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    So many...gaming, pc hardware, technology, books, movies, series, anime, languages etc...
  1. I wish everyone a great New Year in advance as I know we'll all be out or with family / friends! Take care everyone =D

  2. This is such a nice and cool forum ! I love it :D/> Awesome job! (love the shoutbox btw)
  3. I must admit I'm one of the few around here certainly that uses Win8 on my main desktop and Win7 on my macbook (with LionOSX)
  4. Ow... Kind of sad you took it that way. I didn't mean that without any tools a man can't do a thing. =/ Kenneth greatest strengths are his wits and how he invents thing.. Not in his tools. You don't need a fancy machine to build something. Sorry if my previous statement wasn't clear enough.
  5. SO clean! And awesome. Dude..you make me wish I had your tools and skills hahaha
  6. Great work =D Ow man this looks fantastic haha. Wonder how it will look with that rad inside...looking forward to next update :)/>
  7. Thanks Daniel :)/> I'll be sure to acquire some tools next..Want to torture a GT10 I've got lying here somewhere, hiding. lol You're all such an inspiration!!!
  8. Hot daayumn Kenny! Excellent work ! =D Glad I'll be able to follow your work on here ^^ Your work is always top notch and I don't expect this one to be any different =D
  9. Great 101 course! Hope to be able to pull that off when need be! Thanks Daniel :D/>
  10. I already said but just for the sake of saying it again: Awesome! =) Enjoyed reading it and I learned something that I didn't know when I got up. Thanks for sharing! :)/>
  11. Very interesting topic...I've heard a lot of people complaining the last few months. Will be listening to that closely. I'm no modder and I doubt I'll ever be. But I feast my eyes on what the community brings and what it can invent. I've met so many good people and Bill what you say about FB lol. Makes me feel guilty about the fact I first contacted you through it and not your own website. =/ It's from there and being in certain groups that I saw a lot of new buildlogs and awesome builds. I'm actually glad that FB exists if only for that. But I'm getting sidetracked..I'm sorry newbies are treating you like feces. Where's the respect towards the people that know more than you? People getting bolder and think they know everything because they read about it. I admit that all I've ever done is read but reading and doing are two whole different things. First time I ever drilled some holes in my HAF I was even shaking :P/> In this community (although I've got to admit I haven't spent all of my time on forums) I've learned much by listening and reading by people who knew more than I did. Everytime I can help..I try to. Or direct them to someone who could help them better than I could. Don't let people take away what you do, what you're good at. Let them rant all they want...They just wish they could do a millionth of what you guys can.
  12. Woooooow =D A 2 piece window??? There's only you for thinking that stuff up!!!! :)/> It's a real beauty!
  13. ...That gave me an idea for my own Cosmos but by the time I've the skills and tools I need you'll have forgotten I wrote this xD but still hope you don't mind. You have some wicked skills and ideas man...Great job. Continue please ! :D/>
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