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  1. Modding is slowing down with the inclusion of many case manufacturers taking the best ideas from the modding world, and implementing them into their cases to make money. I guess the greatest of case modding might soon die out to become the gods of modding, those mythical beasts that could spin a pile of feces into the communities most praised creations. What we see now is a new generation of PC enthusiasts who's custom builds are being praised by these well known case manufacturers as being mods. The misconception of what the term "mod" means is being drawn through the mud by these companies so they can further market their product. The community eats that feces up and their definition of what a "mod" is becomes diluted. This trend comes with the sharing of all of these builds via social media where there is such a wide reach, where these companies are promoting "Less work for more return and publicity". They might not realize what impact their marketing tactics have, but the pro modders see and feel this impact everyday. No longer are your required to have a well documented and presentable forum build log, but rather you need to have more than 2000 Facebook likes and 6000 YouTube followers because you have wider reach. I cannot see any way that us modders can redefine the term "PC Case modding" other than continuing to do what we already do, and teach the good word of modding to those new to the game and are ready to see the sparks fly! /rant P.S slowly coming back from hibernation.
  2. Hey mate! Thank you so much for reading my log, and I am glad to hear that you have enjoyed the finished product :) /J
  3. An In Win S-Frame project By MetallicAcid Project made possible by following sponsors:ASUS || Nordic HardwareIntel || InetKingston || OcaholicIn Win || SilverStoneCarplus.se || DremelModding Stylz || GosumodzV1Tech || Bitspower Final photo shoot - Project Origami is finished!!! Hello once more to my latest and last update to my beloved project Origami - my modding project featuring an In Win S-Frame with custom pearl white paint! This project has been a wild ride, and very enjoyable as well. It has been a challenge of both skill, and my patience and I believe that I have grown as a modder because of the experiences I have had while working on this project. With this update, I am proud to present the Origami - in all of it's completed glory. As a small teaser for you guys, I am already finished with another PC modding project using a Fractal Design Define S with a redefined internal layout and custom water cooling. A build log for this project will be created when it is finished after the end of January. I will also be starting a new project from February featuring some of the latest hardware from both Corsair and ASUS, so stay tuned for that announcement here on the forums. So thank you all once again for following my project. I really hope that you have enjoyed this journey as much as I have creating it. Please leave a comment with what you think of the project, and how I can improve my work for any future projects :) With best regards,Justin "MetallicAcid" Ohlsen
  4. Oh my god... It has been almost a century since I have updated this project thread. With our 4month old, buying a house, entering competitions and starting a modding community, I have not had much time infront of the PC to post anything for my beloved project Origami. So without any further waiting, I would like to post a massive update for your reading pleasure! An In Win S-Frame project By MetallicAcid Project made possible by following sponsors: ASUS || Nordic Hardware Intel || Inet Kingston || Ocaholic In Win || SilverStone Carplus.se || Dremel Modding Stylz || Gosumodz V1Tech || Bitspower Super massive F-Off update of epic proportions. WARNING: Prep some new underwear... Let me start off by thank you for your patience. Without you all following my work, inspiring me with your own projects and giving me suggestions on how I can improve, I would not enjoy create what I create! So thank you. With this update, I would like to show you all of the progress right up until just before I took the final photos for this project... Yes - it is finished and being used already, I just not have had the time to sit down like now and formulate this update for you. I will try to talk through the images so you know what I am doing and thinking, and it is not just a massive photo dump which will bog down your bandwidth.. Painting the GPU brackets black - with Plastidip Installing the backplates - Before any modifications to them Bitspower parts delivery and sponsorship announcement! Such quality, much fittings wow! Installing the Bitspower blocks Backplate modification with custom cut and brushed