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  1. Ohhh, this will be a fun one. Here are my questions: What are your thoughts on all this RGB now becoming part of water cooling industry?? Are you guys going to jump in it as well? What do you like better - Hardline or Softline builds?
  2. That is one cardio I won't shy away from.... Between for those who are still looking for the perfect gift for their loved ones - https://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?catId=0&initiative_id=SB_20161231101902&SearchText=skirt+LED
  3. 2016 has been a really great year so far (for the PC enthusiasts and modders). Best of 2016: Tempered Glass panels Cases with built-in RGB controllers Cheap SSDs, and M.2 drives (SATA or NVMe) becoming cheaper Asus finally stopping with the Red and Black on the ROG stamped stuff (well most of the ROG stuff) New players in the PC water cooling market, and finally some updated water blocks. Great new hardware from AMD and Nvidia. Worst of 2016: RGB on everything.. I'm not sure how I feel about this?? - Expensive LED case fans Tempered Glass - Just adding TG does not make a case really really great. New definition of modding = Clean Build GPUs that sag a lot No RGB ITX motherboards... @noobas4urus you need to get on this one. That is all I have for now. Pretty sure I'm missing some.
  4. Car manufacturers give face lifts to their older car models, to attract new buyers. Well, Phanteks has done something similar to the new improved Enthoo Luxe. The Luxe Tempered Glass edition is a “face lift edition”, and this small change has made a great little improvement. A lot of case makers have joined the tempered glass trend, that was started by In-Win. But, I feel Phanteks is starting to take that, to the next level. I have to say that I’m so happy to see a hinged glass panel on a case. This makes me less worried about dropping the glass panel on the floor and watching it break. The Luxe as a case, is the perfect sized case for folks that plan on running some serious hardware. It allows you to hold ample amount of hardware, cooling, and storage devices without making any compromises at all. The added tempered glass panel creates a nice view inside your case, and unlike acrylic, it does not attract dust or is easily scratched. The smoked glass panel is perfect, and it’s not a cheap thin piece of glass either. .......... Check out the full review here...
  5. At CES 2016 we saw the Tempered Glass version of the Evolv ATX for the first time, and even then the case just looked beautiful. Phanteks had taken an already great case, and added some tempered glass panels, and support for RGB lighting without having to change bulbs like in the Classic Evolv. Phanteks also kept the price in check after adding the new features to the case. At $189 for the new tempered glass version, and $169 for the classic version at Newegg at the time of the review, I think the pricing on these cases is just great. You will not go wrong either way, and will get a case that looks and feels really high quality thanks to its 3mm thick aluminum panels, and a nice heavy glass panels on the Tempered Glass (TG) edition. Check out the rest of the review Here
  6. Jesse aka 'Captain CurrySauce' takes a closer look at the X99 Ultra Gaming motherboard from Gigabyte.. One of the main themes that emerged from CES and Computex 2016 was RGB Lighting. We noticed motherboards and graphics cards with built-in RGB lighting. Plus, optional ways of connecting and controlling more RGB lights. In the past you may have chose a motherboard solely because it’s color matched your build theme. Well, these new motherboards sporting RGB, are great for matching the hardware to your build, no matter the color. Gigabyte, along with the other top manufacturers, now have decent offerings with RGB Lighting. The Gigabyte X99 Ultra Gaming is one of the least expensive boards in this category. But, don’t let its low price tag fool you, as it packs a lot of punch for the money. The X99 Ultra Gaming retails for $280 at Newegg (at the time of this review). Given we are The Mod Zoo, I’m going to put more emphasis on the build experience and looks of the board, not just focus on performance. .... You can read the rest of review here - http://themodzoo.com/2016/09/gigabyte-x99-ultra-gaming-motherboard-review/
  7. I was looking at that one the other day. Would like to hear what you think about it after using it for a while.
  8. Looking forward to more updates. Love the build so far, and it seems it's coming along nicely. Would love to hear more detail on the 3D Printer.
  9. Wow, love how the tubing came out. That manifold looks really EPIC.
  10. For the cheapest budget build I would lean towards the AMD APU solution. Specially the new APUs that are being sold with the wraith cooler so you can use the stock cooler. With that said, I would most likely suggest going with an Intel chipset (H110) MOBO - ASRock H110M ITX/AC - $70 CPU - Intel G440 - $50 SSD - Sandisk 240GB - $65 DDR - 8GB DDR4 (1 X 8 GB) - $35 PSU - EVGA 600W - $30 (BestBuy) Case - Case Labs Mercury S3...... (Just kidding), but maybe something more like a cheap silverstone or CM ITX case - $40 ~ $45 My main reason for the above build is that it's using the latest DDR4 with room to expand into the new architecture. If your friend wants to do a little gamin, AMD A10 might be the better route, or keep an eye out for deals on GPUs like the 960s or the R9 380s.
  11. Now you wanna take all the fun away Btw what is the most toxic product one can laser??? Stu - That PSU grill does look really really good.
  12. Phanteks recently announced their power splitter – a small accessory that allows users to power two systems with just one power supply. And now, Phanteks has flipped the power splitter into a power combiner. Why you ask? The power combo allows you to accomplish two things. First, it lets you combine Two (2) smaller power supplies to create one big power supply: you can combine Two (2) 750 watt power supplies to get around 1500 watts of power. Second, the power combo lets you run Two (2) power supplies for redundancy: what if one of your PSUs has some kind of issue? Check out the full article here...
  13. Welcome to the zoo Ben, and glad you finally decided to introduce yourself. I think I can relate to you in terms of getting into this hobby. Hope to see your build log, and good luck on your project and hope you finish it before PDXLAN. I'm really bad at completing builds....<<I better hide from Bill now>>
  14. Looking really good Stu. Those legs look really nice. I really love the attention to detail that you are putting into this build.
  15. To all the new members, a warm welcome to the zoo. Enjoy your stay, and don't mind the poo.