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  1. Mosquito and I re-visit an iconic case, that seems to be everywhere a decade ago. I'm imagining leaving exterior stock with stainless hardline build inside, to match chassis, but lots of other projects to finish first.
  2. My G5 Project

    Nice, it's a good color contrast to the silver.
  3. Project JDM | ITX scratch build!

    Very cool start Jokot
  4. Conventions for modders

    PDX LAN Events are best venue of custom PC builders/modders, http://www.pdxlan.net/home/
  5. Police Interceptor PC Mod - Completed

    Nice mod, but please be aware that the "worklog" subforum is for sharing your project(s) progression, not directing members to your other "social media" sites. Please confirm you've read and understand my post @MartinoMods Thank you.
  6. Luna - FFXV Phanteks P400 Casemod

    Man, she's a beaut. Thanks again for sharing Dave!
  7. My G5 Project

    Love the layout and hardline, and Welcome to the Mod Zoo!
  8. Project Timeless Warriors

    this shall be epic...
  9. Graphite 5 (Apple G5 mod)

    I shared your project Yesterday in our "Modding the G5" Hangout https://www.youtube.com/embed/mwFa9PtJjnc
  10. Powermac G5 ATX Conversion

    @TCRunaway did you ever finish your G5 build, please update us. Yesterday "Modding the G5" was out Hangout topic https://www.youtube.com/embed/mwFa9PtJjnc
  11. Luna - FFXV Phanteks P400 Casemod

    Ohhhh, Sweet, Thank you for sharing this dave!
  12. awesome build, love the frosty tube look
  13. [CIP] Purpura (XPS 720) Completed !!!

    always worth a bump and revisiting this glorious build