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  1. Nice! It's lookin' good
  2. haha, oops, that won't hold very well lol
  3. Loop order can be whatever you want. Some people will say you should go to a radiator between components, and while technically correct, the differences are minimal, and not worth the hassle, in my opinion. I never consider that when building my loops, I just route whatever makes the most sense. Whether that's what looks the best, or what's the easiest. I don't get bent out of shape about loop order, as long as reservoir goes to pump, and you follow any in/out orientations on waterblocks, the rest is fine however you want to configure it
  4. Alright, time to get some reservoir action going. Decided that the "make it work" solution just wasn't going to cut it at this point This is a 1-7/8" thick chunk of acrylic, I cut down to get a couple blanks for this res. Had to take the dust boot off for the o-ring groove, as I couldn't get the router low enough with it on, with out a bunch of fiddling with it This was the "first run" aka prototype, fresh off the CNC, before flipping it and milling out the back side This is the full setup, with the Watercool pump-top-res middle piece.... thing It needed some tweaks to move some things around a little, so a second "improved" version was made It sure is a tight squeeze All that was left, was to do a leak test with the whole setup At 100% speed, it seems to work a little better on its side, due to air recycling from the high flow, but I think that'll calm down once I have it in a system to slow it down a little I'm currently adjusting the model to get rid of the Watercool pump top in the middle. I'll also be adding a fill port, probably, to make life a little easier. Other than that, I'm pretty happy with this res, first time I've made my own res, and probably the most complex part I've made on the CNC so far Thanks for checking it out
  5. Another update, this time trying to figure out which top window I should go with For the first top panel, I painted it white on the top and the bottom. This was the one that had the magnets on the bottom, so I didn't want to see that through the clear acrylic I put a small bevel around both of these with a router to match up better to the I/O panel The second top panel was painted with a metallic silver on just the back side of the panel. This one didn't have magnets so I could get away with that Same bevel on this one, and I really like the way this one looks, but I'm not quite sure it fits with the case that great Sooo yeah. I'm not sure, I think I'm leaning towards the white top panel, but haven't completely decided yet. Could always paint other parts to make it go a little better, I suppose.
  6. I'm with Cheaps, a single 360mm radiator should suffice, if you want more cooling capacity, a pair or 360mm radiators would be way more than enough... And you could even add an additional 240/280 after that I'm sure. And yes, seems pretty clear for where they should go on the side, the top, and the bottom
  7. Thanks! What you didn't see is that was the 4th or 5th one ? I do too, when watching other people's videos, which is why I like to share it in mine as well
  8. So it's time to take a look at the reservoir/pump in this thing, and make a first pass at getting that figured out. Also a quick mock with some other stuff to see just how things are fitting in there Not too many pictures for this one, basically just drilled and tapped a hole in my Watercool pump top reservoir so I could have a different port location on it for having return to the pump there, or a fill/drain port later. Will also be thinking about a custom res+pump combo for this thing too... Thanks for checking it out, hopefully back soon with another installment
  9. I've not put one in a 600T, but I do have a 200mm Phobya radiator I could try to measure if there was something specific you were curious about. It's in a case right now, that I don't really want to dismantle, though, so that might limit some measuring to things I can access lol
  10. With social distancing orders in place, it's a lot harder to bucket-brigade the coal from the dwindling pile over to the furnace...
  11. lol it's like the old timers that will paint their tools something ridiculous to keep people from walking off with them (or at least be easily traceable if they do)
  12. Howdy! Part 4 of the video series is up, and tacking how to mount dual GPUs in this thing So, the starting point was one of Bill's (MNPCTech) Stage 1 vertical GPU bracket Thought about trying to mod my hardware to make them both single slot cards, but instead decided to prototype a dual GPU mount in the same idea. Mounts in a 120mm fan spot, holds 2 GPUs. First prototype out of MDF Instead of a slitting saw to make a slot for the bottom of the PCI covers, I just cut a recess and use screws + washers to hold the GPUs against it Then back to the CNC to make one out of acrylic, using threaded inserts since I didn't have a tap the right size at the time (later fixed that problem) Again, this one worked well, so I made one out of aluminum intended as the final Drilled and tapped all the holes for this one And this worked great! However, it only worked great for the GTX 760s... My Vega 56 Nano's that I've decided to switch to, are a little taller, and as such they are too tall with this bracket... Dang it! So.... slight redesign, to drop the GPUs down a little bit (it was already mounted as low in the 120mm slots as I could get it) And this was just enough to drop it down below the top Then I cut out the raised mesh from the fan hole in the cases (Video Only, subscribe to my OnlyFans to see that... /kidding) But anyway, then I made a cover plate to go over the ugly, since I had to cut out more mesh than I needed to for the GPU mount, so I could keep it flat And installed that in the case to get an idea of what it'll look like And.... that will pretty much do it for this time around
  13. Mosquito

    Core x71

    I think I like it better with the Monsoon res in there, it fills up the space a little nicer
  14. Part 3 of the video series is up, and I get the radiator situated in the bottom of the case So the slim GTS raadiator, I knew would fit for sure, since I had already done this install with the old not-really-modded setup But when I switched to the Vega 56 Nano's instead of the GTX 760's, although my testing indicated it would be fine, it just didn't feel right. I felt like if I just went with the slim radiator, I'd be feeling like I short changed myself, and we can't have that now can we. So as per the video, I cut a giant hole in the bottom of the chassis so I could fit the GTR radiator, with the fans attached to it through the original the base, and this made BARELY enough room, but should be enough. Though I might have to zip off the bottom half of the PCIE card retainer mechanism there, so that it will actually latch. I guess that's pretty much it for this one, until I post the part 4 video update later on.
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