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  1. well guys mod over? no... other sponsors have joined this adventure to complete the set up, sharkoon is one of them let's start modding the fantastic SGK4 RGB keyboard disassembling.. painting Primer White and Red metallic
  2. here are the phases of painting the cm mh750 headphones MASTERPULSE disassembly ... primer coat. finitura argento su plastica laterals panels after having also painted all the rest of metallic red .. now everything is reassembled very carefully
  3. guys it's not over yet ... realization of the stand and mod of the coolermaster MH750 masterpulse headphones let's start .. first I build the stand .. I start from the drawing obviously 3 acrylic panels with an empty core inside to place the leds.
  4. the time has come to exhibit this creature that has taken me a long time, needless to say my satisfaction is great, a dutiful thanks to HWLEGEND, my EXPLORE MODDING teammate for the precious advice he gave me for my first liquid system, Hugo Gómez Briones, Alicja Kozera of CDPROJEKT RED for providing me with the material regarding the stickers and graphics, a special thanks to my wife Paola who supported me in this intense project and all sponsors, Seasonic, Inno3d, asrock, crucial, Ek Water Blocks, Cooler Master, Pc Hunter, Hardwite Custom Cable Maker. cmws20 voting page here https://community.coolermaster.com/...-down&contest-category-order=3&contest-search
  5. we are really in the final stages, after having installed all the components and tested everything, now it's time for goodies .. additional internal covers, this to hide the aluminum arms which are not pretty to look at. it's time for YAIBA stickers that characterize this theme so much, I had the files they sent me printed on vinyl, the quality is excellent further monitor tests other stickers .. la mod è conclusa presto le foto finali..
  6. bad news. the beautiful nion metallic paint supports any other type of paint above, duqanue cannot be painted over this installs me to lose another day of work, even if I am reluctant to use adhesives in this case the only solution is to use vinyl ...
  7. custom loop ek waterblock stuff! I state that it is the first time that I make a liquid system so far I have always used AIO I will try to live up to my experienced colleagues .. 🙂 iquid color? red of course
  8. "italian red" cable installation all by HARDWIRE CUSTOM CABLE MAKER . https://www.hardwire.it power cable painting
  9. problem .... I realized that by mounting the monitor I had to lower the radiator which now protrudes below small unforeseen events that can happen .. I have to fix it, fortunately they are only 5 mm I prepare a space in the cover and make a lid on it .. solved..
  10. installation of the 5 "monitor on the front panel. front panel buttons .. improvement of the internal panel I add more plexi underneath to enhance the lighting. preparation of external logo panels ssd covers cut-out panel cover psu that will contain all the cables..serve for the pipes
  11. CPU waterblock customization seemed right to stay on topic .. arrivato il riser cooelrmaster.. mounted the ek waterblock on the inno 3d rtx 2080 super twin x2 ready for the custom loop ...
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