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  1. Skully

    Core x71

    Hi all,bit more done still loads to do :) Thanks for looking :)
  2. Skully

    Polishing billet grills

    Hi all,just treated my self to some of bills billet fan grills,whats the best way to get a nice polished finish. Thanks for looking.
  3. Skully

    Core x71

    Getting there ish
  4. Skully

    Defyant's Light Blade

    Acrylic Awesomeness
  5. Skully

    Core x71

    Core blimey its started hehe more soon
  6. Skully

    Core x71

    Stuff i have that will be used,original 120 mm blow hole and handles + those funky wheels again,just need to get them re polished or re chromed 😎
  7. Skully

    Core x71

    Hi all,new build coming soon. Just treated my self to the core x71,beast of a case. Got some alu panels and other bits and bobs to play with. @ bill, still got those wheels, might have to see if they wheel fit the case hehehe. More soon :)
  8. Skully

    Air 540

    Changed a few things and a bit of a tidy up. Nothing posh or fancy. Job done 🙂 Thanks for looking.
  9. Skully

    Air 540

    Back with some more stuff,rads got a coat of matte white and decided to cover all panels in matte white vinyl. Stuck it back together with some fittings. Went with soft tubing. Filled it up and leaky leaky testing. Case back in me front room test run and lit up. More soon Thanks for looking
  10. Skully

    Air 540

    Just for you cheap. More soon
  11. Skully

    Air 540

    Slow build
  12. Skully

    Air 540

    Getting there ????
  13. Skully

    Air 540

  14. Skully

    Air 540

    Maybe add some Acrylic to the edges ???
  15. Skully

    Air 540

    I haz spikes and nutz. More soon