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  1. Ok, thank you very much, as soon as i get home i'll take measurements.
  2. Thank you! As soon as possible (i study abroad, i should come back home at the end of the month) i'll post my actual build in the member project logs. This post was intended to ask MNPCTech staff if it was possible to fit the vertical gpu in my case before i make the order (living in italy export fees are going to be somewhat steep), did i post in the wrong section?
  3. Hi all, I'm an italian boy who got this InWin 301 as soon as it was released (Got it from a swiss reviewer) and from then i started cramming it up with stuff he barely can take. As now i have a maximus viii gene inside with a 7700k air cooled (waiting for bios mod to stick a 8700k in it) and a strix 1080ti which barely fits. When i first saw the Stage 1 i knew what i had to do. As now i do not have any sata ssd so i removed the hard disk cage. If i remove also the front fans (in an air cooled cpu build the front exhaust fans are barely useful) i have all the space i need to mount my strix vertically starting from the bottom right fan Am i right? I saw you guys already modded a 301 and i was wondering if you could help me before i order the bracket. Also i could take the stage 1 because on the bottom of the case there's a pretty big grill which could let the DP cable pass. Thank you in advance!
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