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  1. CF1 mod

    I'm diggin' it, nice work!
  2. Vinyl is back, and keeping me busy!

    Well it is Vinyl, maybe Platform shoes are coming back too...
  3. Baby's first mod: andoryuu3's Red Raijintek Styx

    Awesome, I just finished a build in one this past weekend. Neat little case, and I kind of want to mod it after I'm done with the system install lol
  4. Lambda Core

    I like that the third ties the pump in with the GPUs better, and it feels like it fills out the space a bit nicer too
  5. Etching your tempered glass side panels

    Thanks for sharing Dave! I've got and used the same stuff for glass etching. I used an acid brush because my design was smaller (just a test). Having vinyl graphics would be nice, that's for sure lol I just did it with cut masking tape as a proof of concept. Mine did not work, as the etching was not deep enough for what I wanted to do, but I may be revisiting that idea at a later date and try some new things, but that's neither here nor there. Point is, great tutorial
  6. Achromodic - by Boddaker

    That's a lot of little pieces to run the dremel around, so not envious of that lol This is already looking cool, I can't wait to see more
  7. G-Frame - Scratch Build (updated Jan 23, 2018)

    Also throw me in for blue + black. Did you sand between any of the coats? You could sand between coats to accentuate the figure in the grain if you wanted to, but to me the blue + black looks good. And yes, you don't get quite the same effect with veneer that you can with full wood, just because the grain can't go very far with veneer
  8. Red 101

    I like it, get the little guy involved early
  9. Lambda Core

    I like the first "fancy" one myself. You're spending the time to watercool it, might as well show that off
  10. CF1 mod

    Off to a good start I'd say!
  11. G-Frame - Scratch Build (updated Jan 23, 2018)

    lol I hear ya. I've got a couple big sheets of raw wood quilted sapele veneer that is currently sandwiched in paper between two large shelving boards taped together trying to keep it all flat... Need to get that in somewhere, and then make something that needs veneer lol
  12. Project JDM | ITX scratch build!

    I like the indirect lighting concept. This thing is looking pretty cool!
  13. What's your Modding soundtrack

    That is an interesting find Cheaps, I think further investigation is needed...