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  1. You make it look so nice, and then make it look crappy, in a nice way :D
  2. MNPCTech also sells a bracket that mounts to a 120mm fan too. I've seen them and they're quite solid, with some optional stand offs if needed for video cables, etc
  3. Cool man, sweet that it actually works well. I'd still love to do some testing around the flow rates involved. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Not at all surprised about that. May want to make sure that you make it clear you're not necessarily looking to have the work done, but just looking for a quote for what it would cost to replicate. Was this a mod you did yourself?
  5. Unfortunatley, Cheaps is probably right, because Insurance... Perhaps you could contact a few reputable professional mod shops (like Performance-PCS, PCJunkieMods, or MNPCTech) and see if they'd send you a quote for a replica based on pictures you (hopefully) had of it before it was destroyed. It may be for naught, but maybe you could argue the replacement cost to insurance? That really sucks, never a good situation
  6. LOL I agree with that! Looks like fun, glad to see you're back up and running
  7. haha, a modders work is never done Thanks for going back and adding the images by the way No idea on the fan shroud lol
  8. Sweeeeeet. Looking forward to another one
  9. Awesome, it turned out great. I really like that exterior paint color
  10. Nice, glad it worked out. Sometimes the easy answer is the best answer lol
  11. Nice work! Looks like it turned out well
  12. Cool man, I like the placement of the res, and the whole thing works together pretty well. You should embed the images so others can see it with out having to go through a bunch of links though And Welcome to The Zoo!
  13. Looks like it should be a fun one
  14. Very cool, and didn't Porsche just claim top spot at the Le Mans race a few weeks ago?