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  1. making a scoop for a radiator

    yeah I never really like using it but it does work if i trying to scan a possible drive that infected by virus. here a rough design of the sides and the top ( front and back might work with like top so it have more fans.
  2. making a scoop for a radiator

    yeah i am going to do a cardboard version first. but i was hopping to make a more interesting scoop/box later with more interesting design to it. i only have one snag to worry about and that the cradle for my hot-swap drive on the case. i might have to make a angled piece and then set it back out to mount fans . I thinking a fans on top and 1 at least on front and both left and right sides to pull air out with. (or does someone think it be just the fans fighting each other too much.
  3. making a scoop for a radiator

    So I been tinkering on my computer and looking to mod the top to allow more air flow with a custom air scoop. basically I want to make a piece that fits snug to the radiator ( it a UT 60mm from alphacool. ) that can mount a total of 4 120 fans on it ( two ti either side) what I like to do is replace the fans and install this scoop and have the 4 fans on the top pulling all the air though and out the top so i can get possible more cooling power. but i lack the 3d printer to make one and I not shop friendly ( last time I tried to make a custom piece I almost crushed 3 fingers with the hammer and a piece of tin ( dont ask lol) I not worried on what it made from I just trying to figure out a simple basic model to test at first any help and you can have rights too for selling.
  4. Hello and Introductions

    New to forums not new to pc I been playing with,building and overclocking sine i can remember, I had a 286 that played the original doom ( not well or long) but it played it a couple times) . I even built my own water-cooled pc with nothing more than parts ordered from modmymods and a crappy youtube video ( 4 years ago) and winged it off of that. I gotten better and I been asked to build a few for a friend or 2 over the years. I mainly take old pc people toss as they get a new one and rebuild them with parts on hand to offer to those that I know cant afford a pc. ( never anything top of the line but enough that they can do homework on and such theses days) not everyone can afford to buy a computer for their kids/selves when a single parent. I work currently at bestbuy ( outlet transferring to a actually store where I hope to end up in geek squad at some point sine with my Cerebral palsy and getting older I am unable to stand long periods of time with out my legs giving out and such. But I push as much as I can for as long as aI am able it beats sitting on my butt with my thumb in my butt ( lol).