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  1. O M G! What a GREAT IDEA! I love this build, it is off the hook, bad feces generator! Great work!
  2. Hi Ya Loose! He he he, 12ga, I was thinking mk84 with a laser guide. I'll be finishing up those keys in a few days. I found another motherboard to replace this one; which has a bad PCIe slot, so allot of work to change it out.
  3. Trying to figure out the best way to cut the hole for the lock. It's round with two flat sides, like this:
  4. Nice work with the mesh! Looking very nice!
  5. Nice, I like it. Great craftsman ship!
  6. Coolness! This will be my power on. Two high security locks & Keys. Drilling out the case today. To initiate Launch, you must have both keys and turn them at the same time in order for the PC to launch. This is the same procedure to launch a ICBM from it's precious cocoon...buried deep in the plains of the Midwest.......somewhere.
  7. Hi Tico! The Power supply shroud is really easy too, the bends are all 90's. The Modder's mesh is easy to work with and easy to paint.
  8. This is just so good in every way. Great build!
  9. The reason I had to go with the VelociRaptor's is that this brand new board, that is 5- 6 years old, doesn't support AHCI, which is what SSD's utilize for faster communication. This board does however support NVIDIA RAID controller, and with 4 VelociRaptor's running at RAID 0, that gives me the high read/write speed. I will have a back up. My SSD will now be a backup. Waste of an SSD you might say, well yes, but since I already have it (and 4 more) I'll use it. All of my VelociRaptor's will actually be backup up double time, or twice. This way if ANY of those drives fail, all I have to do is launch with my recovery CD (configured for this set up) and bingo, I'm up and running in less than 10 minutes. Hate to do it this way, but I have to use what I got, and I really love this board.
  10. Could it be? Could it be a VelociRaptor invaded my office? Why Y E S it did! 4 BRAND NEW Little VelociRaptor's arrived. All perky and ready to eat up and spit out data like a VelociRaptor eating a little fat kid in the movie! All lined up in the drive bays........ ALL 4 set to...wait for it, wait for it...................................... R A I D "0" Should get close to 700 R/W speed with all 4 running RAID 0. I will update with test results later.
  11. Our Vietnam Vets have been left out of so much. It's good to see the current day vets get the appreciation they deserve. Load master, great job, and it's one I would have loved to have. Tin foil hats do work,,,,,,but only on people standing on tops of barns during a lightning storm, LMAO! Thanks for the note Loose!!!!
  12. Ohhh, this is looking awesome, huge is awesome. Joe like huge PC Modds!
  13. I think I'll try 4 VelociRaptors in RAID 0. Could get close to 770+ read/write, lol. I did a test last year, and If you can get a good batch, they will average at 178 mbs with HD Tach and 195 mbs with the AS SSD test. Four of them at 178 mbs each x4 RAID 0 gives a reading of 776 mbs with AS SSD test for average read and write. And that is a good raid setup, with great performance I think.
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