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  1. Good catch Cheaps I noticed that too. Hopefully they provide a decent GPU extension that is actually PCIe 3.0 certified. The distance will also be an issue as that's a long run for a extension cable so it better be a nice shielded one. It's a cool idea for a case, I could see it on a wall behind someones PC maybe above their multi-screen setup.
  2. This has been discussed in detail before in another thread located <HERE> Go check out that thread for various resources members have posted :) (I'm locking this thread, for all future discussions, please continue in that other thread :) )
  3. DarthFos


    Looks like someone really likes your mod... Congrats on being the MaximumPC Rig of the Month: http://www.maximumpc.com/rig_month_dotabox_2014
  4. And like a true modder, there is always one more item on the list.
  5. In Canada, there is www.dazmode.com for a good selection of water cooling gear. Some computer retailers do carry a few parts (couple rads, maybe a few CPU/GPU blocks) but no where near the selection you'll see at the ones the Captain listed and from Daz.
  6. This is turning into quite the beast of a project. Awesome
  7. How does everyone have such nice clean ceilings? Crazy.
  8. DarthFos


    That looks slick :)
  9. Thanks, nice find. I'll have to read through that later.
  10. And the patents just keep rolling in for both Asetek and CoolIT. Asetek this time with GPU cooling and some goofy looking diagram that looks like a heatpipe on the VRM section. Image Caption: "Thermal Interposer Liquid Cooling System" Source: http://asetek.com/press-room/news/2014/asetek-allowed-us-patent-claims-on-graphics-liquid-cooling-patent.aspx Now we just have to see who they decide to harass with their new shiny patent.
  11. 6x140mm radiator :blink: - Best redesign of the front of a HAF Stacker I've ever seen :D
  12. You could check with Greg at Smart Computer Store to see what older oddballs he has hiding in one of his piles of hardware :)
  13. Cool - I'm glad it's working out for you and this is good information for others who want to do the same. :)
  14. This has been so cool to watch as you go through the process :)
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