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  1. Jeffrey Stephenson

    Painting I/O plates

    Matching black I/O
  2. Jeffrey Stephenson

    Clean Slate

    I would have to rename it "Clean but Gimmicky Slate" You used to give me sh!t about using fake buttons and such.
  3. Jeffrey Stephenson

    Clean Slate

    Made a minor cosmetic change and re-shot photos for the Cooler Master contest. I also upgraded the CPU and CPU cooling fan.
  4. Jeffrey Stephenson

    Painting I/O plates

    I'm assuming these things are chrome plated (poorly) so what advise is out there if I want to paint it flat black? Anyone done this?
  5. That turned out great. Looks like a lot of fun. I might have to try some sort of keyboard project in the near future.
  6. Jeffrey Stephenson

    Clean Slate

    I have always done my own thing. Last year I saw a lot of turnover at marketing departments. Most of the new people don't get it. They have difficulty dealing with anything that doesn't fit neatly on a spreadsheet. They started suggesting I put their logo in my designs. They wanted me to submit designs in advance. That is something that will never happen. I don't know what I'm doing in advance so it isn't even possible. I can understand if there were money involved. Here they are making a simple decision on whether to send a sample to some sad Eastern European product review site that has a couple of dozen readers or to give it to me instead.
  7. Jeffrey Stephenson

    Clean Slate

    ZDNet Clean Slate's name has a double meaning. It has no sponsors and only one public project log. The slate has been cleaned.
  8. Jeffrey Stephenson

    Post your BEST & WORST of 2016

    I doubt it is a successful product for Corsair. Too niche and it isn't completely bolt-on. Buy one while you can.
  9. Jeffrey Stephenson

    Post your BEST & WORST of 2016

    Favorite product was the Corsair H5 SF water cooler for mini-ITX. It is one of those unique products that opened up a lot of creativity for me.
  10. Jeffrey Stephenson

    Clean Slate

    Sure there is...just not corny as such. Still more of an equipment and performance discussion. I guess I have to publish an empty case (again) to get the feedback that's useful to me. Specs can be bought with a credit card. I was sure someone would be screaming bloody murder over my detached CPU fan. Disappointing for sure.
  11. Jeffrey Stephenson

    Clean Slate

    Thanks. No Gizmodo. Boing Boing. I'm still laughing at SkyVue's BT MOTY nom. Thanks. I rarely do full gloss but I thought there might be some good reflections.
  12. Jeffrey Stephenson

    Clean Slate

    Socket 1151 Dual-Core CPU @ 3.3GHz Socket 1151 Micro-ATX motherboard Last Generation Mid-Range mini-ITX 4GB video card Air Cooled CPU heatsink w/ detached fan 8GB DDR4 system memory 1TB SSD 350W SFX power supply
  13. Jeffrey Stephenson

    Clean Slate

    The CPU heatsink is mounted straddling the top and is a huge PITA to assemble but the technique saves a lot of material and strength. Preview shot of one of the project's featured views.
  14. Jeffrey Stephenson

    Clean Slate

    Photography testing. Too gray. Needs more blue tint to the slate. Too much blue in the slate. 10lb of shlt vs. 5lb bag. Fight! Fresh from the forge. First step in assembly is to mount the PSU after threading the wiring harness through the access. Next, the motherboard power connectors are threaded back up through the panel. This has to be done before mounting the motherboard. Just for fun. My retired GTX 280 in a size comparison.
  15. Jeffrey Stephenson

    Clean Slate

    That might be too ornate Cheaps. I needed a reference shot before continuing. The project seemed to appear larger in photos than IRL probably because I'm using a mini-ITX form factor video card and an SFX form factor power supply. Coke can auditions continue.