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    Modding, gaming & spending time with my beautiful daughter whom is 1 year old :)
  1. Hello fellow modders! Figured it was quite a while since i gave u an update here I decided i was going to De-lid my CPU (4770k) using the Vise and Hammer method. There are plenty of tutorials on how to do that on youtube but i will link you to the one i followed Some of the stuff that i worked on for this update -build a new PSU cover out of Steel -build a new mobo tray/res holder out of steel -build a new custom rear with a 140mm intake out of steel -install a EVGA PRO SLI Bridge and paint it white -paint all the fans white -paint motherboard heatsinks white -paint radiators white -paint all the cpu waterblock white & De-lid the Intel Core i7 4770k underneath it -paint the gpu waterblock white -paint the RAM Heatsinks white -resolder the soundcards cathod's to white ones -install Masterkleer 19/13 tubing again (for the flexibilty whenever you want to replace the thermal paste etc) -improve the 360 rad's clearence for optimal air flow -add some white sleeving extensions from Bitfenix -replace the EK Bloodred for EK EVO Blue UV liquid -add UV Lighting and make it possible to shift between UV/Cold white glow internally -reinforce all the 90 degree angles in the chassi frame Here's some pics (sorry for low quality, i only bring my iphone to the garage where i've been working on this) Wrong SLI Bridge on this picture This was before i painted the RAM Heatsinks Thanks for ur patience Now lets see what it looks like today Top, closeup GPU Sleeving Corsair Dominators Painted Ok, we are about to wrap things up now. One last thing to complete is getting myself another acrylic sidepanel and engrave some logo's on it. Other than that i want to thank you for the patience you've shown with this project. I've had major issues with my image hosting website updating their server (made it impossible for me to link the pics here to the zoo). Meaning hours and hours of posting is for no use. Now i've hosted the most valuable pictures and posted them here on page 9 for you to browse! As you can see this project made some major turns during the year, we've switched colors, components, tubing & basically rebuilt the whole interior again. Atleast i am very happy with the results.
  2. i would recommend something between 2 - 3 hours give or take.. Depends on the Mrs though. Doens't it? ;)
  3. Oh i have updates.. Just noticed all my pictures are gone.. since my imghost updated their servers... -.- My facebook is gone wich has been linked to this account thereby i had troubles logging into the Zoo. Also had another child so i've been busy but i did have some time to work on this project.. It's changed alot and ill update with some pic's as soon as i can.. Gotta find time to rebuild the whole log now and that doesn't make me happy at all........... Enjoy a video of me doing what i do best meanwhile https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30J7y60Jwag
  4. Paralell mod -Monitor Repair (SA700) Removing the lcd was really easy on this samsung model, just pinch in a knife at the edge of the screen and unclip the lcd. Be careful though!! Sand it up Make small holes to know where to place ur finger later on if changing any monitor settings Sry! Iphone 6 pic's on this monitor mod Turned out great!
  5. Thanks man! Just placed an order on the new lighting.. Ill give u pics of another update after the weekend!
  6. Thanks bro! Thanks man, it was a pain in the feces generator but definately worth it!
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