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  1. ©º°¨¨°ºDisco Scorpion º°¨¨°º©

    3 small updates today First one was for moi gotta look after me bits...... me router bits that is! Decided to finally knock up a caddy for the router bits... and why not give it light. Now that my bits are all secured i can get back to modding :D Always wanted to make a RGB SSD cover so i did ! More plex! The clear is taken over for some channel routing (for the LED strips) The top White is given a coat of white paint on its underside ( this stops the black blockout bleeding thru) The clear is given some block out film. The edges are trimmed away Some of this is added to the join the 2 layers And it's sandwich time!!! Then it's off to the router for some sexy edge trimming In the add break i wired up a strip of 6 LED's This lays in the routed channel to seal up the back of the panel im using alloy tape this has good reflection Disco time!!!!!......... well just mono colour this time :D I gotta stop removing the paper...... Feeling blue!
  2. ©º°¨¨°ºDisco Scorpion º°¨¨°º©

    Cheers mate Remember the days when case modding was about...... case modding :D I need me some of that Acetel thats my kinda stuff. BT ... you think anyone else has even noticed I tell ya tho mate im having a ball going back thru all the old case mods here!
  3. The Iron Turnip

    I had to dig down DEEP to find this worklog! BOY am i glad i did :D I had no idea you have been making amazing mods like this...... it's 100's mods within a mod I'm keen to see all your log now pls mate can you send me a direct when your set up. Not sure what the policy on bumping older logs... but this is sticky worthy!
  4. ©º°¨¨°ºDisco Scorpion º°¨¨°º©

    Cheers FC tyvm mate the layers are a fantastic way the clear out a stockpile of plex that's for sure I had a good day to play mod the case Saturday and got a good run on the side panel. Sticking with the same formula of previous mods the Side Res will sit flush on the case chassis and pass thru the case side panel. For this i'll use 3 layers of plex. *1 mount layer *Light layer * Side Panel layer The first layer is the anchor for the RES even tho it's not a massive res and wont hold a lot of water it does have some weight thanks to the chunky bits of plex used. This first layer is secured to all four corners of the chassis. The Side Res will then be HARD GLUED to that layer effectively fusing them together making them one unit. Panel 1 Panel 2 This panel is 6mm clear and will work as the light feature for the res and as the window for the SSDrive. The Side Res is place and copied 5mm over sized to allow a small gap around the entire Res. The mother board is also traced so inlet and outlet of the res have clearance. The SSD was also traced as this panel is also a window for it...... but i decided to move the SSD to the back as to not over crowd that corner. To do the longer straight line cuts ive used the router God know my old hands arn't steady enuf any more to try it with the scroll saw. The scroll saw is still used but for the smaller bends only. :D With that done this panel can now be temp taped to panel 3 and over to the router to copy the hole. The edge is also given a 45 cut. a Random shot of my hand reaching for this bit is included for no real reason at all...... Seriously .... don't try this stupidity @ home kids! Stupidity aside The 2 panels are pulled apart again and Panel 2 has the protective film 5mm edge cut around the res hole. The SSD cut out is also added. *NB The reason i leave this film is because it's WHITE.... White will always help light to travel and this actually Saves me having to use white paint. Then gets the Laura Palmer treatment. The Black block out is traced to the film under. The knife groove is already there from the previous cuts so these cut can easily be done free hand. Panel 3 gets one last mod a hole for the SSD window Panel 2 and 3 and be temp sealed together The panels are flipped over and the LED strip channels can be added to Panel 2 * A 3rd small strip needs to be added @ the top to fix a small dark spot. All that's left is to temp attach it all up for some DISCO TIME! Dark spot @ the top aside im pretty happy with this look, i did not want to remove the protective paper just yet... but couldnt resist a qik sneaky peak @ how the 5mm gape i left for the soft hue would look Beyonce says! SSD Cover next :D
  5. ©º°¨¨°ºDisco Scorpion º°¨¨°º©

    I just read up on that!!! WOW that's some funky plex!
  6. ©º°¨¨°ºDisco Scorpion º°¨¨°º©

    Tell me bout it! My workshop looks like your white xmas!! The feces is all thru the house too :P the missus practically follows me around with the dust buster :P Cheers mate that's what i needed to hear, i'm deff going to stick with it. ( altho i have a passion for diy res's) so might have a crack at another one
  7. Purple Mist - Win98 Retro Build (WIP)

    Old Skool Retro builds are starting to show up again and it makes an old modder like me smile :D LOL i spot some 3dfx voodoo cards! 12mb versions ask me one day i'll tell you a cool story about those! A coolermaster masketeer :P OMG everyone's using them now... and i'll never forget those purple fan holders of the chietec's . Looking forward to your updates
  8. MILITARY pc casemod forest camo

    I hope it's not your last mayhem awsome job man just good old hand made case modding i love it
  9. ©º°¨¨°ºDisco Scorpion º°¨¨°º©

    Got out to the shed this arvo for a qik toy around... @ Cheapskate (From the other thread)... Ive thought about the top res but i really really want a window to see down to the GPU Maybe a wrap "a" round job ala BennyG style :D It's gotta be side mounted... it just has to be It's has to be Defyant style :D I held a old old dual res up and wow... its sad.... i tried a BIG single and even Perplex'd old res and nothing worked with the over all theme of this case. Sooooooo i spent all day @ work thinking this up. it's a bit ruff.....but a modern take on the old dual side res what ya think ? Of course it's gotta start with a chunk of plex.... well 3 36mm of it! Then some cutting .... sanding.... routering..... dremeling....cursing... I need to PU a new reverse style router bit.... then i can cut down into the base and copy the exact shape of the middle section to add some more CC's Of course it has to go Disco! <<<<-----Defyant chiller Res! <<<<------Freeeze!~ I dont want it to go the full length of the case..... theres alotta stuff still to install down there :P <<<<---AirPort X-rays anyone!
  10. ©º°¨¨°ºDisco Scorpion º°¨¨°º©

    Cheers Bill, but honestly im tryin to ditch PB faster than a amd64 .... Currently moving everything over to smugmug.... but it's thousands of pics LOL that's me.... i Was going thru my ansi period :P Still use it to let peeps know im old skool. Man AB was like my brother for ages we had soo much fun modding back then.. he could take a shoehorn and a bottle opener and turn into mod. I swear that guy had more talent in his pinky than i'll ever have. LOL That snake skin WTF :P What other forums did you hang in man?
  11. Project - IBM - X

    What's sexier than sexy? what ever it is that's what i'm seeing :D You make me wanna mod i love this type of stuff.
  12. LOL i agree man, ive seen tooo many dud alien mods using that stuff :P but in such an awsome mod i can easily look past it :D
  13. Project Spectrum! ( ITX scratch build ) [SPONSORED]

    Laser cutting that's cheeting! 2004! who was modding back then :P
  14. HOLY Smoke! ive tried 10 times to type witty things i can say to tell you how much this desk stands above them all and they just don't say it right. How about Your the kind of guy i wanna hang out with :D
  15. ©º°¨¨°ºDisco Scorpion º°¨¨°º©

    Ive been toying around with what DIY res to use on this build. Anyone who knows my style of modding will have noticed this is pretty much a carbon copy of all my mods. So not to break tradition i'll be adding a side mounted 45degree RES. *Enter shameless plug from some older builds. @ first i liken this mod most to HP-3 and still have a soft spot for the MEGA RES, this was the start of my RGB sickness.... who new back then it would go viral 10 yrs later...... The Defyant style Dual side Res This now seems a bit dated.... Infact really sadly dated...... So maybe between this and the mega res Still not too sure...... might need some thing more modern...