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  1. TweaknFreak

    Logitech G413 LED Mod

    I see. I will try to do that carefully as I don't want my keyboard short circuited(I'm very clumsy at soldering). But I'm still struggling to find a good acrylic based material to cover the LED strip along the perimeter to get a clean and decent look. You have any ideas on that?
  2. TweaknFreak

    Logitech G413 LED Mod

    Hi community. This is my first DIY pc project I'm planning. What I had in mind was to wrap a Red LED strip around my Logitech G413 keyboard, around the perimeter. The keyboard is backlit in red led light so I though red LED strip around it will make it even more dope. Something along these lines My keyboard also has a USB pass through port which can be utilized for powering the LED strip, I guess. My keyboard below I was thinking using a L-shaped USB Male to Female connector to make things clean. The pass through USB port is along the perimeter between the keyboard wire and the Logitech G logo on the far right side of the keyboard. Please share your valuable suggestions for making this thing a reality. Thanks a bunch.