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  1. HI guys heve my new mod work in progress for coolermaster world series 2019 competition this is an full sponsored build soon news enjoy!
  2. METRO EXODUS CASEMOD Pubblicato il giugno 1, 2019di MAYHEM MODZ HEi guys here my lasto mod enjoy
  3. Hi guys here my new project a scratch build hand made it's hard mod SPONSORS ARE WELCOMED enjoy! Here the project starting with aluminium bars to build the frame.
  4. For the 20th birthday I decide to give a gift to my nephew, do the restyling pc ! Voglio dare una nota di colore anche all'interno del case, per fare questo devo preparare un cavo che prenda da tensione di 12V dalla scheda madre che andranno ad alimentare la striscia led. Il connettore delle ventole della scheda madre sono perfetti uso il connettore del floppy grattando via un pezzettino di plastica ed è perfetto entra alla perfezione, devo solo cambiare l'ordine dei cavi. For the 20th birthday I decide to give a gift to my nephew, do the pc again!
  5. Shadow of the Tomb Raider Mod Pubblicato il aprile 7, 2019di MAYHEM One day he contacted me on my FB channel a well-known Italian modder "Twister" I already knew this modder by reputation and I appreciated his work, he says: "I find your mods beautiful I would like to collaborate with you, give me your phone number let's hear! ”, needless to say that it made me a great pleasure. As a word he calls me and we begin to know each other, we leave each other by greeting each other. After a few months I get a message coming a mod, ... it's a question of replicating in part this customization of shadow of the tomb raider made on a very famous microsoft console on the net as it was auctioned for charity and sold to an exorbitant price. the case on which to work is very different it is a CASE PHANTEKS ENTHOO ELITE FULL TOWER a huge case of excellent material. This case is so big and heavy (about 80KG empty) that it comes with its flightcase and sturdy bands to pull it out. I immediately get to work and taking the measurements on the site of the builder begins to think about how to make it. Arriving at the solution, based on the design of the console, you need to create plexiglass panels with Mayan glyphs and a calendar, Twister proposes that you could engrave with the laser he has everything you need once you arrive the case would make all the parts, he would send me everything and I would take care of the delicate painting job, to then send back the case for the final internal assembly with top-level hardware and a customized liquid cooling system. Intercept a dense correspondence interspersed with phone calls to solve any problems that may be created, shortly after Daniel sends me the first photos of the panels made by him, everything goes well with the enthusiasm of both. Once all the panels have been made, Daniel offers to bring it to me personally (he is often in Milan) to discuss the details, spend a nice afternoon eating a pizza made by my wife and craft beer. The effects of beer can be felt and seen. The case is really huge. first of all I buy the acrylic colors and I do color tests, light brown and yellow earth of burnt sienna, all from these 2 colors mixed in specific percentages. Background brown, light brown, and a still lighter brown for the final finishing, let's start the dances. Once I have ascertained the color I proceed with everything else, I had to dismantle most of the houses, and it was a good opportunity to see such an expensive case. I apply the dark brown background with a brush to reach the deeper furrows, and with a sponge the light brown being careful not to go into the furrows that must remain dark. Daniel has foreseen everything even the possible thicknesses due to the thickness of the excess plexigrass has dutifully blunted the parts for closing the front panel. I take care of all the details and leave nothing out. I also paint some internal components just to stay on topic with the whole. Here comes the highlight, the calendar, this element is suspended with the supports under it will go the RGB LED, in this way a soft light will illuminate the bulkhead with a pleasant effect. Now the time has come to give the final effect a bit of moss, it is the Christmas season for which it was not difficult for me to find moss for a manger at a negligible price 99 cents an envelope ... It is too often I have to grind it and set it to create the moss effect. I apply some glue and sprinkle with fake moss on the god it presses the appearance a few seconds and I clean with a brush, the effect is amazing the whole acquires 50% more. Now I have to apply the effect also on the rest of the case, being careful not to exaggerate and evaluate the parts in which the real moss would form, therefore in the cracks and in the parts in shadow Once cleaned and reassembled, this is the final result .. We are both enthusiastic about how the work proceeds, now the ball goes to Twister who will have to assemble all the internal hardware and create a green liquid cooling system out of nothing, pack the case and send everything to him. components of all respect the customer's portfolio cries ... This machine finished with the cooling system installed by twister. This is his configuration. thanks.
  6. thanks for your suggestion, for now I have this hobby with the houses, but I do not deny the possibility to do this in other things.
  7. hi, I'm graphic designer so I use abobe programs, in this case, I've used illustrator is easy to use.
  8. Hi guys here my last project, and recycled PC enjoy!! . CPU INTEL QUADCORE Q9300 SCHEDA MADRE ASUS P5N73-AM 4 GB RAM NVIDIA FX 3500 256 MB 2 HD WD 500 GB
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