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  1. perplexed?

    Looking ok me. Still preparing for a stress test
  2. perplexed?

    Was toying with the RGB feature
  3. perplexed?

    I thought this an interesting picture, So I thought I would share it.
  4. perplexed?

    First boot It is functioning Now to fabricate a side panel window.
  5. perplexed?

  6. perplexed?

    Had one nice day, So in a rush (I mentioned "I am not a painter") got it painted. With more time; I would have waited another day, sanded out problems and re did some areas. I think it will be ok. Now a slow process of assembly; after the visiting grand child goes home. Gives the paint a few days cure anyway. I read somewhere that is a good thing.
  7. perplexed?

    I think I have all the changes made. Disassemble and prepare to paint is next on the list.
  8. perplexed?

    Ok - This is the interior (Mostly) ready for paint - And I am not a painter Going back to the rear panel exhaust while I wait for painting weather.
  9. perplexed?

    Thank you for checking on this It is still winter here so no danger to window items. Still waiting for weather to become agreeable to painting outdoors. We had one day a few weeks back 67F with 40% humidity; I tried really hard to work with it; But failed. So I went back to the work bench, to handle all the pesky details and clean some things up. I have another plan in my brain I am thinking of unleashing; What the heck, I have come this far.
  10. perplexed?

    Take two ... 0r is it Three? Anyway here is my attempt. Side panel exhaust Side panel exhaust 2 by , on Flickr
  11. perplexed?

    ReDo - That back panel box. I just could not get into it. Changing to 140mm fan with a redesign. Stand by.
  12. perplexed?

    Back panel exhaust Back panel exhaust Wish I had more skill to have done something fancy. I know two fans would have fit, but the wasted area is where the SSD mount, so it is blocked, and behind them the PSU is trying to intake air. So it added up to wasted area. > Trying to decide if I need to cut out the factory punch out for better air to fan or it will work ok thru that restriction. You have an opinion or insight?
  13. perplexed?

    Still making progress. Do not have any recent pictures available yet. Since the weather has not cooperated with my painting plans, I have been going outside my comfort zone and doing some things I like and may make the build look and perform better. So far I am over the moon happy with this case and it's ability to conform. It is amazing how many times you have to take stuff apart and put it back together to get it to all fit and install correctly. My first attempt went well (until) I went to put it back together to fit a part, and nothing would line up. I started over and can now remove and install all pieces as I need to.
  14. perplexed?

    I agree - I started working on an In win 303 - The longer it set on my desk the more I disliked it - It was a giant mirror - I am just not that into me. And moding that case was going to be a nightmare.
  15. perplexed?

    Not using any bad stuff on acrylic - I like to be able to see thru and mark - Guess all those years of blindly marking wood, steel, etc ? - I find this therapeutic, Lay the piece up, mark problems and move along - I leave the paper on as long as possible.