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  1. the hole is an eyes sore originally it was to get a painted e22 fan cover (no fan just cover) as i need to vent pressue out of the system at high speed but performance pc's sent me a window with a 92mm instead of the advertised 120mm. needless to say i gotta do something with it now. no makes a grill i like in 92mm. i cut and installed the window before i realized...smh
  2. thanks alot i have a love hate with the window. i feel like its good but not great might see if i can order another guinea pic from cm or maybe do an aluminum one on emachine shop. add a window and hinge on arrival
  3. For those eyeing the videocard its actually naturally bent. but hey i didnt pay much either. with regard to my hoses all have been heated into current shape using boiling water and ice water method. not much force on any of them. running linux mint 14 now from64gb ssd.awaiting the perci 6i and 4 seagates i ordered.fun times! Well Her she is. I threw together the side window as i was tired of thinking about better ways to do it and had the itch for completion pics are in no real order. i may at some point add a card reader to that empty slot in front so...should i do an all plexi window with magnet mounts? i kinda dig it more open completely from the side
  4. so the seasonic arrived!! they are a class act with presentation simple elegant and complete. looks like a tight fit but then i new that from my measurements. in order to free up cable space i'm goint to mount the 240 radiator fittings out with a couple of rotating elbows for ease of routing. the latest. not much to show got the corsairs in few more things have come in. pump a fan and a few other things arrive next week week. gotta finish the window cutout so i can paint last panel. anyone know if thin white plastic u channel is available. if not i'll order some black i cut the tabs off later with my jigsaw alright! we have completed fan paint, assembled the basic setup and did some leak testing. i ended up needing extensions on the cpu block to get proper clamping force on the stiff home depot hose. In the end a little oil rubbed on the tubes has made it error/leak free. the corsairs are powerful on high but wont need to be that high regularly. here's some pics of the process. after first coat. backs are nextreassembleddecided to fill in lettering. came out ok better after i cleaned it up. but the the lettering is obstructed by case edge..lol oh wellfans installednext came radiator paint. it took a few layers and wet sands to get where i wanted. the tint from this can is slightly more yellow but may have been yellowed more when i baked the rad briefly.after untapingafter a brief bake in the oven and assemble with radiator fan gasketfittings being installedradiator mounted and monsoons addedgonna be tighter than Knat booty in this case..lol but i new that. I end up using an sli connector and direct connected the pump to the elbowright after leakdown. time to trim hose and install psu which means a radiator disconnect and remount. everything back in. time to finalizeI also used excess foam from my radiator gasket to cut custom fit pad for the bottom of the pump&res. less vibration!side view of the cpu section sorry its rotated wrong and i'm lazy.and the final pic of the day while the system purges.
  5. I ordered the fittings my Reservoir which is an EK set up for the phobia DC12-400. I've also got a GTX 470 with the water blocked already mounted. On order we have 1 XSPC RS 240 coming. I also ordered a pair of alphacool amd blocks (they will be trimmed and re drilled for the 771 / 604 Mount pattern).I ordered compression fittings (going xspc cause i need 12!),and the fans. The only thing I have left to get is my white tubing and the pump. Anybody need a apogee gt water block? I've got an extra. To be continued. heres the radiators. i think i will end up painting the rs240 as its a flat black and not really matching the decor. what say all will we go satin black or white? i'll think on that and come back.here it is mounted in the case i'm almost flush but wil need a bout a mm.Here's the Alphacool amd mounts i'll be modding. also got a few 1/2in fittings for block flushing ok so i had a bit more time. Ive modded both block and one of them has been cut for motherboard fitment. i have monsoon fittings on the way and will order the pump and tubing on friday. loop testing and final install are around the corner pics below the markspost modsmountedA couple board shots as things come togetheralright so i ordered a seasonic x750 tow power this beast (got a nasty deal thanks to newegg). the monsoon fittings have arrived and i've started fitting them. still need to order the tubing and pump. nothing permanent yet just trying to mentally work out what elbow fittings i still need and how i want to route.
  6. the back panel now the inside chassis. thoughly cleaned and degreased. wiped down with thinner. Then painted. wet. looks glossy...its not when dry. it will be satin black. not bad for rattle can. got the cooler master fan mount.the mountingthe filters painted inner meshthe filter and inner frame case mesh donepainted logo plate assembling the outer pieces. i still need to hit the inner chassis with a second coat so these will be firstthere is a brace on the main faceplate. i removed it so it won't obstruct my fan (120x12) .also grabbed some thumb screw for the case door/sides a tip. tape the end of the riveter so you dont nick your case if you make contact which is likely testing reassemblynot bad Here's the mcr120-qp and the swiftech radiator corner brace getting unboxed for test fit. i love swiftech's packaging more than adequate for non scratched or damaged shipping.the brace Here i've started fitting the bracket for flush mount, and the 120 in its future homeflush mountbracket mountedto be continued....
  7. My case has gone topless! so it begins. i've removed the hd cage. My radiator brackets are on the way. I've swapped the brackets on the motherboard for prethreaded units in anticipation of my new water blocks. My color scheme will be white outside black inside i'll be using primochill lrt advanced elegant white 3/8 tubing. tubing and monsoon fittings will be ordered next I've wiped the mesh down with thinner so its time to paint. I've also sanded the outer panel and top so they get paint tonite as well more pics as the paint begins. mesh one step missing: mask the opposite side with low tac tape and remove carefully after paint partially dry ready for second and final coat
  8. The Case The Motherboard Motherboard test fit Ok so the plan is to cut a side window and and opening for the side mounted radiator fans so that the fan grills sit flush with the side window similar to this (i made a quick photoshop from pics) How the side panel will look completehere is the planned layout. It is almost to scale (again photo shop) i will remove the existing had bay to create my water cooling area.
  9. here's a little back ground on me. Ive been building systems for 18 years started with PII and early amd (still have my first K2 cpu on shelf) systems. All have been custom for myself and others. Typically these days i build gaming and media production systems. i've built a few hackintoshes as well as some hackbooks. mods typically been paint and windows along with some overclocking and the usuals. All that being said...hello everyone. Now without further time wasting...the first of my current builds. It will be my daily driver for video and audio edits at home. This project will be a hodgepodge of new and old parts. for the record i just completed this and am reposting from my other log The List: SUPERMICRO MBD-X7DAL-E-O w/modded pcie slot (purchased, modded and test fitted) Dual E5410 cpu's possible 5472 upgrade later or bsel oc bsel mod soon (installed) 16gb ram (installed) GTX 470 video card w/ DD gtx470 waterblock (done an waiting) CoolerMaster gladiator 600 Case painted white outside. Black inside (modded and painted) Custom CoolerMaster HD cage installed (done) Dual alphacool water blocks (done & Modded) xspc rs240 (test fitted) Swiftech MCP120-QP (test fitted) Swiftech radiator bracket (installed) EK Combo Reservoir for EK-DCP 4.0 (test fitted) Phobya DC12-400 pump (order soon) MCW30 (might not be possible) home depot tubing for now. masterklear White Tubing (order soon) monsoon fittings (installing) Custom Clear Window (soon) 1 128gb sdd (order soon) 3xwestern digital red hd's use with coolermaster fan cooled hd cage (order soon) 1 bluray drive (order soon) 3corsair sp120(soon) white led fans(wip) 750watt seasonic x750 (arrived!)
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