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  1. haha, awesome, great work Cheaps
  2. Startin' to look like a machine now... Is that your other/current CNC you cut the ends of the rail with, or do you have a mill?
  3. Mosquito


    I debated the same when I saw it pop up too Cheaps.... hard to say, as the first post a while ago didn't seem like spam, but that one sure did lol
  4. seems like a never ending set of problem solving lol Also, good luck with the hurricane, hopefully it ends up not being a serious problem
  5. sucks about the alignment issues, hopefully it's recoverable and not scrap... Maybe you just need a vertical element to your belt, just a pair of pulley's and an idler cog at the top. Could put one of those old school hypnotizer images on it lol
  6. Yeah, once you get it set up, hammer 'em all out and go. I'm all about jigs, fixtures, stop blocks, anything that makes repeatability fast
  7. Progress is looking good. Not a bad trick for drilling oversized parts on the drill press. Almost makes me wish mine weren't so flippin' heavy lol
  8. I haven't seen Carbide3D selling any 3/16" ones, so I don't know if they'd be able to do that. Too bad they don't sell theirs individually. If you know someone with a lathe, and a mill with a collet block they can put a slitting saw in, they could probably make some lol
  9. Just tried my Carbide3D purchased collet in my Makita, and it fit and held the 1/8" endmill well
  10. I bought mine at the same time as the CNC, through Carbide3D, and it's $25 for a pair (1/4" and 1/8"). https://shop.carbide3d.com/products/precision-collets?variant=14102551527485 I got a Makita router tonight, and will give them a try tomorrow, since I got busy/distracted making a saw tonight lol
  11. That is a thin fabric that covers the intake (top) to act as a filter. Mainly when I was doing some aluminum, as I didn't want conductive shavings to get inside... It looks kind of heavy in pictures, but it's like one of those table cloths with thick and thin sections. I might get some even more shear fabric for better airflow... Also, I already have a 1/4" and 1/8" collets for the Makita, since the Shapeoko branded router takes the same collets. https://elairecorp.com/makitaroutercollets.html Progress on your CNC is looking good, despite the hiccups lol
  12. Nice looking pile of parts... The cheap rebranded Shapeoko router is dying, not sure why yet, if it's commutator related, or the electronic speed control, but I can't get full speed out of it. Probably going to just buy a Makita, as that's the same size/style as the one that I currently have. An alternative is making a spindle mount for a bosh colt that I already have (two of)
  13. Nice! It's lookin' good
  14. haha, oops, that won't hold very well lol
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