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    Biggest fail of the day? Knowing I have to go back to work tomorrow after a week off...
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    Alright, a small update.
    I'll get right to it. I don't have much in the sense of progress pics or anything, but I did finish her up. I had drilled and installed a couple of green LEDs in the side of the front lip to give the panel some lighting. Yeah, she's purring right along quietly here on the bench. She's basically 99% finished at this point. I did some cable-management, and cleaned up a few things and dusted her out. I also polished up all the acrylic on her. All I need to do is re-cut the little piece of acrylic that flushmounts and covers the LED screen for the Koolance unit. The original was cut out of transparent green, and the display is red. To those not color-inclined, what happens when you mix the two? They cancel each other out. I thought of this when I was in the concept phase, but didn't think it'd be that bad. Well, it's bad enough for me to not be okay with it, lol. The only way to see the display is in total dark. And being the fact that this will probably end up in a store, we don't plan on going for the 'mood-lighting' theme in it. ;)/> I figured I'll just cut a scrap of red or orange or something to put in there instead. I cut green originally because it's all I had laying around from another build and wanted to use up all the scrap, hahah. Oh well. Nothing wrong with being frugal, right? ;)/>
    It's been a relatively-painless build, amazingly enough. I enjoyed doing the special-fx makeup job on her. It was different from my usual MO. It was fun!
    Now let's kick her to the curb so I can start on something new (of course, that's after I finish up Noire...). :hehe:
    Anyways, I've got some snaps of the case. For some reason, the OD green wreaks havoc with my camera, especially outside. I attempted to adjust the color-levels to natural compared to real-life, but it's still off a bit. I won't get OCD about it, because I know she looks like real OD green IRL. Hell, my best friend is ex-military, and he says it looks like a piece of equipment they'd use. My work here is finished. :hehe:
    I'd like to say a sincere thank you to all who posted in this thread, and provided constructive criticism or just kind comments. It really keeps me going. Sincere thank you to my friend, John H. aka jhanlon303, for the HDD cages. I'd be stuck without it, man! I'd also like to give a sincere thank you to my friend and Mawd Gawd Mr. "Overkill Bill" Owen for graciously offering the set of awesome black anodized machined aluminum case-feet that went on this build. They are top-notch compared to the plasticy junk that's generally available. I'm not just blowing smoke up his ass about them either. They really are friggin' awesome. Anyone who hasn't already, hop over to his kick-ass Case Mod Store MNPCTech.com and get some stuff from him. I'll hate you if you don't. :lol:/>
    Enjoy the quick pics.

    No more updates, so I definitely got nuthin'. :thumb:
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    Alright, yet another update. I figured I should keep the momentum rolling. Actually, I just want to finish this thing because I'm tired of looking at it! :lol:/>
    Let's get to the update now, shall we?
    Block-time....GPU block-time, that is. :)/> To match the same style and look of the CPU block, I decided I didn't want to keep the stock GPU block the same either. The block is an EK-8800GTS on my old 'vintage' XFX-brand G80 8800GTS card. Yeah, I know... I'm broke, though. That's why there's no new card here. It's fine for what I'd need it for; at least for now.
    Anyways... the block. Yes, the block. The stock block was the acetal version, which would've been fine as it was. But again, I wanted things to match! Can you blame me? :lol:/>
    We start out with the results of my work...

    Just like the CPU block, I need to tap the two openings for g1/4 fittings.


    Quick little threading in of the fittings... Good enough.

    Here's the GPU with (what's left of) the block already on it, where it's been sitting for...well...quite a while. It was the GPU in a previous Noire build. :)/>

    Quick lining up on the block to make sure everything's going to clear and it lines up fine. Golden!

    And removing the paper backing and installing on the card. Well, mostly, anyways. I kinda ran out of M4 socket-cap screws... :lol:/> I'll get some more and take care of it. So, right now I can't test the block for leaks, but it's probably going to be just fine.
    I also threaded in the fittings to make sure everything clears the fitting area. As with the CPU block, I went for a 'recessed' look to the fittings dropping in the lower area of the layered acrylic to give it a cool look. Also like the CPU block, I drilled a hole for a 5mm white LED; the only other LED inside the chassis. Should have a subdued cool look.

    ...And lights out again!

    Until the next update, I got nuthin'. :thumb:
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    Hi, I am Jeremy. I have an addiction; to cutting computer cases up. *Hangs head in shame*
    "Hi, Jeremy!"
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    E.E.L. Ambiense got a reaction from frickmeister in Hello and Introductions   
    Hi, I am Jeremy. I have an addiction; to cutting computer cases up. *Hangs head in shame*
    "Hi, Jeremy!"