390 AORUS ELITEINTEL I7-9700K GIGABYTE GEFORCE RTX 2060 SUPER TEAM FORCE VULCAN 16GB 3200 INTEL 660P 512GB M.2 4 X SAMSUNG SSD'SLast but not least the star of the show DEEPCOOL ASSASSIN III COOLERAgain thanks MWAVE The Story!I fell in love with the fast looking open style metal alloy cases a while back. Antec, Cougar etc... but there was one i really liked. The Zeaginal ZC-11..But it was soon obvious that getting my hands on this Case was going to be a huge hassle. So i decided to just make my own. HyperCase DM-01 !Where does a build like this start? @ the bottomFor strength it's important to make the base from a single bent sheet of plex and it starts with a cut out from 3mm clear. The next part to fabricate is the top, This is done in 3 sections and braced. Next to make is the spine and motherboard tray.The spine the the largest section of the case and is 6mm thick and will become 12mm thick.The tray is a suspension type and can be adjusted from side to side to suit.
  11. I cant imagine the mods you would do with pro tools.... actually i can and it's scary ! incredible ideas you come up with. I always route channels in plex but it's always the side you don't see ! your making me see a different side... literally ? Keep up the amazing work man ?
  12. And some vids of the active music sync Heavy doof .... turn ya music dooooown! something a bit softer. something a bit more boring '
  13. Added some side blades for another RGB feature... sync'd em to work with the front lights and finished the internals. Still a few things to do change/fix up... Bleed probs and that base.. Pic flood inc!
  14. Interesting ! The second build from the original housing is maybe 80% complete ! you can catch a sneaky pic of it the background.. Fan's and hardware are all gtg just need to cut the other 8 blades and cut the holes for the psu and io and the bookends are complete. BUT! with the left over cut outs from all 18 blades im thinking i could prolly make a "mini blade" !
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