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  1. Our shop is also our home... and man oh man we need to try to keep it at least clean enough to see the floor otherwise we would be buried alive lol
  2. Thanks bud, We try to make customer service very important to us, sadly things happen - but we always make it right when we catch it.
  3. Jesse and Orange, I am terribly sorry you had those experiences. From time to time we have stock issues or problems fine tuning our delivery system. Sadly those things are to be expected when you start out. However we have fixed allot of the order bugs and orders go out in less then 2 days, sometimes same day. In either case if you guys choose to order from our shop again - please PM me on here before you order so I can personally make sure your order gets out fast and that we offer a nice discount or extras as no matter what it happened, but we want to make it right. Customer service is very important to us so when we do make mistakes we do our best to make it right. Also please shoot me your order numbers that you had issues on so I can look into it so we can fix what the issue was. Thanks guys!
  4. After talking to Bill and pooping my pants from the death threats if I didnt come I have decided to come and provide sleeving demonstrations for anyone who wants them. I will bring my full tool kit and a ton of sleeve and will answer questions as I sleeve. =) -haha I got ninjaed- None the less I look forward to coming.
  5. Lutro0

    Welcome to Mayhems

    Hey guys glad to see you here!
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