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  1. as an owner of the mini r2 , im intrigued! nice choice of music! i like chevelle
  2. Devin

    The Mod Zoo PC Mod & Repair Tool Kit Giveaway!

    i put a 3 inch gash in my leg modding case mod pointless a few months ago because i didnt use a work bench... not sure that counts as a tool. but it still hasnt healed all the way! her is a pic in its current state! this happened back in november mind you!
  3. Devin

    Cinebench R15

    id like to see other 3570k scores! and single core scores!
  4. Devin

    CPCBS 2007 Scores

    nice score! i want an i7!!!!!!
  5. Devin

    Armor Revo Spartan Edition (Finished)

    i put one of these drives in my new build and they are screaming fast for the price! im going to buy a second one for a raid set up
  6. man i cant wait to see this beautiful case chopped up!
  7. Devin

    Is my CPU Delid worthy?

    i seen that. and there are a few choices for waterblocks right now where as my 7870 only 1 waterblock exist and i dont like the way it looks. thinking about 2 770's sli/watercooled on my micro atx build.... should be epic looking in a loop with my arc mini r2
  8. Devin

    Is my CPU Delid worthy?

    yeah my everyday usage clock is set to 5.0 ghz now at 1.28 vcore, and my ram is only supposed to be 1600 but it clocked up to 1866 with no voltage increase. so im satisfied with my system as is! well. maybe not completely my 7870 is screaming for an upgrade. wish i could fins a used 680 or a couple 670's or just save up for a new 770 or 780 kinda craving an nvidia gpu for shadowplay
  9. Devin

    CPCBS 2007 Scores

    sli wont make a difference in this benchmark as it only test CPU performance. as far as i have experienced anyways