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    Bristol <UK>
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    Lots of stuff... at the moment eating is pretty high on my list. :O
  1. Awesome guide dude! Will share it on the E22 page :)
  2. Crap or Not: Tygon E-3603

    Lol Ron Jeremy... been awhile since I saw him.... *cough heard his name!
  3. Acrylic PipeBending 101

    Awesome guide man!
  4. Tutorials from the interwebs

    This is simply brilliant Cheaps! great find!
  5. Welcome :)

    Time for a new one soon!
  6. Welcome :)

    lol I was so hurt Cheaps :( I looked at it and all the painful taunting came flooding back :(
  7. Welcome :)

    @Phenoptix I need to swing by your office one day and check it all out ;) I imagine it to be like some form of mad scientist lab! I was also looking to have a chat soon :) @ZoPHaR Thanks ZoPHaR, just let me know when you're ready to get going and also don't forget to check out the blog section on the site for some handy guides on working with the tube.
  8. Welcome :)

    Thanks Bill it's great to be here ;) Thanks onevoicewild, I'll be adding alot more products to the store in the next few months, just waiting for ideas to come from my mind to retail products :D
  9. Welcome :)

    E22 was started in 2011 The goal was simple, to provide a service to computer enthusiasts who required bespoke designs and parts for their builds. Since opening for business I have designed and crafted numerous parts for various clients all over the globe not solely based in the computer sector. The chances are you have seen my work about on the forums at some point and not even realised that is was made by me (I'm like a ninja) The E22 store was opened late 2012 stocking a few choice products and is growing at a steady pace with new items being added weekly. If you would like to discuss commissioned work please get in touch through here or alternatively shoot me an email over to nate@e22.biz .*. SOCIAL .*. STORE YOUTUBE FACEBOOK
  10. Episode 11: She stole my Haribo!

    OH NO.... I thought I was like a Haribo ninja! will save that embarrassment for tomorrow
  11. Glad you like the grills :) there's a lovely flow going through the build mate
  12. daayumn those feet look cool! massive improvement :P Looks like a modders dream of a case!
  13. Cosmos Cruizer

    Stainless tubing...... I think a little dribble just fell from my lip :D/>
  14. Is AMD reaching the end of days?

    Wow great articles, thanks for sharing Andrew :D/> have to say from reading it all I feel like doing an AMD build, kind of like when you go to the pound and see a little dog with 3 legs and want to adopt him.
  15. A LASER!! On a serious note though. A bench sander is always really handy!