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  1. perplexed?

    Back to this mess. I was all set to construct a hot wire DC acrylic bender. The power supply selected was old and cheap and would have been around 100 watts of bending power. The power supply arrived dead. Being economically disadvantaged sent me back to the drawing board. I settled on AC powered repurposed appliances. There are some seriously ingenuitive people out there. So what did I have at hand that could be repurposed? How about an old stove top oven combo? I was planning for a 24" bed. It is cold out, Nearly Christmas, so I drug it into the living room and took it apart. Straightened a coil and used one of the controls and the wiring. The coil straightened to 30" - Could have got 36" out of it. 50 ohms at 110v = 242 watts of bending power. I could rewire it to 220v for 968 watts of Binford bending power. The 242 is enough for now. The first bending job was a piece to hold the temp control. I thought that was fitting. This tool is just great https://www.rapidtables.com/calc/electric/watt-volt-amp-calculator.html
  2. perplexed?

    Well - It seems there are few here. My skill level? Old Beginner - Been around the block a few times - First serious case rehab. How old you ask? Well; I have never had a cell phone and often look around wondering where all the pay phones went. Bill and the other monkeys have inspired me and opened my eyes to the possibilities. Thank you all
  3. perplexed?

    Ok; There is apparently no special edition case etiquette. Got it stripped down. May move over to a build thread. The top beauty plastic was a pain to remove; They used some kind of melted plastic heads (sort of like rivets) on four posts.
  4. perplexed?

    See writing stuff here helps. I already see some alternative possibilities. > Mnpctech's vertical GPU mount brackets may work to rotate the GPU - Hang it from ceiling and still allow a 120mm fan in the top. Have to ponder that some. Thanks Bill > IO side panel can flip so no panel damage - Just be upside down. > Get another side panel to cut a window into.
  5. perplexed?

    So after a long search for the case of my dreams. I found a candidate that checked most of my boxes. Did a search for availability and prices. Ended up buying a used special edition case. BitFenix Phenom M (Nvidia Edition) Can I still message it to fit my dream or it is the sacred cow? I had dreams of: > A side window - could get another panel to cut on, but it would loose the eye. > A 220mm fan in the top - that may get weird. > Rotating the GPU - That may get ugly > Re locating the IO side panel stuff to behind the front cover I really am confused about the etiquette