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  1. Bill Owen

    The Iron Turnip

    That doesn't look like a bomb at all. .... (yeah, it does)
  2. that rear fan grill blend is brilliant
  3. Bill Owen

    Fractal-Design Define XL "The Cobra"

    Kerry, facebook link isn't working got video DLed, watching now Excited to see this!
  4. Bill Owen

    Mod Zoo Podcast Listener Q&A Thread

    dude, you just created our entire episode.
  5. Bill Owen

    (Completed) Project: WhiteNoise

    Well done bro, well done.
  6. Bill Owen

    Bitfenix "Inspired by Nature"

    sweet layout, really makes you look again, and again!
  7. Bill Owen


    My son would love this! ....I'm honored you chose mnpctech handles, too!
  8. this is TRUE Modding at it's finest.
  9. Hey gang, I'm seeking photos of your PC builds from 1995 - 2005. (for photo montages at end of videos) I will include at least one of your photos and credit your screen name. (or real name, just tell me what you prefer) here's ep 1
  10. Bill Owen

    Triton by World of Fred (Lian Li case)

    nice haul of goodies
  11. Bill Owen

    The Iron Turnip

    that could be the most sophisticated USB mod in history!