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  1. Durelene/Tygon are both produced by Saint Gobain. I will not go into details vis a vis which tubing is the best-there are far too many variables-but some though have been clearly proven to be the worst. Not trying to divert traffic in anyway towards other forums-the above mentioned OCN link is very good as a guide to what tubing does what etc-just bring along your ability to sift through all the fanboy bs :-)
  2. Ok, i guess i didnt explain myself clearly-the case feet were bought waaay before the podcast-what i was kidding about, was being p*ssed at not receiving a reply-i had sent an e mail enquiring about the case feet, again waaay back when i was a total noob, but i had sent it to your online store ;-) As for finding you guys, it was more a case of follow the trail-i watch your vids, ergo its easy to get the info, and so i subbed the podcast, and have been a fan ever since-i see that i was correct aboutMick from Mayhem's. i have spoken to him many times over the last year-great guy. ive known him from as far back when a particular site was trying to trash him in a big way (you should know who i mean) and i used to tell him he will make it big, im glad to hear that i was correct-i guess my Msc in marketing had some use-lol. Ok, i talk to much-so just keep up the good work-im now starting to go through your work logs one by one-great fun. tc mate :-)
  3. Hey Bill, how the hell did you find that rig(and on a Greek site as well lol!) im stationed in Greece, so i posted on that site initially, but ive been on OCN (shhh dont mention rival sites :rolleyes:/> ) for a while-yes thats what it looked like when i first started out, ive subsequently learned alot from guys like you(thanx v much btw)-watching your vids, reading posts in various forums, it all adds up, the only thing i still have in that rig now are your case feet, and the actual case itself-everything else was upgraded and changed-that was a mess. i'll be switching to the Fractal that you guys talked about a few shows back, i also saw your vid, and that sealed the deal for me. You do know that i was kidding about the case feet right? sry if you thought i was being serious mate :-) Ok im about to go and listen to #8 'Dyed Laughter' so im guessing its about various dyes, or maybe Micks dyes(mayhems) keep up the good work-without guys like you, we beginners have no way of measuring our progress, nor gain inspiration. stay safe mate :)/>
  4. I lIke the Reference to 'Men at Work' great song-hey Bill im still p*ssed that you never replied to my question about your aluminium milled case feet :P/> Its ok i bought them anyway-great addition to my case.
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