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  1. Thanks guys for this episode! really funny and a very good reminder for me as a modder. :)
  2. Finally I was able to find my password and log in. :)
  3. This build is to add a new family member to my Titanium Builds. I call it the Titanium R. There will be 4 kinds of Titanium that I will be releasing in the near future. Titanium X - Extreme build with extreme parts and fully customized. Titanium S - Super build with Mid-high end parts using Cosmos 2. Titanium R - Radical build using Midrange parts and standard size chasis. Titanium J - Jr. size build with M-ATX/ITX parts. For this build we will build the TITANIUM R With this, I will be using the new chasis from NZXT The NZXT Source 530 This case is very compact but it has some serious space inside. what I like about this case is that the metal that were used are very rigid. And it also has very nice details. For example, the back of the case has some extruded mesh for the fans which gives more space. I also like the idea that you could re-adjust where you will be placing your radiator just in case something is hitting your fans/rad Other details, for a cheap price, I really like the way they made it fully compatible with water cooling support and the way the motherboard tray was design and created makes this special. :) So lets start doing some minor modding to it :) as some of you know, I always wanted rotated motherboard tray. With this case its very easy to convert. We just rotate the entire casing! :) After removing the front plastic panel. I made some tracing to know where I should drill holes on the top panel. and then drill! after a few minutes! Tada! we have converted the case into 90 deg rotated motherboard tray. Now I will make something for the back to make it look nice now let us add some more details! my design inspiration for this build is my favorite chair I saw one time at a store. so with this, I started doing my concept design using photoshop hopefully I can full it off. :) Now let's start doing it! first is get some cardboard and drawing the pattern needed then test fit now the side panels now let's do some cutting! Safety first! then sanding! very smooth! also the side panel then some bending! :) love it! done! Stay tuned for the next update! :) Thanks!
  4. Are you kidding me??? haha my first mod of the month nomination! :) thank you Bit-Tech! http://www.bit-tech.net/modding/mod-of-the-month/2013/11/04/mod-of-the-month-september-2013/3 please don't forget to vote :) Thanks!
  5. posted on my instagram. if you have any feel free to follow me. - paultan15
  6. now for the event mounted the Soundblaster Zx at the back of the motherboard :) My DSLR is still broken so I wasnt able to capture more decent photos. But I promise I will do a photoshoot of this ASAP when i borrowed my cousin's DSLR :)
  7. sorry for the late update guys, was busy for the last 3 days focusing on finishing this build before the event here. so I painted the case the first coat then 3rd coat v 12mm :) motherboard tray some small bending for the rear part of the case th en the stickers ;) now for the fans! inspired from the car itself :) now whats this? finished product of the GPU for the fans too more photos custom bracket for the I/O panel see where I atached the bracket? :) been making this for more than 5hrs. emblems! :) made with love now lambo club liked the video also! instagram: paultan15 just trolling! slimmest Phantom 820 ever! first stance! more
  8. More than 6 hours of technical drawings!!!! I need this tomorrow if I want to meet my deadline....
  9. The replacement for republic of gamers logo quick tutorial how to: 1hour to make just this 2 sticks This red always changes in different angles. Hard to capture the actual color. Modded vs stock
  10. sorry guys, I accidentally dropped my DSLR Lens that's why I will be using my Cameraphone for the mean time to document my worklog. I hope you won't mind. let's paint it silver! then RED! the camera doesn't do justice to the actual REDness of this photo.. Too bad. then let's murder this Creative Soundblaster Zx they gave me! :) You too Corsair Vengeance PRO. there goes the 32gb of goodness! now let's bake it! :) and some sneak peak! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151742137448424&set=vb.549793423&type=3
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