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  1. Half Life


    Where do you buy the Kryos XT?, i'm looking for all USA and nobody have it for LGA115X
  2. Hi guys i'm looking for compression fittings for EK-Tube ZMT, i want tygon but, in Mexico only sell EK, Swiftech and XSPC with official reseller. My cousin will go to USA the next month and he return in plane, then, he can buy only the fittings. Which do you recommend or think is the best option for $7 or under per fitting? Fittings size (3/8-5/8).
  3. Hi guys, i'll do my own fan/rad grill. I have some measures but, i don't know the optimal radius for the air flow, i saw templates and they have 116mm of radius, i think is very sencible the final product. Which radius do you use in your grills? I'll use 0.7mm aluminium or maybe steel. Another thing, wich is the size for the mounting holes? the grill is for rads.
  4. Half Life

    Cosmos Se- Steel Dragon

    I love the new color, like a red Ferrari
  5. Half Life

    Which case for 2x360 rad?

    I have $190 to spend, max $200 with shipping.
  6. Half Life

    Which case for 2x360 rad?

    Actually i don't use many HDDs too, i use one SSD and one HDD. The SSD i can put back of the motherboard tray and the HDD on the bottom. I forget tell you, i don't have a lot money, i like the CaseLabs but, are out my budget. What do you have on mind?
  7. Hi guys, i'm looking for a case for my new build, i want use 2x360 rad, one in the front and one in the top. I like NZXT Switch 810. I don't use many 5.25 bays, only i use it one bay.
  8. Half Life

    UK Fire & Rescue case mod

    Looks good! I like it, and more because i'm firefighter in Mexico :lol:
  9. Half Life

    What CPU water block do you recommend?

    Hi, i have another question, the bitspower z-multi water tank is compatible with koolance bottom connector(coupler) 60mm and reservoir top 60mm?
  10. Half Life

    What CPU water block do you recommend?

    Really? i read reviews and the EK Supremacy have a little more performance.
  11. Half Life

    What CPU water block do you recommend?

    Thanks :D i thought use the Raystorm, but i don't like it much the design :P
  12. Half Life

    What CPU water block do you recommend?

    I go for the EK, thanks for your help. And now, what do you think about this loop?, i don't have a lot of money, but, i can buy these.
  13. Hi guys, i'll build my first loop, but i don't choose cpu waterblock yet. What CPU water block do you recommend? I use intel, and maybe too use intel in future upgrades. Personally i like these. - EK-Supremacy (copper+plexi) http://bit.ly/190tpxf - Koolance 380 http://bit.ly/16QSzuw - Watercool Heatkiller 3.0 LT http://bit.ly/1fj3vX1
  14. Half Life

    Cooler Master Eisberg

    Hi guys, someone has had the opportunity to test the CM Esiberg? I wanted more information about it, but have not found anything. I like this block because is block, pump and reservoir. Thanks :)