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  1. Cheaps, you're not my supervisor!!!!!!!!!! Very cool Chris! Now all you need to do is implement this on a home mirror a la Visible Contrast and you'll be set! Many moons ago I did low-voltage wiring, and we did the Parade of Homes, where one builder had a dual-TV behind a mirror set up, a his side and a her side, so each could watch the news while getting ready. Seems pretty archaic now, but hell, that was 2003 for ya. I've merely booted up my Pi3 and configured basic settings. It's all I've had time for since I got it this weekend. I'll be learning more about Linux before I delve into making something with it, but I'm thinking a full-fledged home surveillance system. Would probably consume as much/less wattage than any off-the shelf system and I won't have to pay for cloud services. Intruder alerts sent straight to my phone! I'm also thinking about moving over to Ubuntu Mate since it's not as limited as Raspberian.
  2. I just want to caress your woodwork..... Seriously cool. Need an update!
  3. Not knocking your choice in switches, just curious why you chose Gaterons over Cherry, or any other switch, for that matter? At some point I want to make my own mechboard as well, but I've got so many projects lined up and zero time to do them as is. I'm a huge fan of Cherry Clears. Nice work, EEL. Though I've come to expect nothing less of you!
  4. Yeah, I didn't get to watch live but watched the following day. Great show, great company, great rep! 10/10 would watch again.
  5. Most important question: Do you have any T-Shirts? I'm a T-shirt whore. Got MNPCTech shirt, Modzoo Shirt, PDXLAN, NZXT, CaseLabs, amongst bands and nerdy stuff.
  6. I really liked this episode. It's too bad most of the kids are buying mech boards and don't understand that a $70 board just doesn't cut it. Marketing, I guess, but honestly, I'll take a Das, Code, HH, or several other brands over any "gaming mech board" on the market any day. Especially my Code board. mmmmm
  7. Will Heatkiller ever luanch a D5 "Dress Kit?" You know, for the big ass on D5's. Also, do you guys plan on making everything in RRRRRGEEEEEEBEEEEE?
  8. Dear Jakob, I love your products. Let me count the ways.... Actually, I'd like to ask, what has prompted Watercool to push product development in the last year? And, will we have see multi-port variations (4-5 ports) of those sexy rads you have?
  9. Still have mine! Actually used it the other day to swat a fly out of the air and then measure some stuff inside a case!
  10. I'd go with either Darkside sleeving or wait until MDPC comes back. Both are better quality. Additionally, sleeving a modular PSU is far easier, and there's no need to crack open a PSU.
  11. I had a 97 Civic until some dickhead decided to ram the back of it doing 50 when I was at a dead stop. It was my first car. I now drive a 2013 Hyundai Elantra. My dream car? Well.... Cars...
  12. Love it! Think I may end up buying one soon. Though I've always gone with a simple jumper connector, I like this. It'll increase my nerd points ten fold!
  13. Pricing isn't bad considering the defacto GT AP fans were going for as much or more. IF these perform anything like the old GT AP fans, then it's a no-brainer.
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