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  1. looking forward to the next update!
  2. welcome to the Zoo, please give yourself an Avatar, they're FREE.
  3. nice, welcome to the Zoo, please give yourself an Avatar, they're FREE.
  4. Mosquito and I will be doing a LIVE overview of the new InWin 301 MATX case on Mnpctech fanpage this Wed at 5pm CST, Post your questions for us! I've posted lots of preliminary photos of the Inwin 301 here, https://mnpctech.com/inwin-301-white-matx-review-price-buy-unboxing.html
  5. Hey Robert, thanks again for sharing this new case mod with us!
  6. I love the color combo you chose for the sleeving!
  7. MyEasy DIY Car Rattle Paint PC cases,


  8. Looking for a specific automotive factory paint color to paint your case? All you need to find the paint color is enter the Year, Brand, and Model of car here, https://scratchwizard.net/bumper_search/ I used ScratchWizard Rattle Can Paint to paint my Case Labs BULLET BH4 MATX case. (Use 3M Perfect-It III rubbing compound to remove any orange peel in the clear) to paint your
  9. Welcome to the Zoo! ...but why no avatar?
  10. Judging by the location of the cracks in the acrylic, It does look like you over-torqued the screws in mounting plate.
  11. Great pics Dave! whats the camera youre using? Inwin just offered to send me the 301 to review, (Mos, you wanna live stream the review at my shop?)
  12. Ronnie, youre a Legend, why not Avatar?