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  1. Lady Danielee

    What music are you listening to?

  2. Lady Danielee

    What music are you listening to?

  3. Lady Danielee

    Having pets

    I need a house for my dog and I saw this dog house which has different styles and designs. Some of the houses are beautiful, spacious and looks comfortable to live. What do you think about the dog houses? I'm open for more suggestions, though.
  4. Lady Danielee

    What do you drive? (or dream ride)

    I drive a 2007 Hyundai Tucson
  5. Lady Danielee

    Having pets

    Okay, now it's the time for talking about animals, which can be really close to your heart (pets), but some of you can really afraid of them. Are there animals which you really are afraid of? Or is there something that you love? Do you have any pets? Want to tell us about it/them?
  6. Hi guys, I'm the newest member of the crew. My hobbies are playing computer games, watching sci-fi movies, and reading books. I do hope to get along with everyone.