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  1. Here it is! This is a gif of the lighting: https://i.imgur.com/zhxuomY.mp4
  2. Gettting some lighting action :D heres a gif (if it doesn't work, There will be a link) https://imgur.com/06VpG6I Static image of the lights Rearview of the new wiring setup Getting ready to put the ASUS RYUJIN AIO in Extremely close to being done. Just got to fill a few gaps near the components and get it mounted to the wall. I'll be back soon!
  3. Back with a redo on the LEDs I did the wiring slightly different so I didn't crowd the contacts on the leds Putting the back frame on MoBo Mount ASUS Prime Z390-A TEAMGROUP NIGHT HAWK Legend RGB 16gb DDR4 RAM ASUS ROG RYUJIN 360 AIO CPU Cooler ASUS ROG Thor 1200W Modular RGB PSU with my 3D printed bracket All the parts on the frame. Next I'll be going in on the lighting and showing some of that!
  4. I tested random spots on each strip and most were dead or were acting eratic. Only a few strips were acting okay for the most part but I pulled them out to be safe.
  5. Starting the LED work! TLDR: It did not go well... Gluing down the led strips All the soldering equipment ANNNNND heres all the lights in the trash. I mixed up the pins on my molex connector since the female side needs to be backward to get 5v. I sent 12v into the leds which fried them and my arduino. Press F to pay respects to 600 LEDs Just a reference on how big this project is
  6. Boxes in position ? The rear bracket that will support the components. The cubes on the front are mainly for lighting, not structure support. I messed up on the design and decided I needed these cubes out. I used my old junk soldering iron to melt out the cubes and used wire cutters and sanding to smooth it out Asus Thor 1200w PSU T-Force Delta RGB SSD ASUS Prime Z390-A ASUS GTX 2060 STRIX 6GB Still need to do small details to fit the pieces in correctly and mount them good. Then there is also the LED wiring and whatnot. Be back soon!
  7. The cubes are different heignts so printing it so the cubes were upside down wouldn't work (but the finish would look way better). I could use supports in that way but the finish wouldn't be uniform. I tried a design with all the cubes the same height since printing it upside down would be way faster and less of a waste of plastic but it just didn't look as good unfortunately. I thought of maybe just printing the tops of the cubes separate but I didn't noticeable lines between the top and the body of the cube. I just opted for longer print times and wasted plastic unfortunately. I REALLY wanted to do it another way but I just couldn't figure out a way to do it while keeping strength and visual looks up.
  8. Got most of the frame done! I had to wait a little bit for plastic to come in, but I"m using 3D solutech PLA and its going pretty good. Heres the frame pieces laying next to each other And the pc parts in there respective places...sorta ha Combining the sections together with glue and 3D pen welding Small casualty when I was ripping out the support plastic sections. It will be easy to fix though since it will be covered up by the radiator of the cpu cooler.
  9. I started the printing and got a good bit done! This section alone takes about 2 days. Multiply this by 8 sections and you can see it takes awhile to do this project: These squiggly lines are called supports in the 3d Printing world. It helps when you are printing hollow things, in this example, my cubes are hollow so it helping the top of the cubes having smooth finishes. It is unfortunately a waste of plastic as they get torn out when the print is done. This is a color test with the different cube heights. Looking good! Overview of my work desk at the moment...
  10. I left a gap around all the components so I can get better fits with the cubes around them to help hide the wires and whatnot. Only issue is it will be hard to light up the cubes when they overlap pc components. also the wires will cast a shadow if they run through the cube where the led is. It will be a challenge when i get to that point for sure.
  11. Hello and welcome to my newest build :) I've been modding for 10 years now and usually my themes are of a pixelated design. This mod is named ColorFalls as the case will be built to hang from a wall and look like it's made out of hundreds of cubes that each have a LED and will have patterned lighting effects). I will be 3D printing this case and expect to use about 9 lbs of plastic to make. Here is my CAD design so you can visualize the project. ] My sponsors for this mod Components ASUS Prime Z390-A ASUS GTX 2060 STRIX 6GB ASUS ROG RYUJIN 360 AIO CPU Cooler ASUS ROG Thor 1200W Modular RGB PSU TEAMGROUP NIGHT HAWK Legend RGB 16gb DDR4 RAM TEAMGROUP T-FORCE Delta RGB 250gb SSD TEAMGROUP MS30 M.2 SATA SSD CPU I5-9600k Heres a few photos of my previous work: I'll be back soon with some progress of the printing and whahtnot! Its showing it will take 2 weeks of printing time to get the main body done. I'll be back sooner than that though to show the 3D process :)
  12. Final Photos! Gif of lights in motion here! https://i.imgur.com/YxVzBaV.gifv
  13. You're not wrong ? After doing some math I decided to get the lights their own PSU. Here it is: And after some handy dandy hiding magic... The power button is going to be installed in the top near the usb hub All the components! All the wires! Starting to hide the wires behind the mobo From here its going to be the finished photos!
  14. Ha, understandable. To be fair, this is my first pc case mod that even resembles a pc case! I figure 1 out of 11 mods is okay to do this ? I got caught up with Halloween costumes and waiting on a few pc components for the build. This is going to be a big post to catch up! After doing some testing, I ran into an issue where the light wasn't being diffused as great as I wanted. I ended up sanding the case to rough up the texture to help even out the leds. Hard to see sanding on transparent plastic so just this one photo of it outside Light test (gif embedding doesn't work, so heres a link of the lights) https://imgur.com/asG3hsw My work area for all the wiring and soldering Did this about 100 times. Pre-tinned the wires Installing the LED strips I was using this setup to test the lights as I went to make sure my solder skills were working Sparkly test Wiring so each can be removed individually if needed] Wires before cleanup Baby approved lighting test I'm onto installing the pc components and cleaning up wiring. Shouldn't be long until I'm finished with a nice setup. Still need to program a few different things on the lighting though so that will be an interesting challenge.
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