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  1. We could make handful last night, Contact Mnpctech with item description, your full name, address, and phone number, https://mnpctech.com/contact-us.html
  2. It must feel like you're flying a spaceship! Sooo coool.
  3. It's coming together!
  4. #GamingPCofDay,
  5. Arrrr, Tis looks like a proper case mod.
  6. 15% OFF ANY PC CASE MOD PART, http://www.mnpctech.com Enter MODMUNKY for coupon code at Checkout ENDS 4/18/17 AT MIDNIGHT US ORDERS ONLY
  7. VERY cool ideas and mods happening here!
  8. Saweeeeet, and the Fractal Design define S has Mod Zoo DNA (ick, dont touch it) I would have suggested my vertical (90 degree) GPU mount in bottom or middle front 120mm fan mount, but it's too late!
  9. Any updates on this build?
  10. love the 600c.....ROGUE ONE, https://mnpctech.com/rogue-one-k-2so-toy-600c-corsair-gaming-pc.html
  11. #GamingPCofDay
  12. You can right click on your FB album photos, then "copy image address" and paste that url here
  13. I love the imagination and transformation to these cases Robert!