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  1. Mosquito

    The Iron Turnip

    I've been in quite a few old tools, and it never gets old bringing one back to life lol I certainly understand how nerve racking it is to test fire a system after having rewired everything lol
  2. What?! Dang it, somehow this one snuck by me too. This is awesome!
  3. Mosquito

    Fractal-Design Define XL "The Cobra"

    Great to see progress Kerry! Also, we support people doing DIY of any sort here at the Zoo, we've got a specific forum all set up for non-PC mods/projects http://themodzoo.com/forum/index.php?/forum/72-maker-or-non-pc-worklogs/
  4. Mosquito

    Project Timeless Warriors

    Looks good, and look forward to the final pictures
  5. Mosquito

    Starwars X-Wing by RandomDesign

    Right?! Looks like my driveway! (snow)
  6. Mosquito

    (In Win 901) Asteria II: Rearmoured

    Very nice. I've also seen 6-32 male with M3 female standoffs for motherboards before too, which annoyed me lol
  7. Nice work, probably the only recent application of RGB I can actually get behind 😄
  8. Mosquito

    Zelda BOTW Mod by Ianovski Designs

    Turned out great! Nice work
  9. Mosquito

    new water cooling build

    Somehow this one got past me for a while... Kits are a great place to start. They're often not the greatest parts, but they will include enough parts to do what you need to, and you'll know they're all compatible. It's a good introduction into watercooling. The Mod Zoo and MNPCTech did a series on intro to DIY watercooling, starting with a kit to get started, and adding to it over time
  10. Mosquito

    Bitfenix "Inspired by Nature"

    haha I thought this one looked familiar when Bill shared it! It looks good
  11. Mosquito

    Simple Wooden Scratch Build

    Funny how one video can turn what would normally be a 6 post work log into one lol I'd like to do another one, where the focus is more on making the how to video than the case itself sometime in the future. Something with a GPU, and PSU probably lol
  12. Mosquito


    Very nice work