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  1. The color scheme is great, the custom built parts are awesome, and the LCD is next level sh*t!
  2. Appreciate the kind words again everyone. The whole experience has been kind of surreal! Time to plan out my next build..
  3. I've personally never been a big fan of dual GPU cards. Every experience I've had has been buggy for some reason or another. The only reason I could see them being a necessary advantage is in small form factors where you can only run 1 card. I'd almost 100% of the time take dual single gpu cards over a single dual gpu card.
  4. Really the only place you will see Titan's shine is ultra high resolutions with a bunch of AA/AF cranked up, given the vram. I use very little filtering on any FPS' I play at 6000x1080 @ 120hz (for obvious reasons) and I'm not vram limited whatsoever. This generation is pretty funny, imho. Nvidia had such a large timeframe and gap to fill they really could do anything they wanted - and they did. Even a 780 could be considered overkill for 1080p gaming. You certainly won't touch 3gb of vram, and likely won't need much more power, if any for that. I'm excited to see how higher resolutions/4k will push AMD and Nvidia to provide higher vram on their cards as a standard feature, and not charge 1k/card for it. :D
  5. That should work just fine. The restriction will be negligible.
  6. Naturally they had a huge margin with the Titan's and a bit lesser with the 780 series, but regardless, still pretty big. Mostly because AMD had no answer to their competition and Nvidia could really sell anything at any pricepoint they wanted. $1,000 for a 780 with 6gb of ram... and to think they sold a LOT of them. This is again why I want to see AMD pushing even harder. Granted their 290's are beating stock 780/titans by a small margin, we aren't talking anything hugely game changing. Though again, it's good they at least entered this "generation" and forced Nvidia to move.
  7. Jesse - I think we both happened to model our cable management after that pic! :D
  8. Looking good guys. Let's just say I won't be posting pics of my first build (if I can even find them any more)... I think I had negative cable management skill. LOL
  9. I totally agree paint is an art... and is a great feature in a mod. Yes, cookie cutter builds are exactly what I was referring to when I mentioned the "less innovative" side of things. Hell, a unique paint job and clever watercooling can make an incredible build (as we have all seen in many instances), and to me, this is definitely innovating. Changing or improving on ideas. Any other things you guys have noticed and liked being done over the past few years? Completely agree with this. And that is a huge component to innovating - trying something new, whether it works or not, refining it, and implementing it.
  10. I especially like your details in the cracked backplates and acrylic :D
  11. I have no less of an appreciation for either, like Mosquito. My intention for this thread is to be focused on the "where have you personally seen innovation, and where do you see it going?" more than my personal preference for certain styles of mods. I simply used the idea of redundant modding elements to exemplify where I see innovation stalling. Of course we all have our own opinions on what styles we prefer, and there is nothing that should make people feel lesser because of it.
  12. There's nothing wrong with it, as I said before. It's just the fact that when I think of modding innovations, painting and clean watercooling is nothing new, and since it has been done so many times, it tends to get boring. When done well enough, the clean and functional approach can certainly be more exciting... but I think in this case, there is always some kind of innovation on top of simple paint and cable management. When more variations exist, ideas progress equally. Creativity and innovation, in my opinion, certainly doesn't mean a case is dremeled to death, or that a mod is extremely weathered. There are plenty examples in super clean, modern looking builds as well. And I like seeing that.
  13. I didn't see this log until now... but dammmmnn! One of the most impressive military mods I've seen in a long time. Love the attention to detail in every component of this build.
  14. Good points, Jesse. I like when a build results in something that looks like it would have come out of the Weta workshop, or Lucas Arts or something. Real inspiration and fabrication makes mods come to life.
  15. I do agree there is much more diversity here than other sites and forums (I wont name names, as you probably already know) that have a lot of the "super clean pretty case with wire management and straight line watercooling". Bill... can you tell I haven't been in the shop to talk about this for a while? :D
  16. I've been thinking a lot about what kinds of innovations we've seen in modding over the last few years, and where there is room for improvement. What have you guys seen that has really changed or raised the bar for modding? Where do you see the future heading? I really like seeing builds and ideas that really extend far beyond the norm for mods. This is one of the reasons why I was so attracted to Bill's mods in the first place. I have great appreciation for ideas and creativity that stands out and is unique. One example of cool innovation I can think of recently is Mosquito taking apart that LCD panel to make the background transparent, and potentially using that for a side panel. That is friggin awesome, and I love seeing more and more ideas like this come to life. I like this kind of discussion, so lend me your comments, opinions, ideas, etc. etc.
  17. Loving it cheaps! Incredible work. You clearly know more about everything than most people know about anything... :lol:
  18. "Top 20 mods of all time" is a bit too heavy of a claim in my opinion, but still cool nonetheless. :D Very happy to see my first major build up and running. (and of course couldn't have made it without Bill) I am working on planning the next one. It will be small. Very, very small form factor :D
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