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  1. Dude! Another familiar face from the old stomping grounds! Welcome to our new home!!
  2. In the realm of mechanical keyboards, size often is a (forgive the pun) large factor in the fit and finish of your keyboard. The Venerable IBM Model M takes up a fair amount of real estate on the desk, and if you find a good mechanical deck with a small footprint, the height of the switches often makes the keyboard feel awkward. Enter the Tesoro GRAM Spectrum – A keyboard designed around the thin AGILE key switch, manages to capture a smaller footprint and blends it with a lower key height to give you a keyboard that is sleek, stylish and feels like a great mechanical board under your hands. Toss in RGB backlights on each switch for 16.8 million color combinations as well as a thin and sporty looking plastic body with an aluminum face plate and you have a keyboard that looks great as well. See the full review here.
  3. Good LAWD is smells Pimp up in here!! J-DOGG!! How are you, my friend! Welcome to the Zoo!!
  4. When G.Skill came on the scene, they rapidly became known for providing excellent computer memory at prices that were amazingly low compared to the competition. To this day, they have kept that trend going, challenging the other big manufacturers to keep their prices competitive and give us, the end user, a wonderful selection of rock solid memory to put into our boxes. Check out the full article HERE.
  5. When you find a great gaming keyboard, the difficulties of transportation often rear their ugly head and prevent you from taking your favorite with you, leaving you to find a cheap imitation to bring ‘on the road’. Cooler Master’s CM Storm division has attempted to tackle this issue for hard core gamers and programmers with the Rapid-i Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Check out the full article HERE.
  6. High quality keyboards have become a major focus from computer accessory manufacturers over the last few years as serious gamers and typists are putting more and more pressure on companies to provide them with a product to fill that ever elusive ‘sweet spot’ of keying. Cooler Master’s sub-brand CM Storm stepped up to the plate and offered the Quick Fire XTi keyboard to face the community. Let’s see how they did in the eyes of our Munky, Jeremy. Check out the full article HERE.
  7. That's an awesome idea! Can't wait to see the results!
  8. BitFenix is a relatively young case company, when compared to names like Antec or Cooler Master. However, they've really made a name for themselves, by not following the crowd. I'm sure all of you have had, or know someone that has owned, a BitFenix Prodigy. It's unique design was such a hit, that it has been adapted into many a competitor's case designs. In fact, the internet is filled with Prodigy projects, builds and mods. The BitFenix Pandora is not a new case model, by any means. But, with the new larger Pandora coming out soon, we here at the Zoo felt that, it was worth a look. The good thing is that, I have had some time now to look it over. Outwardly, this case has the curves and brushed finish that would let this case find a home in most modern entertainment centers, without sticking out too badly. So, let's take a closer look at the Pandora mATX mid tower case with ICON™ display! Click HERE to read the rest of the article.
  9. Keyboards are, in my opinion, the most intimate choice of peripheral for the personal computer. You spend more quality time actually handling the keyboard than most other items on the pc on average, unless you are one of those people who point and click their way through their pc lives. It is the keyboard that will cause the most damage to your body, if you use it incorrectly, in the form of Repetitive Stress Injury. These points make the keyboard the most important bit to get just right, in my mind. It is excruciatingly difficult to discuss the keyboard in generic quantifiable terms and as a result most reviews of keyboards, including this one, are ultimately glorified opinion pieces. Unless you have a laboratory dedicated to the testing of lifetime wear and tear, how the keyboard interfaces with the human body and pressure sensitive devices to test the pressure it takes to depress each individual key with, a reviewer is left with ‘does this feel right’. With that in mind, please feel free to continue reading my opinion on the Cougar 600k Gaming keyboard. Read the rest over here!
  10. I'm gonna have to throw my vote at this is EXACTLY what the heart of Modding is - Taking something that doesn't quite match your situation and changing it to fit what you want. Case modding isn't all aesthetics - It was birthed in functionality mods and hacks. I also like to think that the Mod Zoo celebrates modding of all kinds, not just computer cases. In either case, I love what you're doing here and you've earned yourself the first fanpage feature of the day! https://www.facebook.com/TheModZoo/posts/706986769417798
  11. Gotta love some classic Sabbath as covered by some of the best heavy bands inspired by Sabbath https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASvPJTiqhxo
  12. We wouldn't be the ModZoo if we were ALL business at CES
  13. Alex interviews Andrew from Ice Dragon Cooling at 2015 CES
  14. Alex interviews Andy Che from In Win at 2015 CES
  15. Stuart shares the newest products from Silverstone at 2015 CES.
  16. Greg interviews Eric from Lian Li about new products at 2015 CES
  17. *grins* I think you mean Mr. Squito. ;)
  18. Here is sneak peek at some of the new items Phanteks has announced at 2015 CES International. We will be posting more photos and details later this week. We got to see the Evolv ITX chassis. Phanteks has said this case will retail for $79.99 once released.
