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  1. Mosquito


    This one's really neat, nice work
  2. Mosquito

    Corsair 750D Carbon

    yeah, no kidding... my application was more for old tools than for case modding though, so more doable 😄
  3. Mosquito

    Corsair 750D Carbon

    If you find a good way to DIY nickel plate, please post it here! I have a lot of DIY nickel plating I could do if that worked out lol
  4. Welcome to The Zoo @throbscottle! That is a good tip about the neoprene/silicone sleeves. I might have to check that out, as I usually buy 4:1, but that's often not enough for connectors, or larger transitions.
  5. Mosquito

    Gaming rig in a vehicle

    lol nice, that's not a bad idea
  6. Mosquito

    Gaming rig in a vehicle

    That's awesome, but I think I'd try to figure out a way to use the truck seat, as that seems more comfortable lol If I still had my '99 Chevy Astro van, it would be more fun to do something like that, but that vehicle is long gone lol
  7. That turned out great!
  8. Maybe that's it! Proportionally the wires start to out-weigh the components 😄 VFD would only work with a 3 phase motor, so you'd have to get a new motor wouldn't you? You could just put a monster sized pulley on the band saw lol
  9. There was a wood/metal version that had a reduction gearbox in it for converting to metal cutting. That's what my first bandsaw was/is. I agree, I'm not as much a fan of the straight combed 24-pin connectors myself either. Wires are a byproduct of needing power that I would like to be able to do without lol
  10. Hmm, 404 on the images seems bad lol And I can't seem to log in to tmz-media to check on that anymore... @Kylevdm!
  11. Mosquito

    Achromodic - CMWS 2018 1st PLACE WINNER!

    Awesome, Congrats! And well deserved
  12. nice, that block cover looks good
  13. And congrats on 3rd place, it turned out great!
  14. Depends on how many different blades I want to use.... 😄 Right now one is set p with a narrower blade for curves and such, the other is set up with the widest blade I can fit on it (1/2") with a fence for ripping. 3rd one was/is intended for metal/non-wood cutting
  15. Mosquito

    Zelda BOTW Mod by Ianovski Designs

    Ha, it was either tricked by jigsaw puzzle or blinded by rum, either way it worked out 😄