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  1. Sean E Barbosa

    Double Barrel Reservoir

    Thanks guys, I started testing another design as well. No pictures because this is just a quick and dirty build to test the idea. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=866102390087198&set=vb.449408355089939&type=2&theater
  2. Sean E Barbosa

    Double Barrel Reservoir

    Thanks guys, I have posted the final build pictures and a video of the reservoir in action.
  3. Sean E Barbosa

    Double Barrel Reservoir

    Thanks guys, I updated the log with come pictures of the build process. ;)
  4. Sean E Barbosa

    Double Barrel Reservoir

    What’s up guys, I have not posted a log in a while an am finally ready to share some of my new work with you. Ever since I built the custom reservoir for my last build log, close Quarters , I have been having a lot of ideas for different types of reservoirs. I came up with an idea for a Dual loop reservoir using two tubes that are fused together. Here is a picture of the render that I did. It took me a little while to start building this because I was in the process of selling my home, renting a temporary house and eventually buying a new home. After I finally got settled into my new home and got my tools and equipment in order I began fabrication. The initial idea was to have the compartments of this reservoir separate to accommodate two separate loops, I am not in need of two loops so I decided to drill holes in the dividing wall and turn this into a single res. I also added some detail to the red acrylic dividing wall by doing some vine pattern file work. I have seen this done on custom knives and really like the look. This is the first time I have tried this apart from a couple practice tries, I think it came out looking pretty good. Here are a couple shots of the pieces fit together. After a lot of fine tuning I finally got the two cylinder sections bonded to the divider. after the sides where complete I chopped of the ends to make a nice flat surface to bond to the end pieces. Here I have one end piece installed and I filled it with water to see if it would hold. After the first end piece held I attached the other end and filled it with water again to see if it would hold. After I let the reservoir sit for a few days to be sure that it would not leak I trimmed the top and bottom with the router to follow the shape of the tube sections and here is the finished product. The finished reservoir turned out great and matched the render that I did very good. The performance of the reservoir is also good, I hooked this up to a DDC pump to test the reservoir.
  5. Sean E Barbosa

    Water loop using copper tubing

    I think Cheaps is sugesting a C47 style fitting that will work with US standard sizes (1/2 inch). I have not seen any yet. . You could always take a C47 and drill or ream it out to 1/2 inch.
  6. Sean E Barbosa

    New gaming rig help

    Check out hte water box that Singularity Computers did a while back. This will give you some good ideas for your own build. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsw-qonfklI&list=UUqChlb8y4cQ0jAFaNFPQLqA
  7. Sean E Barbosa

    Water loop using copper tubing

    I have built two systems using copper. The first was 12mm od hard copper tube using Bitspower C47 fittings. The second build was using 10mm hard copper tube and some black plastic Push fittings I found at McMaster Carr. Both setups work just fine and are both still in use with no issues. Any of the new fittings for rigid tube should work as long as you use the correct tube for the fitting. I used metric tubing because it was the easier to find fittings for the metric tube at the time. C47 Plastic push fitting
  8. Sean E Barbosa

    "Area 51" theme fan grill design contest

    Ha Ha, I should have checked to see if someone had the same idea. ;)
  9. Sean E Barbosa

    "Area 51" theme fan grill design contest

    Here is a Groom Lake fan Grill I did for the comp. Sorry I did not have time to fully perfect it and render it but you can get the idea I was going for. Imagine two different mesh portions. A round modders mesh on the lake and a Hex Mesh on the rest.
  10. Sean E Barbosa

    Case Mod Project: Close Quarters

    Thanks bungwirez, It was close. I was only off by a couple degrees. :) I made up a PSU cover to hide some some of the cables. This is just a test fit but I think it is looking good.
  11. Sean E Barbosa

    Why can't I just use tap water??

    Dude, that is gross. I almost lost it at the end. :P
  12. Sean E Barbosa

    ZdMods - Project 720

    Very nice mod you got going here. I am digging the look of that front panel.
  13. Sean E Barbosa

    Hanover's "Brandywine" Complete with Final Photo's

    Super job on the air brush Hanover, you make it look easy.
  14. Sean E Barbosa

    Project Alpha

    Nice build :)
  15. Sean E Barbosa

    Case Mod Project: Close Quarters

    I uploaded a wrap up video of the build. :)