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  1. NEW! Dark Base 700 by be quiet! is tastefully designed and could be the "bespoke" mid tower case of 2017.
  2. Build Log - Temporal Snow

    Thanks for sharing, leaning toward getting one for new project, after Inwin nudged me,
  3. Bladerunner 2049

    ahh, you made it!
  4. Welcome to the Mod Zoo, buddy! .....Are you still into building & modding PCs? Feel free to roam around the forums and meet folks. We're keeping the RGB lights in the window here, a beacon for PR alumni.
  5. What do you drive? (or dream ride)

    found another yard in Wisconsin thats never been documented with a video... Just a matter of "making the time" before the snow starts falling
  6. G-Frame - Scratch Build

    BUSY is good for the Soul btw, saw this car chase and thought you would enjoy it,
  7. The Iron Turnip

    Where did you find the PURTY SPARKLY sheets?....
  8. ©º°¨¨°ºDisco Scorpion º°¨¨°º©

    Glad to see that you kept up on your Photobucket account, http://s5.photobucket.com/user/Defyantmods/library/Defyant Computer Case Mods?sort=4&page=0 Many Modders neglected to renew and lost all of their worklog photos
  9. Hello and Introductions

    Awesome to have you join us in the Mod Munky Cage! also Hope that you could be future guest for our Hangout, it would be 9am, Monday for you, according to time conversion.
  10. Project - IBM - X - Finished

    always loved those cases!
  11. G-Frame - Scratch Build

    oh, THIS is very interesting...
  12. An Update!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this build with us!