  19. Welcome to the Zoo! that's a sharp looking build! I can't wait to see more of it.
  20. Jeremy, a well documented fan of anything BUT the small cases gives the Sharkoon CA-M Micro ATX Case a chance to change his mind on size. Did they get along? Did he accidentally throw the case away because it was so small? Was he able to jam a full sized system into it? Sharkoon has made a name for lower price but still great looking computer accessories from mice to fans to computer cases and everything in between. Most notably, they sell primarily in the European and Asian markets and are looking to spread their influence into the US. The CA-M is their next offering into the expanding tiny case market. Is this mighty mini a good case to reach into our market with? Let's see! For a fan of large and spacious computer cases, reviewing small cases is definitely a challenge. Sharkoon's CA-M MATX case is only my second Micro ATX format review, and it continues to highlight why I don't personally LIKE the smaller form factor. However, these reviews have been opening my eyes and pushing me to understand WHY people like these teeny, tiny cases. They have their places, and in time, I may end up choosing one to have a place in my own home. First, let's take a look at the official listing from Sharkoon's page detailing their listed features: As you can see, there's a decent listing of options and features for a tiny case. Ultimately, how well did the case stack up? Click here to view the article
  21. An excellent find! Keep em coming, folks!
  22. As a long time fan of changing up the boring beige box, I have watched the evolution of water cooling and case modding in general from near their birth back in the late 90's to what we have today and have seen amazing things happen from the first 'primitive' water blocks to the introduction of phase-change cooling to the current precision machined blocks that are being integrated into motherboards and video cards at the factory. I don't necessarily think it is a requirement that everyone who picks up a rotary tool to add a window to their case needs to study the mods of yore, but I DO think it will give you a wonderful foundation, knowing the roots of the hobby and seeing the techniques that were the basis of what we can now simply order from the shops. To that end, I got curious as to what resources were still available showing the origins of watercooling, remembering the many varied and sometimes VERY heated conversations we used to have about WC theory on the PimpRig forums. There's not much that is easily found, but I did manage to find a small treasure trove on www.overclockers.com that I felt would be be a great resource for anyone who was curious as to how we ended up where we are. Evolution of the PC Cooling Waterblock http://www.overclockers.com/the-evolution-of-the-pc-cooling-waterblock/ Evolution of a Water Cooling System and Lessons Learned http://www.overclockers.com/evolution-of-a-water-cooling-system-and-lessons-learned/ Evolution of a Watercooling System http://www.overclockers.com/evolution-of-a-watercooling-system/ From Air to Water Lessons Learned http://www.overclockers.com/from-air-to-water-lessons-learned/ These four posts are by no means an all encompassing selection, but they are a fun trip down memory lane. There are soooo many layers that aren't touched upon in these articles, so I want to extend an invitation - Go out and dig, Munkies! See what you can find that shows us the 'dark ages' of modding and let's archive the resources! Maybe we'll influence someone to go back and recreate the classic ghetto mods with today's aesthetics, bringing about a new 'retro' wave! d
  23. Sunday, September 28th, 2014, I pulled the plug. The final results are in and to no one's real surprise, the PETG came out of the PC looking and feeling exactly the way it went in. Worst case appropriately set up modding scenario, and nothing changed about the tubing at all under direct UV 'treatment'. This does NOT take into account the usage of incorrect coolant, dyes or anything else that could attack the PETG from within. As you can see from the first image, you can still see through with no absolute color change, nor clouding. Here, you can see the outside of the construction paper I wrapped the tube. There's a bit of browning on the left side. Now, there is some REAL browning going on here, but again, it was only to the paper. Those little UV strips do put out some excellent UV radiation. I'm more than happy with my results to say that under normal (And CORRECT) modding situations, the PETG is a long lasting, safe and attractive alternative to Acrylic for your hard lining needs. Quite likely MUCH safer as it stands up to abuse much more so than acrylic does. (Please note that this little experiment was done to vet a product recommended by The Mod Zoo because someone voiced their worries about the long term viability of said product.) d
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