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  1. *non-covid-cough* *non-covid-cough*
  2. Yeah, I work around it with full depth finishing passes lol
  3. yeah, my guess would be that it's leaning too (that is to say the bottom of the endmill is going away from the direction of the stair stepped sides). I had similar struggles with mine too. two or three sides looked great, because it was constantly re-cutting the surface, but then the other side was stair stepped
  4. I actually had to move the router up in the mount almost as far as I could. I found out that I couldn't move it ALL the way to the top, as the v-wheels would come off the rail at the very end, when I was trying to do the full depth cut (outside contour) and allow it to shift by about 1/8" and lose rigidity... that was fun lol
  5. from the pictures that cut quality does look pretty good. For the res I made for my A1 build, I ended up getting a 4" long 1-1/2" DOC bit, and BOY is that thing weird/scary to run with that much sticking out of the router lol
  6. Hopefully your Christmas went well Cheaps! And hoping for a good new year as well. So... a few updates to catch up on... I'll have to send you a hand saw since you're now getting in to dovetails I like the tap guide, neat idea. Also, I'd be so nervous trying to make that bridge connection with the dremel lol
  7. Heavy Death Polka I don't care what anyone says, anyone who can jam on an accordion is badass, no matter the genre
  8. anything that's in step 1 of 10 should be sweet lol
  9. It's always the one in front lol Good to see progress on the computer again too. would have been in trouble if my trash service quit taking sheetrock... I demoed a whole bedrooms worth of sheetrock and spent like 2 months throwing away as much as I could every week lol
  10. haha, awesome, great work Cheaps
  11. Startin' to look like a machine now... Is that your other/current CNC you cut the ends of the rail with, or do you have a mill?
  12. Mosquito


    I debated the same when I saw it pop up too Cheaps.... hard to say, as the first post a while ago didn't seem like spam, but that one sure did lol
  13. seems like a never ending set of problem solving lol Also, good luck with the hurricane, hopefully it ends up not being a serious problem
  14. sucks about the alignment issues, hopefully it's recoverable and not scrap... Maybe you just need a vertical element to your belt, just a pair of pulley's and an idler cog at the top. Could put one of those old school hypnotizer images on it lol
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