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  1. check yr email ;-)

  2. Vinyl is back, and keeping me busy!

    No doubt, ie: Ace's boots
  3. CF1 mod

    very cool, lots of heavy metah!
  4. Vinyl is back, and keeping me busy!

    Mnpctech started making custom turntable in 2016 with the resurgence of vinyl records and restoration of popular vintage turntables. Technics 1200 mk2 Turntable in this video is 39 years old and still works flawlessly. More details here, https://tinyurl.com/y7vmnoza
  5. Baby's first mod: andoryuu3's Red Raijintek Styx

    Nice finished job on the new fan cut-out! When this is finished, give me shout with the final glory shots, Raijintek loves sharing their customer builds if you need anything from MNPCTECH, I've got 15% off voucher code just for Minnesotans, just DM

    Jameson Chen is 26 yrs old and the new CEO of Lian Li HQ. He hung out with us last night. We had a long list of questions asked via FB. We learned a lot about his future goals for LIAN LI.
  7. My G5 Project

    I love it dude, this deserves some staged sexy final photos!
  8. 1200 or Butts!

    great case still today, and Wow, one of the rare shirts!! so how did you find us?!!! @floatingtrem
  9. G-Frame - Scratch Build (updated Jan 23, 2018)

    first time I've seen a "Kandy Wood Grain" effect
  10. My G5 Project

    REALLY digging the color theme, keep up the good work!
  11. G-Frame - Scratch Build (updated Jan 23, 2018)

    that dyed maple looks really cool!
  12. (Corsair Air 240) Dual m-ITX System build

    Interesting, keep us updated on your progress!
  13. ModArt QUADRAD Custom Case Project Final (World First)

    thanks for sharing details!
  14. Project: Venom (Define R6 Mod)

    R6 is great case, https://mnpctech.com/fractal-design-define-r6-case-riser-cable-type-c-kit-review.html