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  1. thanks intel malaysia for the NUC hades canyon. Did this for event serverdna 3 puchong, Malaysia. this is biggest gamer gathering for malaysian. would like to go for skull military theme with exposed on ssd and ram part. this could beauty if have m.2 heatsink. Unbox pic below the mosfet part covered with the heatsink. from design and laser cut those part needed. I have a problem on color sheme. have go for blue color to match the intel color. last i took silver consider as safe color because running out of time 2 days left . below us 3d printed part it size of handbag briefcase thanks adata for last minutes sponsor. at least i can switch on display on NUC during event picture (credit to some of my friend for picture)
  2. finished pict. in 5 days. this is what the best i can do for the event. however i will continue the uncomplete part later. https://i.postimg.cc/g0MfDn7n/MG_0431-1.jpg][/URL] after back home. i modded the cap with billy mask from saw movie. Then mounted on AIO cap. Cooler master ML series allowed modder to change the cap without hassle. thanks for the future. 3d printed part and paint. there should be hoff reverse death trap for headphone mod. but i got this headphone during even. stay tune. yes i still want to continue this modding even though the even has finished
  3. Thanks Teamgrou for sponsor T-force night hawkhttps://www.teamgroupinc.com/en/product/night-hawk-rgb-night-hawk-ddr4 the design export into 2 and here a few puzzle to play with 3d printed part for bracket from QBX chasis. i modded the psu mount then put it outside thanks cooler master for sponsor the peripheral. it will be used during event day. after some part laser cut are combine. i try to make the screw and washer look like steampunk leg base for stand. i used some square wood behind my house. the wood in terrible shape. i need to 3d printed a top and bottom for squareness mount later. some unboxing product from cooler master. PSU thanks asrock for sponsor itx mobo. [
  4. this mod inspired by saw theme of death trap blood table. this machine required to cut yout hand and feed blood to system so that you can proceed to next round. machine in saw movie design in sketchup+vray render cutting grind area. inserted shock prank device to shock audiences Monitor on planning mod if got sponsor by viewsonic headband for reverse death trap accesories+headphone
  5. this is typical mod for asian especially for thailand. I at Malaysia love to try all kind of theme.
  6. received parcel front side panel main part assemble front panel ethcing t slot 3s glue+ L bracket for more stiff to hold those heavy gpu standoff for the base external outer chasis throne to mimic HOF for ssd mount side panel cover
  7. Hardware sponsored photoshoot GALAX HOF 1070ti SSD one 240gb GALAX extreme 4000MHZ dual kit 16gb
  8. this project is target of all white from HOF project here my 3d rendered for this project. I export them into 2d exploded for cut 5mm and 3mm. send to my friend for laser cut. let hope it meet in time this project sponsored by GALAX GALAX HOF 1070ti SSD 240GB ONE 8GB+8GB HOF RAM
  9. good for showcase. no need bring screen to the event.
  10. thanks. always saw finished mod put finish picture top of the worklog. except on progress.
  11. ]IMG]https://s19.postimg.cc/5tj5l17xf/MG_0337_5.jpg[/IMG]
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