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  1. Skully

    Core x71

    Cheers chap ?
  2. Nice one chap,some nice work going on there ?
  3. Skully

    Core x71

    Thanks for the replys,much appreciated. Fancied another change as i was bored. New fittings bigger tube fluid and cables + decided to put the monsoon res in again. Thanks for looking ?
  4. Skully

    Core x71

    Changed some fittings and new tubing,looks a bit more tidyish. Thanks for looking.
  5. Skully

    Core x71

    Thanks for the replys,its much appreciated. Changed the fluid and cables. Also thinking a bit further in the year to change the fittings to black ??? Thanks for looking.
  6. Skully

    Core x71

    Decided to give my beast a bit of a refresh.New panels window and vinyl,re routed the tubing and a couple of new bits and bobs. A bit more tidy looking me thinks,nothing to posh or fancy Thanks for looking.
  7. Skully

    Core x71

    Cheers RcRon7,much appreciated,l haz RGB fans in the front so I can change colours ?
  8. Skully

    Core x71

    Job done Thanks for looking
  9. Skully

    Core x71

    What bits do you mean thats off ?
  10. Skully

    Core x71

    Bit more done,res and a play with tubing. Not sure if the right side of the res with tubing looks right ? Any help or advice on that bit is much appreciated
  11. Skully

    Core x71

    Hi all,bit more done still loads to do :) Thanks for looking :)
  12. Hi all,just treated my self to some of bills billet fan grills,whats the best way to get a nice polished finish. Thanks for looking.
  13. Skully

    Core x71

    Core blimey its started hehe more soon
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