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  1. What is the fitting used here? I have two gtx 780's I want to link using this.
  2. Cheers guys, I'll give this idea a miss following on from your advice :).
  3. Hi Guys, just a quick one, what sort of effect do you think this would have on the cpu? Will it be a negative effect or should i be able to pull this off without it causing any issues what so ever? obviously thermal pasted and cpu waterblock on top. Cheers, Chris
  4. I had a AX1200 power supply that had just been kicking around a workshop hooked up to PC that was sitting on a workbench. I've recently started building a new computer and thought it was a waste of money to buy a new power supply when i have a perfectly good one that just needed a bit of TLC. This is one of my first mods/restoration projects so please go easy on me... As you can see it was in pretty bad condition: Removed sticky residue and sanded down imperfections where it had previously been riveted. All cleaned out inside and air blasted Applied a vinyl wrap to cover up the poor conditioned metal finish & layered edges with double sided tape. Applied a mesh finish that doubles up as a dust filter that can be easily cleaned. Like i said this is my first mod and i know it's nothing amazing but thought it may be worth a share. Let me know what you think :)
  5. then how do i make the coolant come out of the port with the valve on the end and not try to continue in its intended path? I thought I'd need 2 valves. One to close off the loop and another to obviously stop coolant coming out the drain port...
  6. Hey guys, As per your advise on one of my other posts I'm building in a draining setup to my loop. I obviously need to have a valve of some sort to re-direct the flow of my coolant to the draining port. I googled and found these valves (Link here) for which i purchased. Having now recieved the valve I am very worried that this would cause a huge bottle neck in the flow of the coolant due to the hole being tiny! Do you think I'd be better off forgetting these and buying something like a bitspower one as they seem to have a much wider hole when the valve is open these are however averaging at around £20 + shipping which is crazy money considering I'd need two of them! Can anyone recommend an alternative brand? xspc don't seem to make one and I've been using their fittings and been happy with them. Kind Regards, Chris
  7. Hey guys, I purchased some Mayhems clear coolant in preperation for my build and reading the label on the back it says the loop needs to be flushed with DI water. Is this the stuff they're refering to? Also how long do I flush it for? If i was to leave the lumps running on a relativly low setting for say 24 hours flushing this round the rads etc would that be surfice? Kind Regards, Chris
  8. That's a really clean build I really like what you've done with it. I'm loving the crystal link, I really wanted to use it for my own build but it seems harder to find than gold!
  9. Thanks guys. I've got two brands of tubing going on. The visable tubes will be XSPC high flex black here And behind the scenes I'll have Tygon R3603 clear tubing with a Silver kill coil within it. This should give ma good shot at being able to: 1) Keep a visually pleasing look as with it being a solid colour discolouring wont be an issue. 2) Help prevent the build up of algae by using two kill coils within the loop one after each radiator. 3) Still keep an eye on whats going on within the loop by using a clear tubing that will be visable without too much effort. Would you guys say this sounds like a good plan? I will also be using EK blood red coolant which I'd ordered when I intended on using clear tubing. Cheers, Chris
  10. I'm tempted to use black tygon too.Surely it's a good thing to be able to see what is actually happening within the tubes though as you could be getting a big build up of 'gunk' and be none the wiser.
  11. This is what i mean... so confusing. One of you is saying to use it as it's good and the the other saying its garbage. I'm confused as hell :(
  12. What tubing would you guys recommend? Someone on here told me to get some tygon tubing so i did and it feels good quality but then again... I've never felt a bad quality tubing to compare it too,,, I've read many posts saying this tubing goes yellow after a period of time. I cant find a review of a tubing where people have 100% positive things to say about it.... If i was to use tygon tubing with this would it be a good combination? http://www.scan.co.uk/products/ek-ekoolant-blood-red-1000ml-includes-additives-against-algae-and-corrosion Thanks a lot guys. Chris
  13. Guys whats your opinion on clear tubing? This is my first watercooling build and I'm seeing reported issues everywhere of clouding and degrading of tubing leaving it stained and aesthetically unpleasing. Would you say for future proofs sake it would be worth getting solid color tubing rather than clear so the effects of clouding o staining are not visible? Kind Regards, Chris
  14. That's awesome docmod. how long did that take you?
  15. What fittings are EK bringing out? Mind sharing some info/images?
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