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E.E.L. Ambiense

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    Moddin' (big surprise...), illustration, video/film prod., music prod., auto maintenance, etc.

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About Me

Graphic designer since the late-80's, when Macs meant something other than hipster rich kids buying overpriced pieces of plastic with a touch-screen. Schooled in film and graphic design. Was also a screenprinter; designed and printed t-shirts professionally for 18 yrs before being laid off due to the economy. Some day I will return to it as it's my 1st love, but now I mod for a living. I was also a lasercutter, but due to the economy I lost my laser. And a lasercutter without a laser is a man without his arms. I also design products for MNPCTech.


Along with Kyle, Cheapskate, and Bill, I've been enjoying the idea of creating The Mod Zoo forums and Official Podcast because all of us agreed from the beginning behind closed doors that we wanted a forum that could be seen as a refuge from the typical forum doldrum and clickiness that tends to occur in larger environments.  We want it to be a no-BS home for all modders who love the craft!

Other hobbies include audio and video production, auto maintenance and tinkering, etc. Lots of things I can't think of right now.