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    Lots of stuff... at the moment eating is pretty high on my list. :O
  1. Awesome guide dude! Will share it on the E22 page :)
  2. editor22

    Crap or Not: Tygon E-3603

    Lol Ron Jeremy... been awhile since I saw him.... *cough heard his name!
  3. editor22

    Acrylic PipeBending 101

    Awesome guide man!
  4. editor22

    Tutorials from the interwebs

    This is simply brilliant Cheaps! great find!
  5. editor22

    Episode 11: She stole my Haribo!

    OH NO.... I thought I was like a Haribo ninja! will save that embarrassment for tomorrow
  6. Glad you like the grills :) there's a lovely flow going through the build mate
  7. daayumn those feet look cool! massive improvement :P Looks like a modders dream of a case!
  8. editor22

    Cosmos Cruizer

    Stainless tubing...... I think a little dribble just fell from my lip :D/>
  9. editor22

    Is AMD reaching the end of days?

    Wow great articles, thanks for sharing Andrew :D/> have to say from reading it all I feel like doing an AMD build, kind of like when you go to the pound and see a little dog with 3 legs and want to adopt him.
  10. A LASER!! On a serious note though. A bench sander is always really handy!
  11. editor22

    K.3nny's Parvum Aurora case

    Agreed that purple plexi is absolutely stunning! :D/> making good progress Kenny!
  12. editor22


    Oh wow that BP cpu block looks sexy!