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  1. Mosquito

    Achromodic - by Boddaker

    Awesome progress. I'll be interested to see how the resin casting turns out. It's something I've thought about trying on some mods in the past, but never had the right idea come together for it
  2. Mosquito

    Project Car

    Thanks for sharing this log here Pas! I'm really looking forward to it...
  3. Mosquito

    Project : SNOW

    Lots of paint work. Nicely done! I hate waiting for paint (or finish) lol
  4. Mosquito

    Pink Panther

    I agree with cheaps. Stark contrast is better than 'this doesn't quite match'
  5. Mosquito


    Very nice work. Thanks for sharing
  6. Mosquito

    Triton by World of Fred (Lian Li case)

    Welcome to The Zoo! My taste usually leans towards understated too, so looking forward to it :)
  7. Mosquito


    A desk and a 'setup'. Looking forward to it. And Welcome to The Zoo!
  8. Looking cool! Can't wait for the final photos
  9. Mosquito

    DDCM Desk Project: Unique. Simple. Powerful

    Maybe you could embed some magnets in the acrylic panel, and either some short screws, or glue in some metal pieces flush with the inside? That would make the windows easy to pop off, and mounted on the inside. If you want flush mount, that would get a little more tricky...
  10. Mosquito

    Spegel by Forsberg Customs

    Very nice work. Nice and clean
  11. Mosquito


    Sweet dude, looks pretty cool. Thanks for sharing it with us
  12. Mosquito

    DDCM Desk Project: Unique. Simple. Powerful

    Looks great! Looking forward to seeing all the final photos. That is to say, if that bottle of Jack doesn't keep you from getting that done lol
  13. Mosquito

    CF1 mod

    I agree with Cheaps, nice work
  14. Mosquito

    Fractal-Design Define XL "The Cobra"

    lol don't worry, most of us here know what that's like ;-)
  15. Mosquito

    G-Frame - Scratch Build (updated Mar 6, 2018)

    Looks awesome!