aluminium panels Custom radiator bracket which is to be mounted behind the motherboard tray Custom panel to hide unused front IO panel holes Removed unwanted cables and sleeving the remainder Installed pump mod kit and sleeved cables, then took a porn shot of the PC on my desk Measuring and installing the reseroir Removing the red anodizing and brushing the screws From here after the photos are pretty sparse until I take the final photos.. This is because of a combination of things and time constraints which made me focus only on the modding and building of this project and not the photography with the DSLR. Most of those images ended up being taken on the phone "on the fly" and posted up on FB or Instagram. So thank you once again for joining me on this journey. The next time I post it will be with the final photos for this project. Please stay tuned as they will be shown within in the week! Kind regards, Justin "MetallicAcid" Ohlsen
  5. An In Win S-Frame project By MetallicAcid Project made possible by following sponsors: ASUS || Nordic Hardware Intel || Inet Kingston || Ocaholic In Win || SilverStone Carplus.se || Dremel Modding Stylz || Gosumodz V1Tech Sponsor update, GPU install, cables started, sticker install Hello my modding family! Some awesome custom cables, custom vinyls and anodized aluminium cable combs have come in, and I am currently working on modifying the cables to perfect lengths ;) Thank you for reading! Justin "MetallicAcid" Ohlsen
  6. An In Win S-Frame project By MetallicAcid Project made possible by following sponsors: ASUS || Nordic Hardware Intel || Inet Kingston || Ocaholic In Win || SilverStone Carplus.se || Dremel Modding Stylz || Gosumodz V1Tech Backplate installation, and GPU installed... Just waiting on water cooling (still...) Hello once again for reading my project log. This is a short and sweet update :) I installed the backplates onto the GTX980 Ti Strix GPUs, then went ahead and installed them into the S-Frame chassis. I have plans to add some custom brushed aluminium panels into the sections of the backplates so that it matches perfectly with the project design. Please let me know what you think, but keep in mind that I will have acrylic water blocks installed with black cooland running through the system... ;) Thank you for reading! Justin "MetallicAcid" Ohlsen
  7. Well let's see what Pascal from Nvidia can do ;) I think these new gen GPU will be smaller form factor, and large cards like the Strix will be phased out over the next few years. /J
  8. An In Win S-Frame project By MetallicAcid Project made possible by following sponsors: ASUS || Nordic Hardware Intel || Inet Kingston || Ocaholic In Win || SilverStone Carplus.se || Dremel Modding Stylz || Gosumodz V1Tech GPU backplates made by V1Tech Hello my friends once again! Once upon a time I had an interesting discussion with Hassan Alaw, the founder of the modding company V1Tech. On this one beautiful morning he had sent me an email expressing his interest for becoming a sponsor for any of my upcoming projects. So I took the time to learn CoralDraw X7 so that I could whip up some designs, and in the end I decided to design some custom backplates for these fabulous ASUS GTX980 Ti Strix GPUs. The thinking behind this design was something light, with angles, that would compliment the design features of the S-Frame, and the Origami folded paper design. I could not but help to have the ASUS and Strix logos to show that these beast GPUs are nothing but the best GTX980 TI on the market. Granted this is only my opinion, and not up for discrimination :D I went ahead and scanned the backplate of one Strix GPU, then imported the file into CoralDraw. I simply traced out the outer line, then made a design :) Child's play to be honest! With this all designed up, I sent the file to Hassan, who then went ahead and laser cut my design. I can recommend his services at V1Tech not because he sponsored the cutting of these backplates. but rather his communication and speed of completing these is what I base my recommendation on. I will get these installed onto the Strix GPUs in the next few days, so please hang tight and check out these bad boys! So thank you once again for taking the time to take a look at my Origami project, and hope to hear back from you what you guys think :) Justin "MetallicAcid" Ohlsen
