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  1. Thank you! Thank you. I thought about psu cover in beginning but decided against it. As it is now nothing will fit next to psu. It's really tight. :)
  2. Thanks. I love that look it makes everything look so clean. :) Here's my final video of the build
  3. Alright how about some decent finished pics? :) I really like the way this came out. It surprised me on how good the reds came together because I think red is just too played out but this to me is different. Me likes and I hope you all enjoyed my QUICK work log. Thanks again for checking out my log. Until next time.............
  4. Ya it can be tricky. Hanovers's build is very nice.
  5. Thank you! Ya I surprised myself because I'm digging it and I'm not a red build fan. Too played out IMHO but this is a different red so :)
  6. Here's newest video update. http://youtube.com
  7. Thx guys. Just noticed some pics look upside down. Lol. well at least on my mobile they are.
  8. Ok so I think I am overdue on some pics. In case you missed the first video here's a link. Lets start off with the front grill cutting Next I would like to thank Primochill and ModSmart for sending me some goodies for this build. Lets check out the goodies!! They also send me the CTR res but the pic didn't come out too well :( So lets get down to business. The next pics will pretty much wrap it up. I was very pressed for time to knock this build out to take to lanfest. I did finish in time so sorry for lack of more pics. :( Here's few pics of some of the hardware getting blocks installed. R4G and 690's Here is the build getting some assembly after getting parts back from powder coating. The color is a 2 stage powder chrome base with transparent red over it. Moving on to res, pump and flow meter layout and install. Start button installed and it works!!!! Yay (had a switch go out recently.) top rad grill looks great For the tubing I did use PETG tubing, thank you Stuart! So here are my first bends... And leak test Door on and died liquid red. No window yet. lol So thats it for now. I will take some pics in the sun in a couple days. Until then..........
  9. Very nice work Brian! Can't wait to see this one done. CPU mag here you come!! :)
  10. Thanks bud! Alrighty ladies! Here's some more progress. It has been crazy here but I am running out of time to have this done before Lanfest on the 28th. So lets start with some of the fabrications i've done. And of course the awesome feet. :) Here's a look at the corners after i cleaned up some of my braising. Then of course the part I usually screw up. The I/O panel cutout.... lol This time I measured like 10 times. :) Looks good. So I then marked out psu cutout... Next up marked out the window and the front plate. Today I will be cutting all these fun things.... :) Last but not least I laid out some of the hardware to see if all is well. Then I marked some wire management holes. Its gonna be tight fit with dual 360 rads but hey what the hell i'll make it work. :) Thanks for checking out my log. More to come very soon. Until then......
  11. Thanks guys. Will post more soon. :)
  12. Hello everybody! Its been awhile since I have used forums to post progress of a build. Fcaebook is like a bad drug that I am trying to get away from. I need to hire a lacky to do my social media stuff LOL. Anyways I am in the process of redoing an OLD CM ATCS case. Some ask why? I say why not? It's so cool, at least to me, to see an old chassis made look new with modern tech incorporated into it. So I was all excited when a friend offered me this chassis. :) So the idea for me is to create a lan friendly chassis instead of some ginormous case. I will be rearranging the whole inside and inverting the mobo. I have already started a lot of my fab work. I will try to keep my log here some what current. ;) So on with some specs and pics. Specs - Asus Rampage 4 Gene Nvidia GTX690 x 2 Intel i7 4960X Intel 730 series 480gb ssd x 3 in raid 0 Adata XPG 1866mhz 32gb ram Cooler Master ATCS chassis Cooler Master JetFlow 120mm red LED fans x 6 Cooler Master V1000 PSU Koolance blocks, 360 rads, pump and misc fittings Primochill Revolver fittings Primochill CTR res Primochill Vortex flow meter Primochill 360mm rad grills ModSmart pre-sleeved wire cut to length The chassis was in fairly good shape when i got it. A little dirty and covered with logos. So here is how the case looked when I got it. So here is a new product I tried to help with my fab process. Keep in mine I have never tried much braising. Here's some pics of the new frame for the front Here is a pic of the sub-frame for my mobo tray . And some pics of how the case will look.... More to come soon.... Until then.
  13. Ya i will ask. I used to use the bucket but not no more.
  14. So quick question, I have tried to upload some pics and start a log but since all my pics are hosted on my site this site doesn't seem to wanna let me upload. Any suggestions besides another host because thats one of the reasons I started my site to host all my pics in one place.
  15. How does this work? I don't have a Camera.
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