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  1. Coming along quite nicely!
  2. Oh that should be interesting!
  3. Yes, exactly, 1 pcie x16 splits in to 2 pcie x8's. I'm almost thinking it might make a sweet streaming rig, swapping out the second GPU for a capture card. I've still got some stuff planned for the mod, and then I'm going to be messing around with the software side of using this pretty hard core. So far Davinci Resolve Studio (my video editing software) does not seem to like the dual GPU setup in windows. I want to try it in Linux to see if it fares any better there...
  4. Got the whole thing filled up and running, though not finalized just yet. Ran through some testing of it, and messed around with power supplies some more, and then talk about how I'm running both GPUs in an ITX setup
  5. After finally getting things all cleaned up and ready to be worked on again, I realized I was actually not that far from putting everything together. So that's precisely what I started doing, in preparation for filling and actually running this thing Not many pictures this time around, but here are a few of the loop all installed. Kind of anti-climactic, given there's only 2 lines to run lol Thanks for checking it out!
  6. hahaha, don't worry, the first project on the "cleaning the shop" schedule was the computer bench ? And it has been getting worked on, but I've got some video editing to do (sneak peak)
  7. perfect tolerances as long as it fits ?
  8. I was originally going to use the blow gun, but forgot to pick up the fitting for it, so instead of waiting, I said "Hell, the nail gun's got one!" :D
  9. *non-covid-cough* *non-covid-cough*
  10. Yeah, I work around it with full depth finishing passes lol
  11. yeah, my guess would be that it's leaning too (that is to say the bottom of the endmill is going away from the direction of the stair stepped sides). I had similar struggles with mine too. two or three sides looked great, because it was constantly re-cutting the surface, but then the other side was stair stepped
  12. I actually had to move the router up in the mount almost as far as I could. I found out that I couldn't move it ALL the way to the top, as the v-wheels would come off the rail at the very end, when I was trying to do the full depth cut (outside contour) and allow it to shift by about 1/8" and lose rigidity... that was fun lol
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