  9. An In Win S-Frame project By MetallicAcid Project made possible by following sponsors: ASUS Nordic Hardware Intel Inet Kingston Ocaholic In Win SilverStone Carplus.se Dremel Modding Stylz Gosumodz V1Tech I am back from the dead!!! Hello again my friends!! It has been a while again since I last updated my beloved project Origami. Since the birth of our new son, life has taken first priority and the modding was put to the side for a while until things started to settle down. I now have had some time, and some sponsorships have been finalized and these items have come in to me. This update though is a soft start for me, applying some small but very defining details to the chassis itself. Yes, I am talking about the In Win logo sticker and In Win S-Frame chassis badge. Please keep in mind that I have already completed more of this project so far, but those updates will come soon as I have to upload the photos, apply watermark and then publish them :) I will get around to those updates when I have another window of opportunity ;) Thank you for reading! Justin "MetallicAcid" Ohlsen
  10. Bees knees indeed :) It is a shame that my wife does not think the same though. :D /J
  11. An In Win S-Frame project By MetallicAcid Project made possible by following sponsors: ASUS Nordic Hardware Intel Inet Kingston Ocaholic In Win SilverStone Carplus.se Dremel Hardware update, and various announcements. Well it has been a VERY long time since I was last able to update my wonderful Origami project! I hope that you guys have not lost interest as I have some hardware porn in the form of 2x GTX980 Ti Strix courtesy of ASUS ROG Nordic! The reason why I have been busy away from this project is because of two reasons. The 1st is because my wife and I welcomed out second child into out family - Xander William :) He is an eating and pooing machine, which leaves little to no time to even think about ones' own self. The 2nd is because I am a participant in the LDLC Modding Trophy 2015, which means that I am competing against some of the worlds leading PC builders and modders! To be a part of this competition is an honour, and to be regarded on the same level as these guys (some who are my modding idols!) makes me so happy! With this considered, I took some time to nail down a design for that modding project while I waited on hardware to be delivered for Origami. Other small updates with this project - I am currently designing custom backplates for this project with Hassan Alaw from V1Tech/Harbinger - Still waiting on the delivery from Bitspower - Parvenu have expressed in fabricating the back panel for me which hides and protects the dual radiator set up behind the motherboard - Custom cables and vinyls are on their way to me from moddingstylez.de and custom aluminium cable combs from Goshumodz as well. With this said, I have the honour to show to you some really impressive GPUs - considered to be the best on the market in terms of design and performance! I would like to introduce to you the pair of GTX980 Ti Strix courtesy of ASUS ROG Nordic. Thank you for the support, and believing in my work! So thank you all once again for joining me for my latest update on project Origami. next update will be of when I install the panels and hardware into the chassis, and start on the cable management, all in preparation for the water cooling parts to come in. So please stick around ;) Kind regards Justin "MetallicAcid" Ohlsen
  12. Origami An In Win S-Frame project By MetallicAcid With thanks to these following companies:ASUSIntelKingstonIn WinSilverStoneBitspowerModdingstylz.deCarplus.seDremelNordic HardwareInetOcaholic Sponsorship update Hello once again, and thank you for coming back to read my latest update with my modding project Origami. During my short time on the PC case modding scene, I have had the good fortune to have spoken too and even met a few of you in person. I have been part of some competitions, and even won a few, which has caught the eye of some people who are hunting for modders to sponsor to promote their brand. I am very thankful that I have the support of the community and vendors so that I can continue to do what I love to do! With this update, I would like to introduce some now sponsors who have supported Origami with their products. With the help of Nordic Hardware and Intel, I have received a Core i7 4790k CPU. With the support of Nordic Hardware and ASUS, they have decided to support Origami with a pair of GTX980 Ti Strix 6GB GPUs. With the support of Kingston and Ocaholic, they have sent out a Kingston HyperX Predator PCIE SSD 240GB. Lastly with the help of Bitspower, A fully custom water cooling loop will be installed. Moddingstylz in Germany will support with a full set of custom PSU cables and aluminium cable combs for the SilverStone ST1200-G Evolution PSU Not all of the products have landed yet, but those that have arrived will be shown here. If you have any questions regarding any of the featured PC parts then please do not hesitate to ask me :) Intel Core i7 4790k Kingston HyperX Predator PCIE SSD 240GB Justin "MetallicAcid" Ohlsen
  13. Thank you for the very kind words Icelander! :) /J
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