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  1. Ahhh to re engineer something that was machine made to accomodate for our mods. Just have to love cutting up old or new cases. Keep it up. Modon. Freebee.
  2. Great to see the progress Ownblood, be it a relic rebuild or a classic resto. There is someting soothing about the process and rewarding to see the end result. Keep it up.
  3. I like the look of where this is going keep it up @ insolentgnome. Nice to see the prep work and test fits. There is something about scratch builds that makes another modder want to start yet another project.
  4. Very interesting to see what some people are getting upto with there 3d printers. Some of us peasants haven`t yet migrated to CnC or 3d printers. When and if we do lookout, hehehehe..Keep up with the worklog updates. Good Job so far @ complx.. :)
  5. I love how this turned out, nice balance of geo shapes and crazy feces generator color paint job. Come here my pretty.... hehehehehe
  6. Nice to see more progress on this Noobas4urus . There is something about wood that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, then want to go and torture it and tenderly shape, shave and caress it at the same time. I am a big FLW fan of art deco and art nouveau era. Will be waiting for more on this one.
  7. This is so much fun to watch. My first build posted on Modzoo was a revival of old parts. I think there is so much that can be done with spare or old kits laying around. Your case feet came out pretty cool too. Just makes me want to start another scratch build. Keep up the great work and enjoyable photo`s. What will you come out with next S7....
  8. This came out awesome FannBlade. I am sure you will have no problem selling them... I done my 3d model design concept for my sim rig, just need to save some extra funds to splashout now.
  9. Looking good chris.It`s got some nice intrinzic and dispositional nostagia going on.
  10. Nice work . I been following this for a while now but haven`t logged in to comment. I love to recycle old parts for some tinkering here and there. Hope to see more soon keep it up S7.
  11. For those of you that maybe interested i have posted a few short video`s of how this build turned out. I don`t really have and good final pics of this build as i lost a ton of footage. Feel free to follow the link about and that will lead to a few others.
  12. Here is a youtube link for a little leak test and tour. As i don`t have any final pics of the build.
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