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  1. Today, I started working on the case. firstly I had to drill the rivet. For that, i am using a standard power drill and a 1/8 Cobalt drill bit. When you are drilling rivet with this kind of bit, i suggest starting slow at low RPM. Dont apply too much pressure, let the bit tip do the job. It bend and break easily, take your time! Alright so lets start drilling, this case doesnt have many rivet so it should be rather quick. If you start slowly at low RPM, without excessive pressure, it is very easy. However, if you apply pressure on the rivet, it might just turn with the bit and you will waste much more time. Remember, Let the bit tip do the job! Once you are done drilling all the rivet on the case, it should look like that! duh And the bit picture indeed :) The case is now disassembled, so i can start modding it, the sanding will come soon as well. Thanks for watching and happy modding! Back to Index
  2. Alright, Motherboard unboxing! I am particularly pumped about this one as i really wanted a Gigabyte G1 Sniper M3 since a long time. Well the day has come, here it is! The box is pretty badass, but thats just a box so lets move on :) Printed on the back, you can see the main feature of the board. I will list you the most important but if you want to know more about the board, just let me know, feel free to ask question and i will get back to you as soon as possible! So for the features i deciced to list them here for reference mostly, i will Spoiler them as soon as i find how to :) Supports 3rd Gen. Intel® 22nm CPUs and 2nd Gen. Intel® Core™ CPUs (LGA1155 socket) GIGABYTE Digital Power with GIGABYTE 3D Power GIGABYTE 3D BIOS (Dual UEFI) Intel® Gigabit Ethernet with cFosSpeed Internet Accelerator Software Onboard Creative Sound Core3D™ quad-core audio processor Built-in Front Audio Headphone Amplifier Nichicon High-end audio capacitors PCI Express Gen 3.0 support 2-way SLI™ and 2-way CrossFireX™ multi-GPU support Lucid Virtu™ Universal® MVP GPU virtualization support HDMI, DVI, RGB and Display Port Onboard OC buttons 4 Smart™ Fans for precise system and CPU fans control GIGABYTE Ultra Durable™ 4 Technology GIGABYTE 333™ Onboard Acceleration (USB 3.0, SATA 3.0 & 3x USB Power) GIAGBYTE On/Off Charge™ for USB devices For the specefications, i wont list them all here so if you wish to see them, please go on gigabyte website. Done with the boring stuff, Promise! Time for some cool pictures :D Ive been waited for that moment, lets open the box :D In the box, you can find the standard stuff: user manual, sli connector, sata cable AND *Drum Rolls* Thats right! Some pretty cool decals, i am not gonna use them for this project but its still nice to have them! Also, they gave me a super huge poster, but that is for another update :D Now the board, itself!!! Honestly it was greatly packaged and thats how we like it! Between these two picture, i removed the bag ><' My first impression was: ''Oh yeah babe'' Then i started to take better picture, at least i tried! And one more! I have to say, i am pretty happy with this board so far, even if i cant SLI it in that case. Plus. it look exactly like in my dreams :) Oh well, it is going straigh back in his box as i still have a lot to do before even thinking powering it. Thanks for watching my motherboard unboxing and if you have any question, feel free to ask them, i will get back to you as soon as possible! Back to Index
  3. Alright, time for a little unboxing! I will try to keep it short and non boring :) First as you can see, the case arrived very well packaged between foam and that is pretty much a standard in the industry now a days. After removing the shipping protection, i immediately fell in love with the little case. I was already able to feel the quality of the thing, which is actually top notch. Im not impressed, it is SilverStone after all, and without any doubt, they do make quality stuff. This side has no window, vent hole, nothing. Just like the other side in fact. Thats fine, i prefer blank canvas! I have huge plan for both side :) For the top, the whole concept is Okay i guess, the fan grill/dust filter is held with small magnet, well actually it is held with tape but of course im going to change this, it is on the menu, its getting modded :) *removing tape* The front is beautiful, simple yet effective. The usual stuff in the front of course, USB 3.0 x 2, Audio, Mic, i will list the specs soon. The two 5.25 bay is for my dual bay res/pump combo, its perfect - i dont need more. Also as you can see there's a 3.5 bay at the bottom, i will put a fan controller in there. I found some pretty device for it! The start and reset switch are not cheap, seriously, you can feel it. Finally the fan filter ''inside'' the front itself is easily removable, you literally push on it trought the case. Once again, the back is rather simple, probably why i initially liked this case, simple yet beautiful. As you can see now the pci slot are? Yes inverted! Thats one of these little