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  1. Jeremy Watson

    Project Frustration ~ AlderonnX

    Reserved for final pics...
  2. Jeremy Watson

    Project Frustration ~ AlderonnX

    Ok, I'm back at it. But not of my own free will here.... Can't find a suitable case so I'm modding an old HP case from the Windows XP era. Edit: And as if on que the internet is down and I can't upload the photos. I have photos I promise...
  3. Jeremy Watson


    Love this, I used the same case in one of my mods. Funny thing was it was also missing the front. (yours came out better) Epic work sir
  4. Jeremy Watson

    Shiny Rainbow

    Wow. Love the sanded Aluminum!
  5. Jeremy Watson

    LED Case Feet Giveaway

    Glad to see you are back making Case feet. I have 2 sets of yours myself.
  6. Jeremy Watson

    Project JDM | ITX scratch build!

    This is a awesome build. It really does look JDM as well.
  7. Jeremy Watson

    Medieval chess scene by DeKa modder

    Truly Epic!
  8. Jeremy Watson

    The Iron Turnip

    Cheaps you will never be able to fly with that thing. Looks awesome, and kinda like something Nic Cage would try to defuse.
  9. Jeremy Watson

    At Doom's Gate

    Looking good!
  10. Jeremy Watson

    At Doom's Gate

    I like it
  11. Jeremy Watson

    Episode 23: Attack of the Case Clones

    My bucket list is become famous enough to be on the podcast. I should probably stop trolling Toby on facebook thou..
  12. Jeremy Watson

    Case Review: Phanteks EVOLV ITX Case

    Great review. Looks like a great case. Handled my first Phanteks case this week. I was impressed.
  13. Jeremy Watson

    Case Review: Silverstone Raven RV05 Mid Tower Case

    I like this case. Its the same layout as my Conversion Mod... It makes for a good look