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  1. Color me disappointed. Was interested in seeing there product installed on the contest winners PC. Oh well. I am sure the people of facebook will appreciate your efforts.
  2. Well; I be learning. OC + air cooling = an aggressive fan curve is required. I ran 3Dmark; 1960mhz maintained a stable max temp of 74c A little more fan tuning I think I can do better. Hard to get case fans up as the CPU never broke 50c Is there a way to tie case fans to GPU temp? That would make things easier.
  3. So I was working on it again. Had the cooler off. Was wondering if the fan pulling and being right on top of Ram might be causing AF issues. So I moved the fan to front in push and have noticed better temps. I also changed the front support fan to CPU cooler speeds. Will try to get as new pic. Amazed at the difference giving air more room to circulate over MB.
  4. First post in this thread November 16, 2017 - that was when I picked the case and began. This is pretty much completed. Are they ever really done? I see some areas for improvement It has been a whole lot of fun creating this. Many thanks to those who opened my eyes to the possibilities and inspired me. The ModZoo Monkeys and JPMODIFIED mostly.
  5. We just completed this build. The whole build is in: The Picnic Area - General Discussion - perplexed? As you can see these feet are pitiful and do not match this case. I believe winning a set of custom made LED case feet by Mach speed Racing, installing, and sharing photo would be the cherry on top. Just a regular guys build reaching for the best we can achieve. Planning on a camera upgrade next month, so feet installed pictures should be improved. Heck I would even attempt a background shoot like them fancy channels do Pick a slot style: 4 and color black satin.
  6. Looking ok me. Still preparing for a stress test
  7. Was toying with the RGB feature
  8. I thought this an interesting picture, So I thought I would share it.
  9. First boot It is functioning Now to fabricate a side panel window.
  10. Had one nice day, So in a rush (I mentioned "I am not a painter") got it painted. With more time; I would have waited another day, sanded out problems and re did some areas. I think it will be ok. Now a slow process of assembly; after the visiting grand child goes home. Gives the paint a few days cure anyway. I read somewhere that is a good thing.
  11. I think I have all the changes made. Disassemble and prepare to paint is next on the list.
  12. Ok - This is the interior (Mostly) ready for paint - And I am not a painter Going back to the rear panel exhaust while I wait for painting weather.
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