cool case made upside down. This should be interesting for sure! Ok so 4 PCI slot, which mean you could SLI/Xfire. Still on the back, PSU goes on the top in a kind of ''shroud'' which i actually like. For the back fan: room for a 120mm, maybe 140mm we will know very soon :) Inside the case, its packed of feature, seriously theres a tons of them, i am even remvoving some! Heres the Special features: Includes one 180mm Air Penetrator fan for positive pressure cooling Removable motherboard tray and top panel Quick access filters to prevent dust buildup Convenient wire and cable routing pathways Adjustable holder for large CPU coolers Motherboard back plate opening behind CPU area for quick cooler assembly Impressive storage capacity up to five 3.5" hard drives and one 2.5" drive And the specifications while we are at it :) Model No: SST-TJ08-E(black) Material: Aluminum front panel, steel body Motherboard: Micro-ATX, DTX, Mini-ITX Drive Bay: External 5.25" x 2, 3.5" x 1 (compatible with one 3.5” hard drive) Internal: 3.5" x 4 , 2.5” x1 Cooling System: Front 1 x 180mm AP181 intake fan, 700/1200rpm, 18/34dBA (backwards compatible with 140mm fan) Rear: 1 x 120mm fan slot (option) Expansion Slot: 4 Front I/O Port: USB 3.0 x 2 (backwards compatible with USB 2.0) Audio: x 1 MIC: x 1 Power Supply: 1 x optional standard PS2(ATX) up to 160mm Expansion Card: Compatible up to 13.25” long*, width restriction-6.69" Limitation of CPU cooler: 165mm Limitation of PSU: 160mm (recommended), 180mm (maximum) Net Weight: 5.3 kg Dimension: 210mm(W) x 374mm(H) x 385mm(D), 30.2 liters Extra: Support two Kensington locks I also found these remarks while messing on Silverstone website: 1. The maximum recommended combined depth for PSU and optical drive is 382mm plus 20mm room for connectors. We recommend the largest PSU to be no greater than 160mm deep (e.g. ST1000-P) 2. Please install into expansion slots 3 and 4 for graphics card with extension bracket and length of 13.3” Case is now mostly striped, ready to be modded :) As planned so far, the whole thing will be powdercoated very soon. Top has been removed, which was fairly easy. Took me about 30sec only, couple screw and Voila. The top itself, which will have some little modification. Okay so, next on the menu will be the first mod, probably the side windows and also some sleeving, maybe another unboxing between that, so stay tuned, i hope you like this little pearl as much as i do and thanks for watching my unboxing. Please let me know what you think! Back to Index
  4. Case: SilverStone TJ08-E Motherboard: Gigabyte Sniper 3 M3 CPU: Intel I5 2550k GPU: EVGA GTX670 FTW PSU: SSD: Samsung 830 series 128gb RAM: Corsair Low Profile 4x4gb - Black CPU Waterblock: EK CSQ GPU Waterblock: EK CSQ Reservoir & pump: EK CSQ Dual 5.25 Bay Combo Radiator: Magicool 180mm Radiator: 120mm Fitting: Tubing: Coolant: Fans: Sleeving: *List to be continued Back to Index
  5. Components list Case Unboxing Motherboard Unboxing Drilling Rivet
  6. Hello everyone, First of all, there is no risk for looking at my thread, do not worry. That said, i really wanted to do a BioHazard case mod for quite some time now, so here it is! The whole theme has kinda been over done, so i will try to be original in my non original theme. Alright! The case? A SilverStone TJ08-E, Why? I have no idea.. Okay lets be serious :) I like this case, i honestly do and it has everything i wanted/needed for this cool project. I wont explain everything in the first post, i dont wanna spoil everything the first day, so if you are or could be interested at some point, please sub so you can be the first to see my updates. Lot of stuff on the menu including watercooling, powdercoating, windows mod and much more of course. It should be pretty fun, Stay tuned and enjoy!
  7. Love this case! Too bad i will never have one ;p It does cost me more than 250$ to get one here soo I will be following your thread instead :D/>
  8. PM sent! :D/> Thank you very much Mayhems and The Mod Zoo :wub:/> For those interested, i chose Mayhems Aurora Fluid for Water Cooling 1 Litre : Orillia Orange and Mayhems Pastel Fluid for Water Cooling 1 Litre : Gigabyte Orange Its going straight in my current build, which is an orange bitfenix prodigy :D/> I will post many picture of course :D/>
  9. omg i won?! i really won?! this is awesome, i mean very awesome :D/> omg im all excited now, and the first prize??!! wow..no more word..im very thankful! Ok i just bought my ayhems stuff this week end so i have no idea what i will pick as prize, let me check okay? :)/> i will send you my info very soon. Huge thanks to Mayhems and themodzoo, a bunch of thanks guys.
  10. Thank you very much for the info, im much more confident now, it is rather simple. Very good idea with the Chrome Vinyls, it look pretty! Thanks again :thumbs:
  11. Hey epeets, this is the coolant i want to use in the build im currently planning, thanks for posting some pictures, i really like it! Nice rig btw ^^
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