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  1. guess I didn't think about that, because the way I transport mine is face down so the GPU hangs from the I/O (that's the way the case sits in the box with the handles up) lol
  2. No real reason to, but it doesn't hurt anything to have them. Whenever I bring mine anywhere I typically bring a little distilled water (I just bring whatever I have in one of my gallon jugs), a small hand towel, and my piece of tubing on a barb with a funnel. I've never had to use any of it, but it doesn't take up much space, so figure why not.
  3. looks like a lot of work, but I look forward to the progress updates. Welcome to the Zoo!
  4. Nice work on the paint, looks like it's coming out nicely so far
  5. Nice work, it looks good!
  6. Looking pretty sweet!
  7. Nice, it looks good. I like the decision to only do the computer compartment with the DiNoc carbon fiber and not the whole thing, that would have been a bit much lol
  8. Awesome dude, welcome to the zoo!
  9. Hey, welcome to the zoo You'll be better off hosting your images somewhere like photobucket, imageshack, or someplace like that. Then just use the image link in the forum to add them to your post Look forward to the desk mod
  10. Nice man, it looks great!
  11. Looks good! For some reason, I always feel the need to keep the inner strands when I pull them out of paracord to use as sleeving... I rarely every have a use for them, but just can't seem to throw them away right away lol
  12. I like the cable channel, I always like doing stuff like that to hide wires... Kill all the wires! Revamped SSD cover looks good too
  13. haha yeah. They did respond on someone's line of questions that "it existed in the modding community, we just brought a retail version out" or something along those lines, so there's at least that lol