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  1. There where multiple rounds, Paslis won with his P42 and alain with his Lianli build, So i did not bad ;)
  2. Pic dump! This was at The Part 11 in eindhoven :D!! Won the second place on the casemodding contest, so happy :D
  3. next time mix a bottle with tap water and salt ;) and sprinkle the parts with it outside and wait 1 day ;) u will see the effect :P or pee on it :P
  4. Thnks boys, Woeii, i am on a lanparty right now, Love the fact people are drooling on it <3
  5. Full custom parts, RVS tubing unique style. A little bit unique isnit ;) There are all loose pieces, and cutted from a RVS pipe, the diameter is 13mmID Using is pretty simple, Full hoses, or only the sight, maybe even only tagging it with an emblem, no problem! will let you guys know more soon!
  6. 4 days to go for the deadline, need to buy the paint and even paint the case itself, aii That stress haha! top and front are done, will look good when painted! Weight (kilo) lightning Irl the pumps are not that bright!
  7. front have 3x 1800rpm fans ;) use your eyes guys! haha, i know i hide them good haha :D! Tip: http://i703.photobucket.com/albums/ww40/evil_homer/new/DSC_0134.jpg
  8. After a week hard work, the inside is almost done, i can focus more on the outside now :) Picsss 1 uv led <3 just for fun I like this picture allot haha :D!. Custom door, i welded the 2 pieces toghether. window. leds on 12 volt, gonna be 7 volt finally
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