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  1. A little weird around the front USB ports. But I guess it has to have some oddities.
  2. Whew. Polishing up that cover will be sure to make it look wicked with any sort of colored liquid. :)
  3. Primal

    Aegis by FAT

    Looking good! One question I had was isn't modding to significantly improve the case (matx to atx capacity) misleading to a consumer? Anyways, can't wait to see where this goes. :)
  4. Eh... kinda looks like all the coming up next links are broken lol
  5. Looks like the link on the bottom of the third page just redirects to the third page. Other than that, cool er... cooler!
  6. Looks like a large investment for a case, motherboard and power supply. Just my thought, but I suppose server-grade systems are quite a big more expensive.
  7. I like the second hard drive painting :) Where will these be displayed in your build?
  8. Really cool transformation! Thanks for sharing.
  9. Sorry for the delay everyone, but I've been plagued by a few RMA's and camping trips, etc. Bottom line is that I have half of my supplies for sleeving, my new 860i, and my new case! I also bought the RGB LED 2m strip for my new Phanteks Luxe. I really like how it brightens up my build, but that made me realize that I really need some sort of backplate to cover up my ugly Sapphire 7950 Flex's blue PCB. I just finished my first estimate for sizing, but I still need to decide what holes I actually want to use, make an actual design for it, and laser cut it ( *winks at member='Cheapskate']* ). Here is the current backplate for this GPU. Since it's old everywhere that sells normal watercooling GPU's are sold out! Also the sizing was hard to find, but I used a variety of sources and photoshop's beautiful scale tool to find the measurements. The actual backplate was created in Illustrator... Imgur isn't cooperating on my work PC. I'll upload from home.
  10. That's a really great idea thanks :) and for splicing do you need to solder the wires together? I have a kit but it's pretty bad lol.
  11. http://www.overclock.net/a/gpu-and-cpu-power-connections This helped me understand a lot! I'm going to put it in the OP in case someone else is as confused as I was haha. From what I've seen, it would be fine to split the wires as long as they can provide enough power. And they should, based on how the stock cables are configured.
  12. http://1drv.ms/1Ivh48C As you can see here, the 8 pin Pci connector to the psu is Daisy chained to 2 6+2 pin connectors. Do you think I could simply split the wires at the psu and then have two separate 6+2 pins on the other side? Also, if I only want the 6 pin connector, can I just not have wires or sleeves for the +2 part?
  13. He is out of stock of the straightedged wire cutters :/ Could you explain the differences of ATX vs Molex pins? I'm a little confused on what pins I need to purchase in addition to my connectors. The connector kit for the 860i comes with pins for the power supply side, but I'm confused what pins I need for the ends of the connectors.. Oh and the whole daisy chaining an 8 pin PCIe to two 6+2 connectors? :x
  14. Alright so let's see some sleeving pattern options, shall we? I've separated them out into 3 different groups, but let me know if you think some other combo would be better :) Option 1: Option 2: Option 3 What do you guys think? :)
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