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  1. BitFenix have heard the pleas of (it would seem all) their Facebook fans and developed the Prodigy M. It uses the same chassis as the Prodigy with a reverse motherboard mount, a front mounted PSU and 180mm floor intake. Details to be released. Tired of the Prodigy or pumped for more options??
  2. It is an excellent design but I'm unsure about the front panel intake. Also the sample build in a different video on their channel seemed a bit crowded. Overall it looks awesome though and it's great to see Phanteks entering the market with genuine innovation instead of just a generic re-badged box.
  3. NoobNeb


    passive PSU yay!!
  4. Look forward to the update. I like how EVGA put the 24 pin connector at a right angle, Id love it if a mobo manufacturer made all the connections at the edges of a board right angle for cable sneakiness, be nice if the pins had some sort of cover too. If only I could start my own motherboard company focused on aesthetics, sigh. Back on topic - love the build, the E22 stuff brings it to the next level. Let us now how you get on with the volume of the bay res heard they can be noisy blighters.
  5. Real tidy work, just one niggle could the cables from the drives be black?? Pretty please?? Or maybe just some sort of cover for the little bit visible in the window. Love it looks under blue light, keep it up.
  6. Lovely job with the sleeving :)/> My vote is for the MPower drop of paint on the yellow and it'll match any colour scheme awesome looking board :D/> also I much prefer the black C70 to the green!!
  7. Full of win! Excellent attention to detail and nice to see a different colour scheme :D/>
  8. Hi Im Ben I've been interested in watercooling and modding for about a year now but no watercooled rig yet :wacko:/> Aurora was actually one of the things that got me really interested in watercooling because it just looks so daayumn awesome :D/>
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