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  1. Lambda Core

    Pass-through drilled through midplate and mobotray, also all tubes are ready. Finaly I've used 107 fittings, 18 sections of tube - 6 straight and 12 with bends :P. Few last things to do - cover for SLI bridge and few cables for temperature and flow sensors, and I can fill both loops.
  2. Pink Panther

    Aquaero 6XT is here GPU's waterblocks were painted white. As waterblocks are ready, I could mount them on the GPUs
  3. Pink Panther

    @LePhuronn Thank You. It turned out pretty good, You're right. I was kind of disappointed when I first saw the shade difference, but I'm happy iwth the end result Update All of the fans got a white sleeve and connectors. Here is a huge advantage of a modular case - moutning radiator and fans was much easier outside the case I made an extender for each fan, which goes to Phobya PCB spliiter hidden behind front radiator.
  4. Lambda Core

    Main chamber is ready. There were few problems with tubes and insert but I've managed to overcome it. Now it's time to drill through midplate and mobotray and finish the work.
  5. Pink Panther

    Small update I've mounted the core hardware and radiators into the case. I've finished working on main cables. All of the cables in Pink Panther will be sleeved with MDPC-X sleeve. It's really great quality product and I can recommend it to anyone. Unfortunetaly there is an issue with pink sleeve on the market, so it isn't perfectly matched with candy perspex.
  6. Pink Panther

    @Cheapskate Well, between fans/radiators and midplate would be exactly 40mm. I'm not entirely convinced how to set up those fans. Will probably test it with soft tube test loop though. I've decided to go with 7800X, as it'll fulfill my needs for now. In terms of GPU, the choice was prett obvious - GTX1080 SLI. EVGA is great company and it's been proven many times. I had a lot of luck, as I managed to purchase those cards right before GPU prices started to rise. :D
  7. Pink Panther

    One again huge thanks to Noiseblocker - it's a first time I see white eLoop's in real. Project Impossible had black ones, but I think white version actually looks better Below You can see an overal look of parts for this project, R1.0 is a bit lost :D I'm still waiting for few parts though, like RAM or Aquaero. I decided to go with X299 this time, mainly because I didn't own an Intel's HEDT platform yet. Firstly I wanted to buy MSI X299 Tomahawk Arctic, but it's power section is really hopeless. I didn't want a black motherboard, so I decided to go with TUF Mark 1 and modify it :D Asus X299 TUF Mark 1 White Edition :P
  8. Pink Panther

    @taowulf It's definetely one of the most memorable theme music You can get :D It's time for few more shots of LC parts This is how nearly 120 fittings looks like :D In terms of CPU block, clear version of Eisblock XPX was the obvious choice. It's most likely the prettiest CPU block from Alphacool's range. To match CPU block I went with plexi D5 combo. It's pretty massive, so it'll be quite tricky to mount them side be side, but it should fit just fine.
  9. Pink Panther

    Now, once again huge thanks to Alphacool and Aquatuning As I've mentioned, case is configured to fit three 360/60mm radiators. Looking at project's color scheme, the obvious choice was Alphacool NexXxoS UT60 360mm Special White Edition
  10. Pink Panther

    Hi guys, It's time to start another project and of course another worklog :D Our latest project Lambda Core is getting close to being finish, but we don't intend to stop :D Few months ago I was wondering about a case that would be interesting and rare choice which simultaneously fulfill all my needs. After few days of searching the web I came to the conclusion that there isn't any. We've always liked Parvum's design, however any of the standard cases wasn't good for me this time. My heart was close to R1.0, however it has few issues - only mATX/ITX support, space for only two 360 slim radiators. However after few words with Parvum guys we decided to make a custom R1.0 ATX, with few other modification which You will see down below The project color schema is a bit controvertial. I had enough of black in my builds, so I knew that the main color will be white. Pink is pretty rare and tricky to work with, so I decided that it'll be very interesting choice :D And of course if I'd go with pink the project name is obvious :D When I had the case subject mostly sorted out I decided to make a 3D model, which You can see below. It gives general view at my plans, which contain only 45° connections in main chamber and dual loop system. I would like to thank Noiseblocker, for providing the best fans in the market and Mayhems, for supporting Pink Panther with their Pastel. I'm also extremely grateful to Alphacool and Aquatuning for providing all water cooling stuff for yet another of our projects! There was "a bit" of a delay with manfuacturing this case, enough to be said that it took over three months till I got this case. Results? R1.0 ATX DIY :E This case now supports an ATX standard. It has a spot for three 360/60mm radiators instead of two 360/30mm. Top window is much bigger than the standard one. Moreover at the front You can see a front radiator cover, which is also a place for Aquaero 6XT and it'll help me to mount two res combo side be side. Obviously this case is much bigger than the standard R1.0. In fact, after all of this modification it's closer to L1.0
  11. Lambda Core

    All cables in the project are ready (except flow meter and temperature probe sensors cables, but I will make them when loop is ready). Last two cables I've made are SATA-power and power switch. SSD (Crucial MX200) also got wrapped in black black vinyl. Little summary of making cabels and sleeving them: I've used: - Almost 70 meters of AWG 26 wire - Almost 40 meters of AWG 18 wire - 18 meters of black sleeve - 8 meters of yellow sleeve - 32 meters of platinum sleeve - 2 meters of bigger, black sleeve - 60 cm od SATA sleeve - 5m of heat-shrink (most when making main cables) - I've crimped almost 400 pins - Time that I've spent making cables? I don't even want to count that :P - Cost? Better not to write
  12. Lambda Core

    I've finished cable work in the basement.
  13. Lambda Core

    Front fans are ready :D . Every fan got an extension, which is hooked up to tan splitter in basement. Individual extenders are fastened together to fan mounting screws. Fan from the back is also hooked up to the same splitter, what required making super long extender, and mounting it some how. Radiator at the top will cover this cable. All cables come from one place in the basement.
  14. Lambda Core

    Top radiator is ready - 140mm fans were treated same as 120mm variants (original sticker was removed, and replaced by vinyl, than cables were sleeved). Every fan received extension and was hooked up to fan splitter on PCB, which will be connected directly to Aquaero.
  15. Lambda Core

    @Cheapskate Collision is only in the model. I've check this in real, and the fittings are pass each other by 1,5mm :).