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  1. I wanted to give a shout out to all those that helped the build. A plaque seemed a great way to do that.
  2. Thanks guys. Demon Speeding won the PDXLAN 24 / Computer Power User Magazine Mod Contest and will be appearing in the October issue.
  3. CHAPTER VIII: I'm Your Boogieman “To a new world of gods and monsters!” - Bride of Frankenstein (1935) After all this time, Demon Speeding is finally finished. Without further ado, I present the first set of final photos.
  4. Looks like a pretty ambitious build, my friend. Eager to see how it turns out. Mod on.
  5. Thanks everyone. I'm pretty happy with the outcome. Now it's just down to the details and off to final pictures, so expect another update soon. :)
  6. CHAPTER VII: Where the Sidewalk Ends "This is no dream! This is really happening!" - Rosemary's Baby (1968) All of the wiring is finally coming together. So much of it. I've used almost 100 feet of sleeving. The final basecoat gets put down. I chose a nickel color, like I used on the fan blades. I think the color will work great for the water transfer graphics that will be applied. I think the nickel color was a great choice. The graphics need some touch up work, but Demon Speeding is due to debut at PDXLAN 23 in just 2 days, so I grab some Monster Energy drinks and get to work. All the outside panels need to get a satin clear coat to protect the graphics. With PDXLAN 23 only 24 hours away, I'm running short on time. I know turn my attention back to the interior. The original motherboard shroud I made just wasn't working. I broke out some acrylic and created something new. I decided I didn't just want it flat and that it needed to come apart easily, if needed. Solution, make it in three sections. I took some Lutro0 cable combs, cut them down to length, and then added tabs to them. Earlier, I modified the case by tapping all the the rear rivets holes 4mm. This allows me to removed the back of the case and access the wiring without having to do a complete disassemble of the case. I think the new design turned out good. I actually like this design better then my original idea. I painted the center section in the dark hammertone paint and then used the stainless steel color paint for the out side rails. 24 hours till PDXLAN 23. The XSPC waterblocks are in their final positions. Final plumbing, system flush, and leak testing time. Details, details, details. I made up a cover for the rear IO. It doesn't seem to matter how much you spend on a motherboard, they all have those ugly flash chrome IO parts. Still some sleeving to be done, but it's getting there. Less then 16 hours till PDXLAN 23. Rush, rush, rush. 12 hours till PDXLAN Everything looks good, but isn't. Somehow in my energy drink fueled fervor, I forgot to install two o-rings. : face palm: With the o-rings fixed, I can now fill the loop with the custom tinted Mayhems Pastel fluid. PDXLAN 23 opens in 8 hours and I'm so tired. The lighting is all installed and the leaks all fixed, but an electrical bug takes me 4 hours to track down. I am finally booted, but now I'm late to PDXLAN 23 and the case windows aren't even installed yet. I'm exhausted. I give in and sleep. I made it! Demon Speeding isn't finished, but I made it to PDXLAN 23. Even unfinished, she looks the part and draws quite a bit of attention. Her spot light will have to wait till another day. The silver plate on the back of Demon Speeding covers the original power supply hole. It will become a "Thank You" plaque, for all those who made Demon Speeding a reality. I also treated the keyboard, mouse, and Xbox 360 controller in the same water transfer graphics as the case. I didn't have time to change out all the LED's in the peripherals before the LAN. I think red would look nice.
  7. CHAPTER VI: Blur the Technicolor "Well, why not? The world is full of inconsistencies. Unnatural things. Nature's mistakes they call you for instance!" - The Haunting (1963) The 24 pin sleeved with Lutro0 Customs Teleios using the heatshrink-less method. A thing of beauty. The 8 pin looks just aa great. Because of the space limitations, I had to be rather creative with the cable management. All the cables hug the bottom of the motherboard tray. Time to try bending some of that Primochill Rigid acrylic tubing. The first bend didn't turn out to terrible. On second thought, maybe it did. After bending the second tube, the first tube just doesn't look right to me. I'll revisit it later. The LED lighting has arrived and I just couldn't wait to play with it. I choose a "warm white" color. This should give a feel of the case being lit by incandescent lighting. A quick lighting test with my freshly cut side door. So far, so good on both the door and the lighting. Wow, I really need to clean my table. I turned off all the room light and behold, the exact look I was going for. The lighting is quite even and with them turned down, the glow is a bit creepy. I like creepy. Because of the current low temperatures in my area, paint takes quite a bit longer then to dry, so I need to get the final painting started now. Here is the inside of the side door that I had cut earlier. That hammertone paint really sets it off. The whole outside of the case will be painted in the stainless steel color paint I used in many parts of the interior. This will be the basecoat for the ShawNaughty Designz hydographics that will be applied later.
  8. I think the HAF XB has 7 drive bays in it. Once you remove those, you can practically drive a car under the motherboard tray. I think the symmetry of the components in the basement of the case really helps the area feel larger and more open then it really is. Thanks for the well wishes. This is my first competition and I really hope I do well. I'm up against some pretty good builds. As far as I can tell, mine will be the only build using hydrographics, so that should at least set it apart. B)
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