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  1. Jeremy Watson

    Project Frustration ~ AlderonnX

    I'm going to get my Auto Body hammers on that bend.
  2. Jeremy Watson

    Project Frustration ~ AlderonnX

    Went out and picked one of those wheels. Not a great idea. Those things are about 70 pounds. WAY too heavy to carry! Got some progress made on the mod. Rear exhaust fan is mocked up with its fan grill, and the two drive cages are mounted together. The best tool for drilling holes. or for starting holes in the right place anyway.. Time to play bit search... I like the look of this... been wanting to use these for some time now... Needs a bit of bending.. Got it... I'm going to use the fancy screws. (I got these from MnPCTECH a couple years ago) Now for the drive cages... First toss the plastic bits They are real close to the right size.. Worked.. Today I'll be working on the faceplate area...
  3. Jeremy Watson

    Project Frustration ~ AlderonnX

    You are giving me ideas here Cheaps... Hmm
  4. Jeremy Watson

    Project Frustration ~ AlderonnX

    I think we have some diamond plate. I'm thinking that will look good on the top and bottom of the case. Maybe bolt the diamond plate to the case and weld a handle to it... We have about a ton of trucking related scrap metals out there.... I almost got exited and put the motherboard tray in a bent 24" Aluminum wheel.
  5. Jeremy Watson

    Project Frustration ~ AlderonnX

    Found some metal in the bin at work... Not enough room yet... Rough cut this all... I will hand fit and mill it all and then get a guy from work to weld it up.. This is starting to go down a rough road....
  6. Jeremy Watson

    Project Frustration ~ AlderonnX

    OK, so they want like 14 bucks a stick for the Aluminum. New plan. Building the handle and case front from scrap metal at work.
  7. DUDE! This is going to be so awesome...
  8. Jeremy Watson

    Project Frustration ~ AlderonnX

    Ok, Cheaps... I went back and double checked about the "Matx nipple nub" lol Short of pulling my board I'm pretty sure its where it needs to be. Checked it with the older AMD board I used for mock-up and shined a light under my current GPU etc. Also I am still working on the final layout of the front I/O... I have a cool set of buttons to use (Red or Green) and a 3.5 inch front tray for USB and Headphones... I'll stop and get the Aluminum to build the front and cage area tomorrow from Tractor Supply....
  9. Jeremy Watson

    The Iron Turnip

    Cheaps... Awesome build. Looks like a Fusion bomb from Stargate or something. I love it.
  10. Jeremy Watson

    Project Frustration ~ AlderonnX

    And here we are... I will add enough to the front for fans and front I/O as well as making a cage/handle to hold these drive cages. Thinking these feet...
  11. Jeremy Watson

    Project Frustration ~ AlderonnX

    Did a couple mock-ups. For sure we are adding on to the front of this case just a bit. Not enough room for my first idea... Cleared out the front of the case... Started cutting out the back...
  12. Jeremy Watson

    Project Frustration ~ AlderonnX

    Going to remove it and start the cutting up process... This is whats left....
  13. Jeremy Watson

    Project Frustration ~ AlderonnX

    Next update. Not a lot of room in the top of the case with the brakets in place.
  14. Jeremy Watson

    Project Frustration ~ AlderonnX

    Wish I knew how to make them smaller Vids there Cheaps....... And I do think the GPU slot bump is in the right place for my z87M Have some more pics and videos to upload once I get to work and have some internet. I figured out the case configuration issues... I just have to figure out if the new frame and handle are going to be Aluminum or steel.