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  1. Air 540

    Just for you cheap. More soon
  2. Air 540

    Slow build
  3. Air 540

    Getting there ????
  4. Air 540

  5. Air 540

    Maybe add some Acrylic to the edges ???
  6. Air 540

    I haz spikes and nutz. More soon
  7. Air 540

    I still Haz spikes
  8. Air 540

    Hi all,thought it time for another build. Gonna use my Air 540 as its just sitting and looking to be worked on. Plastic bits taken orf. Case taken apart,no hassle doing this. Red bits to be cut out as the top panel has a hump so need it to be flat,front also to be cut so the top and front fans line up. As i wont be using the drive bays i haz room in the back if i need to put stuff there. Done a couple of the panels all ready to be cut with my trusty rusty scroll saw. Will be using the mesh only from an Aqaucomputer grill,so will be just the cutouts. The front panel will have more done later as im thinking of putting a Res there,not sure weather to have a full one peice done or a big tube res ? Thats where i am at the mo,got some time of work soon so will start then. All i want to do is build a tidyish case,no power house with bell and whistles,just a tidy case. Thanks for looking more soon
  9. Cosmos S ...ish

    Cheers chaps Decided to change the front panel,wanted another AC grill same as the top but a 240 one. I did find one but it was in Poland,with post it was over £30 so i thought nah not paying that. I got a Bitspower one instead. Did a bit to the inside,found my old Skull Grill so i thought i would whack it on plus it hides the fugly stuff. Next to do is to cover the rest of the panels ive done in vinyl Thanks for looking
  10. Cosmos S ...ish

    Red stain is dye. Did a bit more to my fun build,still a bit more touching up to do.Covered two panels in black brushed vinyl,not brill but looks ok.Handles spikes Res and Grill went on to. Nothing posh just having a bit of fun Thanks for looking,
  11. Cosmos S ...ish

    Smallish update, Got a couple more panels to play with Back plate and mid plate done also re did the front panel. Got a nice Grill for the top If i go with the Aquatube Res i found a faceplate to go with the Aquero plate as well. Thats where i am at the mo till i get more pennies. Thanks for looking
  12. Cosmos S ...ish

    Cheers Mosquito
  13. Cosmos S ...ish

    Managed to scrap together some pennies for two more panels. First panel was for the back,as this was a fun build i found some more old bits i had from an old mod. Some Dragon modz teeth Also added a Bitspower mesh bit and a Lian Li PSU holder,just looks a bit more tidy. Handles fitted to the top. Next panel is the front,yep more spikes and an Aquaero front plate. Still needs a bit more filling on both panels Still not sure which Res to go for yet. Next bits when i get more pennies will be the back peice and some Angle. Where i am at the mo Thanks for looking
  14. Cosmos S ...ish

    HEHE more spikes soon