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  1. Thanks for the comments guys. Good news, I won another award. ROTM with 3dguru.com!! I need to start a new project. =P
  2. Build log is up. Also, a recent winner in the MOTM of October on OCN!!! (that's why I couldn't post it here until today). Enjoy!
  3. Hey ASPHIAX, you dropping the Star Wars destroyer?
  4. Couple of my ideas on movie themes. Scarface: It involves some illicit looking things mounted on the case. Fight Club: A computer in a pink bar of soap?!
  5. BUILD LOG I hate useless noise as much as the next guy, so the grills had to go. CUT! I needed to get the water out of the case somehow. It had to be practical and look good at the same time. So I needed more holes in this case. That alu is thick, but there's also the steel frame within the FT02. So had to cut that out also. QDC's installed. (that's dust not a scratch) Mobo water cooling parts installed! (DT 5NOZ and two EK blocks for the UD7) Did this a while ago when I'd planned to transfer my rig. I'm no pro like Lutro0, but damned if I didn't learn from his vids and guides. I sleeved everything in this build. The CCFL's, case wires (except the USB3, they are soldered on and the connector is too big) you name it. All sleeved with FTWPC sleeving 2.0. Kinda glad I sleeved the PSU before starting the computer build. I think I'll keep that procedure, cause when you finally get the parts, you don't really want to sleeve anything anymore. That tool really helps get the best possible outcome for the sleeving. It needed a little pulling to tighten the weeve, but I did that for the final pics. I even sleeved the tubes... yes the tubes. But not paracord sleeving, I had to give myself a real headache over this one. I wanted shiny sleeving. Every tube had to be prepped before installation. It was a real hassel to get all this done. My fingers were purple from the knurled fittings (next build I'm using swiftech compressions, moonsoon are ugly). Everything had to be first mounted to determine tube lenghts, then un-assembled and sleeved. And the sleeving was a pain to cut. The Compression fitting rings had to be modded to fit the extra millimeter of metal sleeving. And worst of all was getting the compression fittings to actually screw in. In the end, it can be done with purple fingers! So now to assemble fully fitted tubes. I had to assemble the tubing outside of the case and then install it in the case. The actual installation had steps to follow, else I'd be stuck with an unscrewed fitting in a very tight space. I also forgo the shortest possible tube routing law for this one; because why wouldn't I?! NOTE: To install tubes with fittings onto block, ROTARY compression fittings are required. Else you'll fray the sleeving. Now to test for some leaks. Well while we do that, I might as well play around in the puter. What am I missing? Ohh right, the lighting! I tried for some money shots even if I'm not quite finished. I'm really liking the end results. Quiet happy actually. Changed the top grill. close up pic is close. Gonna use this as a final pic. I don't have access to a metal workshop. So I contacted Dwood on the OCN forums (dude is a prodigy for the community). Wanted to get rid of the SLI bridge ruining an otherwise beautiful color theme. So I sanded the acrylic with 400 grit. I thought it would be enough, but I think a piece of smoked acrylic would have done better (does that even exist?). Velcro, I like Velcro. Needed to have something that could hold the SLI badge on the bridge. Trying LED's before gluing them in. Thanks for looking!
  6. Alright, a little about myself. Third water cooling build, and second real modded build (still a newb!). I had previously worked on a 650D, and gone the route of UV lights and flashy tubes. It just didn't cut it for me. The build name suited it well, I just never really finished it the way I wanted. Sorry for Pic quality... This was Inchoate. System Specs: · GA-Z68-UD7-B3 · i7 2700K · 16Gb Dominator 1866 RAM · Tri-SLI GTX 580 3Gb · Chronos Deluxe 240Gb SSD's in RAID0 · Xonar ST · Seagate 3Tb 7200rpm · ST1500 · FT02And so I got to thinking about transfering the build for two particular reasons. First, the looks and second, function. Mindchi|l here on OCN built me a custom TEC chiller. I also previously had purchased the TEC block (single TEC for 1155's). That was little useless seen as I could chill the water down lower than 10c. The more important problem was the radiators inside the 650D, adding extra heat wattage where I wanted none. So I set out to search for a case I would like. Something classy and stylish with no flash or bling to it. It also had to be made of metal, no more plastic. Set my mind to the FT02. Bought it and this is what came out. Final Pics:
  7. Hey! Name is Jesse Lee Arbuckle, member of OCN and in the MOTM of OCT. Using Mayhems X1 clear for it's anti-freezing properties. http://www.overclock.net/t/1268950/build-log-synthetic-anatomy
  8. Oh snap a lot of big names here! Well, my turn I guess. My name is Jesse Lee Arbuckle (AKA Rognin), I'm in my thirties and live in Quebec, Canada. I work in remote sites in the service industry (food, cleaning, maintenance, security and retail). I've worked in the tar sands of Alberta and now working for Hydro Quebec on a 768Mw Hydro dam. I started my humble beginnings not too long ago in May of 2011. I've been hooked and have been reading up on everything I can ever since that date. Glad to be here!
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