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  1. Thanks guys. I'll sand and prime again. Then we'll see.
  2. There are mATX boards out there with a good power infrastructure. You just need to look around. When you find one remember to read reviews. Preferably two or three different reviews of the same product. The ASUS ROG stuff comes to mind, but so does the price premium of those products. Youtube is probably your friend. Remember to keep the layout of the board in mind. Placing of PCIe slots and so on.
  3. Hayhayhay I just finished priming a pretty thick black powder coat. Sanded it for the primer to get some grip, then primed it grey. I now notice some scratches in the powder coat showing the steel underneath through the primer. Do I need to take any particular steps here do you guys think? The steel is primed just as the powder coat itself, so the paint will stick just fine. But I'm worried It will show through the paint as well. The paint is a glossy white. Thanks for reading.
  4. Hello gents I'm adding some fans to a case. I'm going to run them at 7V Is the 7V trick in the below image perfectly fine for that? I'm neither engineer or electrician, so I'm not 200% on wether this has any implications I'm not aware of or not. Or should I just use resistor cables? They're abundant, but if I connect the fans straight to the Molex I can just crimp a splitter cable myself. My plan would be to make a splitter with four 7V connectors from 4pin Molex. Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks for the replies guys That's pretty inventive. Unless I find out what Bill did with the 800D, I may have to do something similar. Well as you can clearly see here. The plate around the power button and LED lens hole is aluminium and the trim around that, which is also red, is plastic. Here it is again. It's the same for the bay covers and the little door to the I/O area. I don't hope I'll get in trouble for borrowing these images. But there it is guys. Unless I can replicate what Mr. Owen did in these images I'll look into the wire thing. Thanks again!
  6. Thanks for the quick reply. That's exactly why I was a little nervous with it. If anyone has experiences modding a 700D I'd love to hear if the aluminium can be removed easily enough. Obviously the old heat gun method to soften up the glue may work. Assuming it's glued on there.
  7. Hey guys I just got a 700D from someone who needs me to do some terrible, horrible things to it. One of them is adding a coat of paint. But not unlike what's going on in this thread, I notice that the bays covers for the 5.25" bays on the front are both plastic and aluminium. How do I best go about priming this compound surface. I can attempt to remove the alu plate from the plastic and do them separately. But I was really hoping I would be able to avoid that. Second I could find a primer that's fine on both surfaces. But I'd usually use an etching primer on alu, and I'm scared to spray the plastic on that. Any thoughts are very welcome. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Edit: Typo
  8. Hey guys Sorry to revive a topic in this manner, but as you can probably tell, I'm having a little trouble finding good rettlecans locally. Does anyone have experiences with PlastiKote's Colour Twist and Spray series of paints? I can find them in a satin version, and I'm getting a couple no matter what. It would just be nice to know what to expect. Thanks.
  9. It was a good resource for a lot of things I hope you will reup the things somewhere else or get this back up
  10. Thanks for the quick reply I know you recommend that type of Plastikote a lot. But I've had trouble finding the engine enamel locally, whereas this Montana stuff is readily available.
  11. Hello gentlemen I'm currently in the business of painting a case. My question is simple. Does anyone here have any experiences with Montana brand Gold or Black series rattle cans? I can see the Gold label is acrylic and the Black label is at least partially lacquer based. Thanks!
  12. Get any hits from Australia? Those guys would have to be marsupials
  13. I really want them to do well Intel could use the competition But if Intel are serious about Broadwell all desktops may be AMD systems in the future
  14. What's painting the front bezel of one of these Defines like? If you look at this image, there's a lot of little lines and surfaces meeting.
  15. Nice work Bill Makes me want to shoot me some smurfs
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