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  1. EXILE157

    Help w/ Phanteks mATX

    Hellz! No! I'm not touching a dremel to do that.......I don't care how good one is using a dremel they could never create that Honeycomb pattern. I found a local Waterjet Company that can do this and I'll be visiting them soon!!! Thanx for that site.
  2. EXILE157

    Help w/ Phanteks mATX

    20 views and not one reply??
  3. Thank you in advance for taking your time coming into my post and helping me with any information that will help me get this "issue" project done. I've seen a few mods for the Phanteks Evolv ATX panels for better airflow and they do look nice! and I saw about 2 places that sell the whole case already with the mod, but it's only for the Mid-ATX and it's overseas. I emailed them both and haven't received a reply back. I did notice that (themodzoo.com) sells already made mod panels, but only for Mid-ATX....? My question here is - Where can I request a specific custom mod pattern for my (Phanteks Evolv mATX TG Black) and if it's even possible? Here's an example of what I exactly want! for my case, I'm in love with this pattern.